Monster Snack - Avoid the big monster fish from the deep sea

monster snack
There´s always a bigger fish. And if you wanna stay alive in Monster Snack. You better be fast!

The team at Total eclipse games (the makers of "A Clockwork Brain") just informed me that their working on a brand new iOS game called "Monster Snack" (it´s exclusive for the App Store). So what kind of game are Monster Snack then?

Well, it´s a action/"Run away from a very big fish" kind of game (with puzzle elements on top of that). And the Monster Snack trailer sure made me interested in the game. And guess what? Monster Snack are now available on the App Store

Press release:
Thessaloniki, Greece – July 31st, 2014 – Monster Snack is an endless runner and action/colour puzzle hybrid, where the unlikeliest of duos stages a frantic chase. Help our hero, Monsieur LeCroque as he blazes through strange lands at full throttle. Use your wits and reflexes to zap the right fuel to keep his energy-starved rocket going, lest you become a snack for hungry Gaspaude, the “cutest” monster around.

Monster Snack comes packed with cartoony and vibrant graphics, and employs rapid gameplay that aims to thrill action seekers and twitch gameplay aficionados. With your rocket accelerating constantly, and one mistake capable of ending your hectic trek, your every tap counts! Made to reward attention and eye-to-hand coordination, the only potential side-effect from playing Monster Snack is an unusual affection for crocodiles!"

Key Features:
- Puzzle-infused action gameplay
- Challenges attention and precision
- Daunting difficulty
- Collectable power-ups
- Leaderboard with score and distance stats to show off to your friends
- Funny characters full of attitude
- Simple tap & swipe controls
- Auto-sync between all your iOS devices
- Optimized to look amazing on all screen sizes

/Robin E
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The Walking Dead giveaway - Allkeyshop.com

the walking dead contest
One lucky winner will get one key for the PC-edition of The Walking Dead. 

***THIS CONTEST IS OVER!*** Congrats to Ulvis B!

AllKeyShop.com the top Price Comparison Store and The Gaming Ground a gamer gang from Sweden that loves to write blogs about video games, anime, technology and movies, brings you a really great giveaway, win The Walking Dead CD key! Get it free!

And all you have to do to join our TWD contest is to vist our Rafflecopter page. Good luck people!


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A winner will be Chosen on August 08, 2014 We are excited to pick a winner for this great giveaway! Remember, this giveaway will only be available for 7 days. So join now and get all the entries that you can! Good luck!

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Trailer time!

the hobbit the battle of the five armies
Will The Battle of the Five Armies become the grand finale that we all been waiting for?

I´m not a huge fan of winter (especially not the Winter in Sweden). But there´s actually one thing that makes me wish that winter was here. And that´s Peter Jackson´s final installment of The Hobbit. I´m of course talking about "The Battle of the Five Armies".

Which just happens to be set for a release on the 12th of December in the Uk (the US release takes place December 17th). So that´s that time of the year when winter hits Sweden hard. But as i mentioned earlier, i can deal with it thanks to part III of The Hobbit.

And i have to say that the new trailer for The Battle of the Five Armies got me super excited. So that makes me wonder. Will part III become the "best" movie in the Hobbit trilogy?

So, how many of you guys will watch The Battle of the Five Armies this December?

About The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies:
"From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson comes “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” the third in a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” brings to an epic conclusion the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and the Company of Dwarves. Having reclaimed their homeland from the Dragon Smaug, the Company has unwittingly unleashed a deadly force into the world. Enraged, Smaug rains his fiery wrath down upon the defenseless men, women and children of Lake-town.

Obsessed above all else with his reclaimed treasure, Thorin sacrifices friendship and honor to hoard it as Bilbo’s frantic attempts to make him see reason drive the Hobbit towards a desperate and dangerous choice. But there are even greater dangers ahead. Unseen by any but the Wizard Gandalf, the great enemy Sauron has sent forth legions of Orcs in a stealth attack upon the Lonely Mountain.

As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide – unite or be destroyed. Bilbo finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of his friends in the epic Battle of the Five Armies, as the future of Middle-earth hangs in the balance."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Rob Pardo leaves Blizzard after 17 years

rob pardo blizzard
Thank you for all the great memories Rob.

This ain´t exactly "news", because it´s been known for quite some time now. So i´m just going to give my 5 cents on Rob Pardo´s departure from Blizzard. First of all, Rob Pardo have been a big part of Blizzard for the last 17 years.

I mean, Rob have worked on famous Blizzard games such as Starcraft, Diablo 2,3, Warcraft 2 and Wow (as a designer). So yeah, this is going to hurt a lot on the behalf of Blizzard. And the fans are pretty worried as well (so i bet Blizzards stockholders are quite nervous too).

And as far as i know. Blizzard have no replacement for Pardo at the moment either. So i bet that Blizzard feel like Miami Heat at the moment (they lost Lebron James Aka "King James" to Cleveland Cavaliers).

So it´s going to be a rather shaky year for Blizzard. But the question remains, how well will Blizzard do without Rob Pardo? And WHO will fill out his shoes? If you ask me for my opinion on all this. Well, it´s rather sad really.

Because Rob have worked on some of my favorite games. But at the same time, If Rob want´s to move on and parachute his dreams and goals else where. Then he should be able to do so. I just hope that he will be able to find his grove again, so that we will get the chance to play some more epic games of his.

The original open-letter from Rob Pardo on the Blizzard forum:
"Every ending is a beginning and today marks a new beginning for me. After 17 years at Blizzard, with long and careful contemplation, I have made a difficult and bittersweet but ultimately exciting decision to pursue the next chapter in my life and career. Before I even joined Blizzard, I was already a huge fan of the company and its games. In particular, I was extremely passionate about the emerging genre of real-time strategy games. It was a dream come true when I was given the opportunity to work on StarCraft, which at the time was being created by a very small team by today’s standards.

It was tremendously fulfilling to get to know everyone on the team personally and to contribute our energies toward a shared goal in such a creative and engaging environment. Blizzard Entertainment has been simply the best place in the world to be a game designer. The best aspect of designing games at Blizzard is that the entire company is passionate about the gameplay within each and every product. From the executive team to customer service to our global offices, every single person is a player and contributes to making the best possible games.

It’s for very good reason that the first credit on every Blizzard game is “Game Design by Blizzard Entertainment.” I’m really proud of the contributions I was able to make to Blizzard’s accomplishments. From building lasting games, to supporting the growth of eSports, to extending the Warcraft world into a feature film, and of course to being able to celebrate our shared passions with the Blizzard community online and at BlizzCon. The Blizzard community is ultimately the reason why we come to work every day and pour our souls into every world and experience we create.

Blizzard’s players are the most passionate in the world and your commitment and dedication are truly awesome to behold. Creating entertainment for you has been an incredible opportunity, and I know that you will continue to grow and become even stronger as a community over the years to come. It has been so meaningful on a personal level to help create joy for all of you. I’m looking forward to new challenges in my career, but I will always cherish the time I spent with you all and the amazing and collaborative teams at Blizzard. It was both satisfying and humbling, and it made me a better developer and a better person.

I look forward to playing Blizzard games as a player for many years to come. Most important, now I have plenty of time to learn how to build a competitive Hearthstone deck. As to what I will be doing next, I don’t have an answer for you yet . . . but I will “when it’s ready.” My priorities are to enjoy the summer with my family, play plenty of games, and think about what’s next.

The game industry is such an exciting place right now with PC gaming thriving, the new consoles, mobile games, and virtual reality becoming an actual reality. It’s like having an empty quest log and going into a new zone for the first time. In the past, I haven’t been the most avid Twitter user, but I’ll strive to do better and keep you updated there—@Rob_Pardo. Please stay in touch! Rob" - 
Rob Pardo, ex chief creative officer Blizzard

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Habitat are coming to the Playstation 4

Soon on a PS4 near you!

4gency´s crazy strategic space survival game Habitat was originally a PC, MAC and Linux game. But now it´s heading to Sonys PS4. In the matter of fact. Habitat will get released to Xbox One as well (sometime during next year).

So it seems like 2015 will be the year of crazy space/sandbox games. So, are you looking forward to Habitat people?

Press release:
"(Austin, TX) - July 30, 2014 - Indie publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with Seattle based indie developer 4gency, today announced that Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit will be coming to PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in 2015 in addition to PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One.

In Earth’s orbit, where crisis is guaranteed, Habitat is the only strategic space survival game that uses orbital debris to build the future homes of humanity and where hope for survival relies on the creativity and resourcefulness of the player. An Early Access build for PC, Mac and Linux is now available through Steam, Amazon, Humble Store, GameFly, Gamer's Gate, GreenMan Gaming and Nuuvem priced at $14.99, £10.99 and €14.99.

“Since development began on Habitat, it has always been our wish to bring our space survival simulation to as many platforms as technologically possible”, said Charles Cox, founder of 4gency.“We are incredibly excited to announce that Habitat will be launching on PlayStation®4 in 2015 and can’t wait to see how the creative PlayStation community reacts to Habitat’s gameplay mechanics.”

About Habitat:
"In Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit players assume the role of ‘Commander’ and lead a team of engineers to gather a variety of debris found in a procedurally–generated orbital playing field with a dozen space junkyards to raid and create livable habitats that can support human life. Habitat’s sandbox environment provides a diverse and creative range of possibilities as players combine different elements of debris, explore space and mine the resources found there. A fully expandable tech tree can be researched to develop more elaborate space stations."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Fritz - A world war 1 strategy RPG game

Staying alive at the Western Front was easier said then done during WW1.

There has been tons and tons of World War 2 games throughout the years. But there has been very few games that´s been based on WW1 (Ubisoft did a great job with "Valiant Hearts" though). But that´s all about to change. 

At least if Truceful Entertainment get´s their will through. Because they just happen to be developing a WW1 RPG/RTS game called "Fritz". And you get the great pleasure to play as a German soldier on the Western Front anno 1916

So what do you do in Fritz then? Well, anything from guard duty, getting food, talking to your men to wasting allied soldiers. Sounds great right? Well, Fritz needs to collect $15,000 on Kickstarter (or else there will be no game).

So if you want the game to happen, then show Fritz some love on Kickstarter!

About Fritz:
"Fritz is a narrative RPG with brutal real-time combat about life in the trenches of the First World War. You play as Fritz, a German soldier on the Western Front. Most of the gameplay is comprised of everyday activities like guard duty, getting food, and talking to your fellow soldiers.

Attacks are sparse, but deadly and challenging. The main aspect of the game is character development, both of Fritz and of his comrades. Each of them is shaped by interaction with others and the things they're going through. Your comrades can die practically randomly during attacks, but the longer they survive, and they closer they get to Fritz, the better their chances of survival as everyone helps each other."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Karma - Guru dubstep making of

Who needs acid when games such as Karma exists?

It´s been a while since i heard anything from AuraLab and their adventure game "Karma Incarnation 1". But today i found out about AuraLab´s "Guru dubstep making of" video. And i have to say that i really like it. But will it be good enough to help Karma reach it´s indiegogo goal of $35,000?

Well, AuraLab has 4 days left to collect all that cash. So it´s going to take one hell of a miracle, that´s for sure.

Press release:
30 July 2014 - Moscow, Russia - AuraLab would today like to share an insight into the creative process of Karma. Incarntion 1 and how its concept changed over time into the game it is today.

'The team and I talked for a while and it quickly became apparent that we're like- minded and we then decided that we needed to rework the game,' said Andrey Sharapov, lead producer at Auralab 'We then changed the interface somewhat – hid the Karma-meter and tinkered with the interaction menu, making it lighter so that it wouldn’t obscure the object itself.

The inventory and interactions part were also reworked and we figured that we don’t need some of the previously planned features in this release - like the aging mechanics and levels where Pip could temporary grow legs and walk on walls.'

As a result of these changes, what we got was a design that was possible to implement in reasonable time frame without losing any of the crucial aspects of key gameplay.

The AuraLab team have collaborated with Coub, a video creation and sharing iOS application and site, to create a selection of charming and witty short scenes that showcase the world of Karma Incarnation 1 and its inhabitants.

http://coub.com/karma.incarnation1 Karma tells the story of a newly incarnated worm, named Pip, who is on a mission of exploration and self discovery."

About the game:
- No text dialogue whatsoever!
- Alternative ways of progressing through quests: by being good or evil, the player opens additional storylines as they progress!
- The main character changes his appearance depending on the path he's chosen and key characters react on 
his looks differently. This too opens alternative story lines that make playing through game again and again fun in different ways
- This opens alternative storylines, thus making playing through the game again and again fun in many ways
Astral vision - Pip, the main character, can see through his inner eye - it's a special ability which 
allows him to perceive the spirit world at any moment of the game.
- Within this astral plane he'll find additional creatures and actually hints on how to sucessfully complete 
the quests
- Unique and original sound track by Zmeiraduga band.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man Revolution

mega man unlimited and revolution
Two of the very best fan made Mega Man games to date. 

If you are a Mega Man fan. Then you can't afford to miss out on this. Because Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man Revolution just happens to be two kick ass fan made productions. And it was just pure luck that i even found out about them (Thanks for the tip Cecilthedarknight234!).

And both Revolution and Unlimited are free-to-play games. So just download them and enjoy the people ;) Game on!

About Mega Man Revolution:
"Mike Crain has been a fan of Mega Man since he was about six years old and eventually wanted to make his own Mega Man game. He got together some of the most brilliant minds out there he could find to piece together what is known as Mega Man Revolution."

About Megaman Unlimited:
"Megaman Unlimited is a Megaman fan-game in the classic 8-Bit NES style both in sound and visuals. It is similar to Megaman 3 and Megaman 9-10 in design philosophy. MMU is made by fans for fun. It is not related to the official series’ canon. We are not making money with this project, as the Megaman brand is the property of Capcom.

This project has been under development for roughly 5 years, working in our free time after work nearly every day. While in the NES 8-Bit style, Megaman Unlimited is made using currently existing technology and thus won’t work on an NES or on an old computer. Our goal was to have fun making this game and not necessarily following every technical limitations of the NES."

/Robin E
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Luna Lanie - The next superstar on the cosplay scene?

Luna as Felicia "Black cat".

Every now and then i stumble upon some really talented cosplayers when i surf the web. Well, this time talent found me. I´m talking about Luna Lanie. A 19 year old cosplayer/Gamer and spokesmodel from USA. And i found out about her last night when i realized that she followed us on Twitter.

So, i checked her out. And i sure don´t regret that move. Because even though Luna are very young. She has done quite some impressive cosplays. Like Rikku from Final Fantasy and Felica the Black cat for example. And something tells me that Luna will keep on shining on the cosplay scene in the future as well.


So one might wonder what Luna will cosplay as next? Anyhow, don´t forget to check out the +30 minutes long interview with Luna down below!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Shallow Space - A neat 3D real time strategy space game

shallow space
What happens in space. Stays in space.
Me and space games are like beer, NFL and hamburgers. They just fit really well together. And today i heard about Fieldrequired´s 3D Real time strategy space game "Shallow Space". A game which has started to gain more and more popularity on indieDB lately.
So i just watched the newest movie for Shallow Space. And i have to say that the game looks rather impressing imo. So, check it out people =)

About Shallow Space: 
"Shallow Space is a 3D Real time strategy game bearing similarities to Nexus: The Jupiter incident and Homeworld. Guide a set of capital ships through a complex and intriguing scenario, using resources to advance weaponry and skills.

Mine those resources to ensure your fleet remains prepared as you advance through the detailed narrative. Manage power distribution, damage and training on your flagships while at the same time producing smaller ships like cruisers, frigates, corvettes and fighter drones to compliment your fleet and prepare the front lines for what is about to become very shallow space. (Be sure to check the blog on the 'Official page' link for up-to-date news)"

/Robin E
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Untold Universe - A voxel based sandbox multiplayer game

untold universe
There will be a Kickstarter campaign for Untold Universe in the near future.

It seems like voxel based games are the "new" thing at the moment. At least when it comes to the indie scene. Because i have seen (and written) about quite a few big voxel based games just recently. But as we all know, only ONE can become the best of the best.

So that makes me wonder how well Fenris Lair Studio´s "Untold Universe" will do on Kickstarter? And will the game stand a chance against the other voxel games out there? Well, time will tell i guess. But feel free to show Untold Universe some love on Steam Greenlight (if you like the concept and the trailer).

About Untold Universe:
"Untold Universe is a space voxel-based MMORPG about thousands of players from all over the world exploring, colonising and shaping together a huge and uncharted universe. When connecting to the game for the first time, you will be a pioneer freshly arrived from the known universe. You will discover the Border, a part of the universe that does not obey the same rules as ours, and is still to discover and tame.

Equipped with only your ambition and the Valhalla Digital pioneer starter pack –the basic set of tools given to new pioneers by the company leading the colonisation–, you will have a chance to start back your life, and become one of the most reputed industrial, commander, pilot, pirate, or anything that could make you rich, powerful and respected by your peers!

The game's multiple small planets are made of cubes, that you can remove to harvest resources. Resources that will be useful to craft goods and build new factories, spaceships or many other structures that will prove essential to colonize and protect new worlds. Those who prefer action to building will be able to buy spaceships and weapons directly from those who produce them, and work at defending assets and convoys or to actually attack each other!"

/Robin E
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Aliens Infestation - Part 14 - Youtube are ripping us off

aliens infestation part 14
When will the Youtube madness ever end? (Youtube eats itself).

This is not the first time that i have ranted about Youtube and their "new" shit. But this time they have reached an all time low. I´m of course talking about the new content id system (the updated version).

Because we can´t be the only one´s that have noticed that it doesn't matter what you do, your videos WILL get stripped from the right to monetize on them (that´s probably why a lot of third party companys have started to offer their services on that area).

So you basically have to make everything by yourself. The music, the animations, the pictures, every single thing. And i can´t say that i´m all that happy about the fact that Google bought Twitch TV just recently.

Because something tells me that Twitch TV will become Youtube 2.0 over time. And that means bye, bye creativity and the joy of makng videos. And good day to coypright problems and monetize blocking.

Anyhow, please enjoy the video (even though that it contains quite a lot of ranting).

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

DragonJam Studios seeks country managers

dragonjam studios
DragonJam Studios want to expand their crew. Do you want to join them?

Have you ever wanted to work in the video game industry? Well, then this might be your chance to get one foot into that industry. Because DragonJam Studios (the makers of "Formula Wincars") just happen to be searching for country managers to join their team.

So if you´re interested in becoming a part of the DragonJam Studios team. Then you will find everything you need to know down below. Good luck people!

Press release:
"If you ever had interest in how to make a game go viral all around the world, you’ll surely have read articles in sites for videogame developers like Gamasutra or Gamesauce, and it’s always the same thing: the key is to not only translate the game, but localize it. This obviously, is easier said than done, and eventually it’s one of two things: it’s either too expensive to do it properly or you just don’t do it the right way.

Some communities of players like Russians do not like when games reach their markets google-translated, or with ridiculous pricing like simple exchange-rate prices without rounding to more familiar local numbers. As a result, they refuse to play these games.

Since spending a huge amount of money and hiring an expensive localization studio is not an option for DragonJam Studios (remember the indie thing?), they came up with a good idea.

Why don’t they look for players among their early adopters who take care of these duties?

It matches their core idea of a game made for and by players, and this way they guarantee that they’ve got people in their team who really care and that’s because they’re players too.

DragonJam don’t want you to think badly of them, they announce a fair deal for both sides, with incomes based on a percentage."

Country Managers this way come
What’s a Country manager to do? Well, basically he’ll take care of the community he’s in charge of: Attend tomails and provide local support in its own language (we all are able to communicate in English, but when trouble come, you do appreciate someone speaking your mother tongue on the other side of the line), promote tournaments and ensure that every player receives their real life prizes when winning, check out there are not any language translation issues, moderate forums, and above all….give us players’ feedback and ideas to include them into the game.

They’ve made some contacts already, but still have many Country Manager positions available. So if you think that your profile matches these requirements and REALLY feel like doing it, come on! Drop them a line at contact@dragonjamstudios.com

About Formula Wincars:

An innovative MMO-Racer!
Formula Wincars takes racing genre as a starting point and adds the possibilities of online competition offered by today’s MMO titles. It aims to be the craziest racing arcade game ever holding wild races among players all around the world.

The game counts with a wide range of customizable cars and drivers and a host of wild circuits full of secrets and shortcuts, with elements to charge and level up your driver’s special skills during the race, building a much deeper experience than other online racing games.

Multiplayer competition will be the core of Formula Wincars, focused on competitive gameplay with up to eight simultaneous players, racing both individually or teamed up in 4 vs 4 co-op strategic challenges.

Easy to learn, hard to master!
Beginners will feel comfortable from the very first play, and more expert players will also find the fast response, speed and accuracy required for high-level competition.Regarding the visual aspect of the game, we decided to create our own colorful style looking for originality but without becoming unreal. We achieved this by mixing up a cartoonish look with a realistic touch creating our own recognizable look.

Formula Wincars : Mario Kart meets League Of Legends
DragonJam Studios has listened to all those players demanding a game like this which takes MMO games mechanics as seen in successful titles such as League of Legends or World of Tanks, and implements them in the arcade racing genre, receiving enthusiastic feedback and international support from the very beginning to this day.

Follow all the latest Formula Wincars news on the Formula WincarsTwitter @FWincars and the official Facebook page at:



Release Date: End of 2014
Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux
Price: Free-to-play

About DragonJam Studios:
Formula Wincars has been on development for 10 months by Dragonjam Studios, a small indie developer based on Madrid. A total of 10 people work daily on making Dragonjam´s first game come true. The ‘cast’encompasses promising young talents and professionals of proven quality that have worked on prestigious companies such as Electronic Arts, Rovio or Gameloft. Some of the games that our fellow workers have worked on in the past are FIFA 13, Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 3, Skara: the Blade Remains, and Roving Rogue.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Hearthstone - Curse of Naxxramas

hearthstone curse of naxxramas
Curse of Naxxramas offers the Hearthstone players more of the good stuff.

I know that Gaming superstars such as "Athene" love to play Blizzards cardgame "Heartstone". But i haven't falled in love with Heartstone, at least not yet. O.J on the other hand. He started to play the game some weeks ago.

And last night i watched one of his game sections in Heartstone. To be exact, O.J played "Curse of Naxxramas" (Heartstone´s the very first adventure, it got released on the 22th of July).  And i have to say that i might have to give the game a go.

Because i honestly thought that Heartstone would just be yet "another" boring card game. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case. I mean, just check out Gamespot´s Curse of Naxxramas gameplay video (it´s over 1 hour long).

Sure, Heartstone may not be everyone´s cup of tea. But you might wanna give the game a fair chance at least (before dismissing it).

About Curse of Naxxramas:
"We’re skimming the slime pools, stitching together our finest Abominations, and preparing the Necropolis for an Adventure you’ll never forget—Curse of Naxxramas is coming, and we know you’re just dying to get in and play! In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the details on how you’ll access Curse of Naxxramas, and unveil the Naxxramas Heroic Mode."

The Heartstone blog

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

T-Mobile offers more for less with its new plan

t-mobile logo
T-Mobile aims to give consumers more for less.

T-Mobile in recent years has come to be known by its reputation as being the most “consumer-friendly” mobile provider of 2013, due to its no contract policy that has a lot of customers ready to “break up” with their wireless carriers. The movement has gone very deep, so much in fact that if you decide to come to their family, they’ll even pay your early termination fees, and issue your wireless carrier a break up letter.

T-Mobile has green lit the announcement of a new Simple Choice plan that starts July 30th, 2014. The plan will provide four users unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data for $100/mo. There is a catch associated with all this unlimited freedom however, as instead of sharing the 10GB of data amongst the four members in the plan, each user will only be granted 2.5GB of high-speed data. What does this mean for you?

It means if you sign up for this plan, you obviously can't count on some of the members being more data-frugal than you are, to make up for your data use. The plan is available through 2016, and includes the carrier's free music streaming feature available for certain music streaming apps.


T-Mobile has taken the competition's four lines for $160 offers and made them irrelevant. Considering that T-mobile is the only one of the four major carriers that won't charge a customer for going over their data cap on these four line plans, it’s actually a very good deal.

AT&T and Verizon start the charging after 10GB of data is allocated, while Sprint's Framily plan starts counting overage dollars when each member exceeds 1GB. If you exceed your individual 2.5GB of data on the T-Mobile plan, the worst thing you will face is slower data speeds, down to 3G.


T-Mobile CEO John Legere pointed out on the company blog, that T-Mobile's plans save customers $1440 over two years. We can expect the other 3 carriers to counter punch this plan hard, as we continue forward with its implementation tomorrow, and throughout 2016.

It is a deal like this that has many consumers wondering about the rumored Sprint purchase of T-Mobile. Will that transaction end the age of pro-consumer actions that we’ve grown accustomed to since T-mobile started putting the consumer back behind the wheel?

We must also consider the fact that Sprint is still behind on their 4GLTE rollout plans across the nation, and that AT&T has recently purchased Cricket, they continue to offer unlimited service to their customers. If the deal goes through, we could see cellular sales surge, and customer service back on top, as well as a change in the dynamic of service provided.

What do you think about T-mobile’s new service plans? Let us know in the comments!

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/Kenay Peterson
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Sony Gaystation 4 auction for charity - Stockholm pride

This is the very limited edition ‘GayStation’ PS4 system is being auctioned off for charity.

Retailer Webhallen.com is auctioning the custom model as part of the Stockholm Pride Festival, with proceeds going to the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. You can still bid on the PS4 if you want to, as bids currently stand at around 17,100 Swedish Krona, which is over $2,500 US. The good news is that whoever wins the Sony Gaystaton 4, won’t want to let it go anytime soon, as its value will probably quadruple by the end of the year.

It's a little surprising that the bidding for the unique console won't end until August 3rd, as Pride week in San Diego, and SDCC have already wrapped up, which would have been an excellent time to unveil the console, and begin accruing charitable funds.

tgg author avatar kenay peterson
/Kenay Peterson
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Ra's al Ghul is coming to Arrow season 3

ras al ghul arrow season 3
Ra's al Ghul ain´t the kind of supervillain that you wanna mess with (even Batman fears him).

The biggest news from SDCC came in the form of the Warner Bros. panel was the reveal that Ra’s Al Ghul is set to star in Arrow season 3. While we did speculate on this, and anticipated his arrival, many fans didn’t truly believe we would see the Demon. We weren’t given very much insight into Malcolm Merlyn’s dealings with Ra’s, nor how he successfully abandoned the League of Assassins, and returned to Starling City.

From what we can speculate from the trailer, Black Canary is set to return to Olivers side once more, but will it be for the right reasons or will she have an ulterior motive? We do know she returned to the League of Assassins pending the condition that Oliver’s life was spared. She could be on an assignment from Ra’s al Ghul himself to kill Malcolm Merlyn, for betraying their order.

Knowing that Ra’s al Ghul is coming to Arrow season 3, has a lot of fans ready to see Batman make an appearance, or at the very least a cameo of Bruce Wayne. DC has already said that they plan to keep the comic universe, and the show universe separated, so does that mean we may never see Ra’s al Ghul in Gotham when it premiers on Fox, or hear mention of his name?

This could cause quite the confusion, but DC has been very careful in how they plan to crossover, and implement heroes into their shows, and movies. We’ve already seen that The Atom, and Firestorm are coming to The Flash, and this fits into that circle of heroes.

Arrow is a gritty, and malice filled show that doesn’t need superpowers to make it enjoyable—in fact should we be introduced to such canon the show could lose ratings, as it would lose appeal very quickly, without prejudice. DC will keep the shows on the right pace, as well as transition us over seamlessly when the time is right.

What do you think of Ra’s al Ghul coming to Arrow season 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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We are going to Otakon 2014!

otakon 2014
Baltimore more it is.

That´s right. We are going to the Otakon event. Well, okay. Not me, O.J or Massiv3K. But Krissy Victory are. So she will be our eye´s and ears at Otakon in Baltimore. Because sadly enough we don´t have the time to fly over to the states at the moment (we are way to busy with our new homepage).

Anyhow, Krissy will publish both pictures, articles and interviews (hopefully) from Otakon. So keep your eye´s open for them people ;) And in case you wonder. No, i don´t cosplay. Simply because i suck at it. So i´m just leaving that to the people who knows how to do it like a boss.

Otakon 2014 when and where:
August 8 - August 10, Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, Maryland, USA

/Robin E
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Dead Rising 3 - Soon on a PC near you!

pc dead rising 3
The PC version of Dead Rising 3 will be released on the 5th of September in EU and the UK.

"Open world zombie slaughterfest". That´s just one of many ways to describe Capcom´s Dead Rising 3. But let´s be honest. DR3 ain´t the best zombie game out there (originally released for the Xbox One last year). And Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle was a fu**ing disaster of a DLC.

And most of Capcom´s console games have turned out really bad on PC (Resident Evil 5 anyone?). So i don´t know what i should feel about the PC-version of Dead Rising 3. I do like the fact that the game will support 1080P though.

But i tell you what. I´m going to give it a fair chance. Because something tells me that the modscene will be huge for Dead Rising 3. So, will you guys pickup Dead Rising 3 for PC in September?

About Dead Rising 3:
"Dead Rising 3 for PC will include Steam platform support with Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, global leaderboards and full game controller support. Also compatible with the keyboard and mouse, players will be able to toggle back and forth between the two in real time. The third title in the Dead Rising series with sales of over 1 million units to date, Dead Rising 3 takes place 10 years after the events of Dead Rising 2.

Set in the city of Los Perdidos amidst a nationwide zombie outbreak, the story follows Nick Ramos, a young mechanic. He must find a way to escape from thousands of blood thirsty zombies before an impending military strike wipes out the city and its population. Relying on the help of other survivors he meets along the way and the vast array of unique and powerful combo weapons available, Nick will need to get creative to get out of the infected city before it's too late."

/Robin E
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Bruce Campbell is ready to play as Ash again

evil dead
No Bruce Campbell, no Evil Dead.

Since the announcement of the possible Evil Dead tv series was announced, everyone is up in arms about Bruce Campbell dusting off his chainsaw and boomstick! Bruce himself took to Twitter to quell our hungry minds about the casting choices for the show, by confirming that he himself would reprise his role if offered.

@DeaditeBill: Only if @GroovyBruce is the STAR of this new tv series will I accept. That's the plan. pic.twitter.com/m7EkBFpl1b

- Bruce Campbell (@GroovyBruce) July 27, 2014

While it comes as no surprise that Bruce Campbell is more than willing to return to the set of Evil Dead, it’s still too far to tell if the Rami’s have that in mind for the show. What’s still unknown is how the 2013 remake will fit into the universe of the classical canon, if at all.

The second curiosity is what the premise would be, and how much time will have lapsed between the Army of Darkness, and the remake. There is also the possibility that we could draw stories from the video games, or the comics where we could see Freddy or Jason.

When Evil Dead does premiere in all of its B-movie glory, it will be one of the highest rated shows to date, but what network would pick it up? Most speculate the Sci-fi channel, and many others assume NBC since they have started branching off into paranormal areas with shows like Constantine, and the recently cancelled Revolution.

Ash knows how to swing a chainsaw like a boss.

While either network would be fine, we can rest assured, that Bruce Campbell will have a heavy hand in the show’s adaptation, as well as the producing of its content. What do you think, will you tune in to watch more about the Necronomicon, or see the adventures of Ash in Evil Dead the tv series?

Tell us your thoughts, and keep reading for more Comic-con announcements!

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Stranded - The next big space adventure game?

The Dig anyone?

I don´t know if you guys remember Steven Spielberg and Orson Scott Card´s adventure game "The Dig" (LucasArts, 1995). But that´s the vibes that i got from Peter Moorhead´s indie game "Stranded". But don´t point that out for Peter though (the maker of Stranded).

Because he has probably already heard that 1 million times before. In fact, he made a comment about the comparison between the Dig and his game Stranded on his blog:

“If we’re giving off some of the same atmosphere as it, that’s great, and extremely flattering actually,” he said, “but it wasn’t a style or tone we specifically tried to emulate: Stranded will play out very differently to how The Dig did.” -  Peter Moorhead 

Anyhow, i find Stranded to be a really interesting and neat adventure game. So i´m going to buy it asap =) (it´s yours for 7 bucks via the games homepage).

/Robin E
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Hyrule Warriors - This is not the Zelda that you grew up with

hyrule warriors
Hyrule Warriors are set for a release on the 19th of September (EU and the UK).

Some months ago there was a lot of doubt in both Omega Force, Team Ninja and their upcoming Wii U Zelda game "Hyrule Warriors" (a hack and slash game). But things have changed over time. Well, okay. Some people ain´t that happy with the "new" and grown up look of Hyrule Warriors (boobs O´plenty anyone?).

But other than that. Media (and the fans) seems to be excited and happy about Hyrule Warriors. I have to admit though, i´m a bit worried over the fact that Team Ninja are involved in the making. Because i can´t say that i don´t like the thought of having my image of Zelda destroyed by some, ehrm, NSFW female characters.

I just hope that Hyrule Warriors won´t get turned into a "Zelda goes DOA Extreme" (bouncing boobs everywhere and nowhere). Because that´s the last thing that i want. Oh well, guess we have to wait until September to find out.

I see it like this though. Hyrule Warriors can´t possibly be worse than the Gameboy version of Zelda II *sarcasm* 

About Hyrule Warriors:
"Cut down entire legions of enemies as Link, Zelda, Midna and other characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise using over-the-top powerful Dynasty Warriors-style moves. This tour de force through the beloved locales of Hyrule will have players battling some of the fiercest enemies in The Legend of Zelda history. Two players can play local co-op, with one player joining with the Wii U GamePad controller and another with the Wii U Pro Controller or Wii Remote + Nunchuk controllers (additional accessories are sold separately)."

- The delicate balance of the Triforce has been disrupted and Hyrule Kingdom is once again being torn apart by a dark power, this time led by Sorceress Cia.
- Heroic Link carves through a huge onslaught of enemies as he executes flashy moves with combat attacks.
- This also marks the first time that many other iconic characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise are playable for any length of time, including Princess Zelda, Impa and Midna.
- Protect and reclaim recognizable landmarks from multiple games in The Legend of Zelda series, including such classic areas like Hyrule Field and the Palace of Twilight.
- Push back armies of classic enemies from The Legend of Zelda, as well as powerful enemies making their debuts in Hyrule Warriors.
- Advance the story to unlock new playable characters, each with unique moves and weapon types. Collect
- Rupees and other useful items to upgrade weapons and craft badges, which players can use to bolster each warrior's abilities.
- Two warriors are better than one: Battle armies with a friend using local co-op mode, with one person playing on the TV and the other on the GamePad, providing each player with his or her own screen.

/Robin E
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Gravia Tactics - Now on Kickstarter!

gravia tactics
Will Gravia Tactics be able to collect £120,000?

Back in June i wrote a peice about Punchbag Entertainment´s upcoming RPG game "Gravia Tactics". Well, we received a mail from the Punchbag team today. Because they wanted to inform us about the fact that there´s now a Kickstarter campaign for Gravia Tactics.

Great news indeed. But there will be no walk in the park to reach the £120,000 Kickstarter goal line. A gal which must be reached within 29 days from now. But we wish Punchbag the best of luck with that!

About Gravia Tactics:
"Gravia Tactics is a narrative driven Tactical Role-Playing Game for the PC with rich Anime stylings and mature overtones that focuses on intricate battle mechanics and powerful storytelling."

Key Features: 
- A compelling plot with mature overtones 
- Follow our misfit band of adventurers into incredible hardship. They go through the unthinkable in their unerring mission to save the world. A rich and inviting world 
- Explore beautiful, hand-drawn environments and their captivating, hand-animated inhabitants! Fully voiced 
- Enjoy every major NPC interaction through high quality voice acting! Anime cutscenes 
- Be captivated by Gravia Tactics' many twists and turns as told through detailed, high impact Anime cutscenes. Legend System - Piece together information from around Gravia to track down powerful, ancient treasures and the behemoths that guard them! Non-linear progression 
- Fine tune the party's abilities, gear and composition to fit your playstyle. Multi-layered combat mechanics 
- Defeat the impossible by capitalising on the synergy of over 20 combat mechanics intricately designed to play off each other. Challenging AI opposition
- Built from the ground up to understand the battlefield like a player, don't underestimate the enemy! Bonus Goals in every battle - Beat optional challenges to earn unique rewards in the form of additional resources, rare items and even additional story snippets! 

/Robin E
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Amiibo gives life to your favourite Nintendo characters

Will Nintendo´s Amiibo stand a chance against Skylanders and Disney Infinity?

It can´t be easy to face both Acctivision´s Skylanders and Disney´s and Disney Infinity. But due the fact that Nintendo have one hell of a hot streak at the moment. They fear nothing or no one. I mean, just 6 months ago the Wii U was doomed to oblivion.

And look at Nintendo and the Wii U now. Back in black! And that´s probarly why they dare to release a product such as "Amiibo" (for Wii U and 3DS). A product that literally gives life to your favourite Nintendo characters. In technical terms it´s said to be a "near field communication (NFC) based platform".

Have no worries though. Because you don´t have to figure out what that means. Because all you need to do is to check out the video further down the page ;)

So, what do you guys think about Amiibo so far?

The following Nintendo characters will be released during Q4 this year:
Donkey Kong
Samus Aran
Wii Fit Trainer
Fox McCloud

Connect with the game Introducing amiibo:
"Character figures designed to connect and interact with compatible games. By holding the amiibo over your Wii U GamePad, you'll open up new experiences within each corresponding game. Your amiibo will store data as you play, making it your very own, one-of-a-kind amiibo."

Wii U games with planned amiibo functionality include:
- Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
- Mario Kart™ 8
- Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker
- Mario Party™ 10
- Yoshi's Woolly World™
- Compatible with Nintendo 3DS system too
and more

/Robin E
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Orbital Gear - A really cool multiplayer shooter from Sweden

orbital gear 
Orbital Gear focuses heavily on gravitation and and intense shooter action. 

I had no idea that it was a Uppsala (Sweden) based indie studio had made the super cool multiplayer shooter game "Orbital Gear" (PC, MAC and Linux). But yes, that´s the case. Because Night Node Software really are placed in Uppsala.

Anyhow, so now you might wonder when Orbital Gear will be released? Well, some time during Q2 this year (so I've been told ). And oh! Please do support Orbital Gear on Steam Greenlight =) If you like the game that is.

About Orbital Gear:
"Orbital Gear is a multiplayer shooter where you utilize the gravitation of celestial objects to give your mech momentum through space.

Arm your Mech with two of the twelve different weapons to destroy your enemies. Orbital Gear features classic multiplayer gameplay with new mechanics and 3D graphics.

In the final version there will be four different mechs available and twelve different weapons to make use of in your battles with your opponents. We have classic deathmatch as the basis for multiplayer pandemonium but we also have our own special game mode called Orbital Warfare, a siege mode where you do battle with the opposing team where the goal is to destroy the opponents base.

Destruction is ensured either with your mechs weapons or by charging your doomsday weapon with energy cores, collected from fallen enemies."

/Robin E
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Chaka Cumberbatch - When racism destroys cosplay

chaka cumberbatch sailor venus cosplay
The picture (Chaka Cumberbatch Sailor Venus cosplay) that started the great racism war over Tumblr some time ago.

Sadly enough we live in a very racist world. And the cosplay industry ain´t no exception. I ready a really good (but sad) article at comicsbeat (written by Heidi MacDonald) named "Why aren’t there more black writers in the comics industry?", just now.

And i really liked it. So i decided to give my point of view on the subject, and write about the awesome cosplayer "Chaka Cumberbatch" while im at it. First of all, Chaka Cumberbatch become something of the "Rosa Parks" version of cosplaying.

And it started when she cosplayed as Sailor Venus (a very cute version of Sailor Venus imo). Cuz that´s when all the racist blur started over internet (Tumblr). Chaka got called a lot of mean things. But im not going to foucs on the negative things, cuz you can read all about it further down this article (Chaka Cumberbatch´s own world).

No, im going to write about the fact that Chaka brought light over a big issue. Why ain´t there any black cosplayers? I mean, of course there are. But they are not that many. Chaka also become something of a role model for other black cosplayers.

Some may think that it´s becouse that there ain´t that many black anime/manga and video game characters (I really like Yoruichi and Caska though). Sure, that´s a part of it. But i see no problem with people cosplaying as characters with another skin color then their own,

But that´s the main thing. I don´t have any problems with that. But "some" people became very angry and hatefull towards Chaka Cumberbatch, when she cosplayed as Sailor Venus. Imo, those people need to stay of the internet.

Because their obviously not well mannered, and smart enough to use it. Me, i love Chaka Cumberbatch cosplay creations. So if you like Chaka´s cosplay creations as well. Then just visit her Facebook page for more pictures!

“For a black cosplayer (not to be racist) she did an amazing job!” the original Tumblr post read. It was later was edited to include “I love her skin tone” after all hell broke loose. Personally, I’ve always been stuck on those first few words: “for a black cosplayer.”

As if the bar was set lower for us, as if we weren’t expected to perform on the same level as white cosplayers. [snip] I lost track of how many times the post was liked, reblogged, linked to other websites — even now, nearly three years after the picture was taken, complete strangers will come up and reference it to me at cons, and it’s even come up in job interviews.

My Venus became the unintentional face of the cosplay race debate online, an unwitting example of “Black cosplayers doing it right,” as if 9 times out of 10, black cosplayers were doing it wrong by default. What kills me is that in person, nobody has the balls to say a word about whether or not they think darker-skinned people should cosplay lighter skinned characters — but online is a completely different animal.

Online, I was “Nigger Venus,” and “Sailor Venus Williams” because I am black. My nose was too wide, lips were too big, I had a “face like a gorilla” and wasn’t suited for such a cute character, because I am black. My wig was too blonde, my wig wasn’t blonde enough, or, my wig was ghetto because I was making it ghetto, by being black and having it on my head."

About Chaka Cumberbatch:
"Just a girl who loves comics and cartoons and costumes and wigs! My favorite conventions are Dragon*Con and San Diego Comic Con, and my home base is Project A-Kon ♥ This page is to keep my friends, loved ones and people I meet at cons updated on wtf I'm doing next! Because I am ALWAYS UP TO SOMETHING.Cosplay like you mean it"

/Robin E
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RimWorld - It´s a hard life being a space settler

RimWorld are a strategy/simulation game for PC, MAC and Linux.

I bet that some of you still remembers Blue Bytes old strategy game series "Settlers"? Well, i sure do! But then again, i grew up with those games. Anyhow, this morning i found a really awesome game called "RimWorld" (it´s made by Tynan Sylvester).

RimWorld looks (and feels) like a mix of "The Settlers" and Westwoods old RTS game series "Dune". But RimWorld are of course way more advanced. I should also point out that RimWorld became a huge success on Kickstarter last year.

Cuz when the Kickstarter stopped to tick. RimWorld had collected over $268,000! So im quite excited to play the fullversion of RimWorld asap. That´s also why im really glad to inform you all. That RimWorld got the thumbs up on Steam Greenlight.

About RimWorld: 
"Your colonists are not professional settlers – they’re crashlanded survivors from a passenger liner destroyed in orbit. You can end up with a nobleman, an accountant, and, a housewife. You’ll acquire more colonists by capturing them in combat and turning them to your side, buying them from slave traders, or taking in refugees.

So your colony will always be a motley crew. Each person’s background is tracked and affects how they play. A nobleman will be great at social skills (recruiting prisoners, negotiating trade prices), but refuse to do physical work. A farm oaf knows how to grow food by long experience, but cannot do research.

A nerdy scientist is great at research, but cannot do social tasks at all. A genetically engineered assassin can do nothing but kill – but he does that very well. RimWorld is a story generator. It’s designed to co-author tragic, twisted, and triumphant stories about imprisoned pirates, desperate colonists, starvation and survival.

It works by controlling the “random” events that the world throws at you. Every thunderstorm, pirate raid, and traveling salesman is a card dealt into your story by the AI Storyteller. There are several storytellers to choose from, and each one applies a different algorithm for generating random events.

So Randy Random does crazy stuff, Cassandra Classic goes for rising tension, and Phoebe Friendly just makes good things happen. So if you want a different kind of story for your colony, you can just choose a different storyteller."

/Robin E
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Left 4 Dead 2 - TGG bros - The Passing - The Underground

tgg bros the passing the underground
The real witch are way scarier than the L4D witch imo.

I have never EVER liked underground stages (or sewers for that matter). And that´s because i hate confined areas, rats and the smell of sewers.  
And L4D2 ain't no exception. On the contrary, all the witches, boomers and endless waves of infected.

Makes me hate the underground stage even more. 
It´s a gamble each time really. So how did O.J, Massiv3K and i do then? Well, watch the video and find out ;)

/Robin E
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10 second ninja - Are you Ninja enough?

10 second ninja
"Only a Ninja can kill a Ninja". How cute, but sadly enough that doesn't apply to 10 second ninja.

Ah, Ninjas. They have been the nr 1 coolest thing since the 80s. I mean, we 80s kids had Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, TMNT and Ninja Scroll. And even though that was ages ago. Ninjas are still considered to be cool as hell.

I guess it´s because there´s been a ton of Ninja games, movies and animes since the 80s. Anyhow, speaking of Ninjas. You guys should check out GameDesignDan´s action/platformer "10 second ninja" (you can buy it via Steam for 7,99 Euro).
Why? Because it's bloody great! But don´t take my word for it. Just watch the trailer down below instead ;)

About 10 second ninja:
"Ninjas are cool, this is an established fact of the universe. Nazi Robots from space are not cool, they are the complete opposite of cool, and Robot Hitler is out to get you, the world's first ninja. You have 10 seconds to destroy all Nazi Robots in your vicinity. IT. IS. ON. Become the ultimate Ninja and take down Robot Hitler’s automated autocracy in this blisteringly fast platformer. Ready, Steady, Ninja!"

/Robin E
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Northward - A co-op action adventure game

Northward made me think about a really old game called "Beasts and Bumpkins!".

Sometime ago i wrote about Nemoria Entertainment´s "Oknytt". Well, guess what? Last night one of the guys from Nemoria contacted us. Because apparently they are working on a new game called "Northward". Which would be a action/adventure/co-op game that´s set in a Nordic landscape.

Sounds pretty cool huh? Well, you can actually download and try the pre-alpha demo (PC, MAC and Linux) as of today. And IF you like the Northward demo. Then you might wanna show the game some support on indiegogo and Steam Greenlight =)

About Northward:
"Northward is a co-operative management game set in an atmospheric Nordic landscape. With influences from games such as The Settlers, Transport Tycoon and Banished, you manage and expand your settlement together with a friend as you gather resources and build defenses while steadily making your way towards the mountains in the north.

With Northward we want to create a co-op experience that we feel is missing on the market. Management games are often a very solitary experience and we want to change that! Planning your next move, optimizing your shared resources and having to handle catastrophic events is something we believe is a lot more fun when shared with a friend."

/Robin E
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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall - The directors cut edition

shadowrun returns dragonfall directors cut
"The Director’s Cut will be released sometime in September." Freaking awesome!

My Saturday sure started off really good. Why is that? You might ask yourself. Well, i´m glad you asked. It´s because i recived a mail from Harebrained-schemes just now. And to make a long story short. Today is a very special day for Shadowrun Returns.

You see, it´s Shadowrun Returns one-year anniversary today. And that´s why Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman (the founders of Harebrained-schemes) decided to make a video about it. But that´s not all. They also announced that there will be a Director´s Cut version of Dragonfall (which will be released in September sometime).

So that means that the Cyberpunk magic will stay alive throughout the autumn as well. Nice indeed!

Press release:
"As Jordan discusses in the video above, exactly one year ago today we released Shadowrun Returns on Steam. It was a pivotal moment for our little studio here. In 14 months, we’d gone from a dozen developers working out of a storage closet to being a full-fledged indie RPG developer. And the last year has been just as important for Harebrained Schemes - in the weeks and months following launch, Shadowrun Returns received a bunch of great reviews and kind words, from old and new fans alike. We even made several Game of the Year lists for 2013. But most importantly, we got YOUR feedback.

We learned what was working and what wasn’t about the game we’d worked so hard to create. Even better, we were able to take a lot of this feedback and channel it directly into Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Save-anywhere. A more open story with more compelling choices and locations to explore. A fully-realized team of runners to command and grow with over the course of the campaign. And when Dragonfall launched, we were incredibly happy with the response it received. Reviewers praised the story, characters, and writing as some of the best in the business.

For an indie studio like ours, that’s a huge deal! Still, as with Shadowrun Returns, we heard feedback about some things that folks wanted to see improved or simply wanted more of. We also heard many requests for a standalone version of the game - since it’s narratively independent of the Shadowrun Returns campaign, players wanted to be able to dive directly into Dragonfall. So we thought: Why not just… make Dragonfall better? We’re excited to announce Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut.

Inspired by other passionate, community-focused developers like CD Projekt RED (who continued to improve and add to their Witcher titles post-launch), we decided to make an even bigger & better Dragonfall for you guys. The Shadowrun team has been hard at work taking the existing Dragonfall campaign and making it even better - adding new features, missions, art, and more. And we’ll be releasing it as a standalone title on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store."

/Robin E
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Rymdresa - A procedural generated space odyssey

Space games are here to stay.

I don't know how many of you guys that are familiar with George Moromisato´s game "Transcendence"? (1995). But that's the vibes that i feelt from Morgondags (yes, they are a Swedish indie game studio) indie game "Rymdresa" (when i watched the trailer).

But i have to say that Rymdresa seems to take the whole "space odyssey" thing, to the next level. And that´s probably why Rymdresa got thumbs up on Steam Greenlight. So if you´re into this kind of game. Then you might wanna give Morgondags space game Rymdresa a try =)

About Rymdresa:
"A Procedurally Generated Space Odyssey Space is big, empty and silent. Your role as a spaceship pilot is unclear. You know a few coordinates to some random locations; but this is the only information you got. RymdResa is a text-based game, a space odyssey. Based on randomness. Abstract poetry and art are expressed throughout a lonely journey in space. Customize your ship, explore and interact in the retro stylized world of RymdResa."

/Robin E
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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - A walk down the memory lane

ps1 spyro 2
Spyro 2 was released back in 1999 (November) for PS1.

Well, we’re in the heart of summer, people. The sun is out, the weather is warm, and all in all, life is good. To stray off the gaming path a little bit here, for me personally, with every summer, an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia usually accompanies the many joys of summer.

I often think back to the times where it seemed like the only worry I had was what color ice pop I got to choose at lunchtime. Being a teenager now, I still have no
real worries, but I certainly do think about many more things, which can be a good and bad thing.

One thing I do take a fair deal of pride in is my exceptionally superb memory. I can recall many things from my childhood in vivid detail. This triggers my nostalgia, and brings me back to some good times in my childhood, and many of which were centered around old video games that i had played as a child.

While I can still recall quite a few games, and very specific details about them, no game brings me straight back to my childhood like Spyro: Ripto’s Rage does. To this day, from the second I pop the game in my old PS2 and hear the intro music, goosebumps surfaced throughout my whole body. Everything about this game was special to me, and I mean

spyro 2 animals
And this is how the new Spyro game for the PS4 will look like. Just kidding, it´s Spyro 2 ;)

I’ll later provide a link of a video review of the game, as it would take quite some time to give a plot summary of the game in its entirety. With that being said, in the game you play as Spyro the dragon, who lives in a ‘Dragon World’ which for the most part, is fairly peaceful and conflict-free.

As Spyro leaves to go to the beach, by flying into a portal (the main way of transportation throughout the Spyro series), he ends up landing in a world, (later referred to as the ‘Home World’) called “Summer Forest.”

Right off the bat, when I first played the game, I never wanted to leave summer forest. Although filled to the brim with portals, which led to smaller, individual levels that needed to be cleared, Summer Forest struck me with an immediate feeling of peace and serenity.

What contributed to this feeling the most, was the music that was played throughout the whole game. Although some tracks are re-used, the music to this game is absolutely amazing. It’ll make you want to roam around the level aimlessly, just to stick around and listen to it for a few minutes. The wonderful soundtrack goes way beyond Summer Forest, as the soundtrack for every level seems to compliment it just perfectly.

I don’t want to bore anyone by describing the game too much, but I just remember it all so vividly. The enemies, the cutscenes before and after every level, the talismans Spyro receives after completing each level (which are often related to the species of that level), the developers just did an amazing job with this game. Spyro Ripto’s rage did everything better and smoother than its predecessor, and I encourage you all to watch the video review that I will link.

With all of this being said, I know that to most of you, this is just plain and simple, a video game. While I know it’s just a video game, this game was a piece of my childhood, and still has a place in my heart. Don’t ever think that a video game is incapable of triggering feelings of nostalgia and butterflies. So take a few minutes, dust off that old box of games, pop one in, and just enjoy it.

You may just rediscover how passionate you once were about the game, and how many memories it holds in your heart. Crazy and absurd it may sound, but the mind is a very, very powerful thing my friends. Our memory is too, for that matter. Play the game, and just let your mind do the rest. You’ll discover more about yourself. Things you never knew, perhaps.

/Doug Detwiler
The Gaming Ground

2K Games announces a new Bioshock game

new bioshock game
Bit the apple you say? Do i smell a trap of some sort?

The body and soul of Irrational Games may be dead and gone for life. But the spirit of Bioshock seems to live on anyhow. Yes, you have probably heard about it by know. But for those who have missed out on this. I shall do a little recap for you.

Just the other day 2K Games announced (read "hinted") a new Bioshock game. So what did 2K Games show the world? A trailer? no, a gameplay video? Most definitely not. A super teasy picture of course! And that´s pretty much all there is to it.

At least for the time being. Well, okay. There´s some text on the picture as well "Come bite the apple - Eve´s Garden, Poseidon Plaza" So what does all that mean then? I have no idea. But the people at Gamespot got all the theories and speculations going down.

So, just click the link below ;)


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Google is buying Twitch for 1 billion dollars!

twitch tv
Twitch are now a part of the Bor...Google corporation.

Yep, it has really happened for real this time. Because back in May i wrote a little piece called "Microsoft wanted to buy the streaming service Twitch TV". Well, basicallyi wrote about the fact that MS once tried to buy Twitch TV (others tried as wel. Valve for example).

And that there were rumours on the street that Google had offered the Twitch owners 1 billion dollars for Twitch TV. Well, now it's officially confirmed. So that means that Google now owns Twitch TV. Great news huh? I mean, doesn't all this get you all existed and pumped up?

Because you know more than well that Google will intruduce a content ID system for Twitch as well (at one point or another). And don´t we just all LOVE the content ID system? *sarcasm* So R.I.P Twitch TV? Time will tell.

But what´s your thought about Google buying Twitch TV?


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Son of Nor early access are now available via Steam!

son of nor
Son of Nor offers co-op support up to 4 players.

Stillalive Studio´s awesome action/adventure game "Son of Nor" are now finally available via Steam early access (you can pre-order the game for $19,99). And even though it´s a "early" version of the game. Son of Nor still looks freaking great. So i might just give it a go ;)

Press release:
"(Innsbruck, Austria) July 25, 2014 - stillalive studios, Viva Media and bitComposer jointly announce the Early Access release of Son of Nor, the epic action-adventure game from stillalive studios, an Innsbruck-based developer. Son of Nor is set in Noshrac, a world inhabited by a minority of human survivors and a race of hostile creatures called Sarahul, both left behind by ancient Gods in a legacy of conflict. As a member of the last surviving humans with magical powers, the Sons of Nor defend all that’s left and battle against the Sarahul to avoid total annihilation and ultimately extinction.


Son of Nor’s dynamic game world features novel game mechanics like terraforming and telekinesis, which can be combined by the player. This unique ability to combine features allows players a new level of creativity in their actions. As players experience the world of Noshrac in Early Access, they will gain access to 14 levels offully functional gameplay. The final launch will support various gadgets, including the Tobii eye tracker and Oculus. Multi-player (4 person) and local co-op (2 person) via split screen are also supported.


In Son of Nor, a new level of technical achievement has been reached with its sophisticated terraforming game mechanic. Developed by Mautner, a Physics graduate, the algorithm powers the simulation of sand flow and interacts with physical objects in a natural way. In this dynamic game world, one can manipulate sand, move and throw objects, tear out rocks from canyon walls and even pick up enemies to place them where they wish.


Julian Mautner, lead Engineer and Founder of stillalive studios, noted that, “In Son of Nor, we have pushed the terraforming game mechanic further than before, bringing a higher degree of gameplay freedom and intensity to the action-adventure genre.”

Features in the Early Access Version:
- 14 complete levels with all game mechanics fully functional
- Multiplayer debut with up to 4 players via the Steam platform, or 2 player on local co-op mode, or simply play alone
- Play your style - use telekinesis to fight your way through, carefully prepare traps, avoid fights altogether or join forces with your friends
- Move and shape the desert using terraforming: lower and raise sand to gain tactical advantage, create barriers, trigger traps, or bury entire buildings to escape your pursuers
- Tear rocks out of canyon walls to hurl them at opponents, or use your telekinetic powers in puzzles
- Use elements like fire and wind to summon powerful spells. Combine them to wreak havoc upon your enemies
- Get immersed in the world of Son of Nor: no GUI or HUD, everything is embedded naturally and intuitively in the world’s environment
- Cleverly rid yourself of enemies, move and throw objects and create levitating bridges with telekinesis
- Use your powers to overcome enemy attacks and solve intriguing and rewarding puzzles
- A very atmospheric and mysterious sound track composed specifically for Son of Nor.

- Supports SteelSeries Sentry Eye tracking and Tobii Eye tracker: Control your powers intuitively by using your eyes
- Oculus Virtual Reality Headset*
- Emotiv EPOC, Brain Computer Interface*
- Implementation of Oculus Rift and Emotiv EPOC are currently being implemented. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

League of Legends Cinematic - A New Dawn

league of legends a new dawn
Ahri are by far my favourit LOL character :3

As we all know. There´s a Wow movie in the making. But i have to admit that i´m far more interested in seeing a LOL movie (League of Legends). Especially if the guy (girl) behind the new LOL "cinematic movie" works on it. Because just imagine if he/she made a full length LOL movie.

I mean, how freaking awesome wouldn't that beon a scale 1 to 10? Just take my money already!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Sims 4 - Official gameplay walkthrough trailer

the sims 4
The Sims 4 will be released in the UK (and EU) on the 5th of September.

I can´t say that i´m a big fan of autumn. But at least i have one thing to look forward to in autumn. And that would be EA´s The Sims 4. I have seen and tried the "create a Sim Demo" for The Sims 4. And i have to say that i like the game so far.

And it seems like the majority of the Sims fans enjoy Sims 4 so far as well. I also have to admit that i got impressed by the gameplay trailer for the game as well. Because it really seems like The Sims 4 will become THE ultimate Sims experience.

I mean, just the part with creating uniq Sims and houses are like a game within a game. So yeah, i´m pretty darn excited. And i will actually attempt to make a digital copy of myself in The Sims 4. I sure hope that i don´t mess up to badly xD

About The Sims 4:
"The Sims 4 is the only game where new Sims with unique personalities open up deep, rich, and sometimes weird possibilities in the stories you create. For the first time, it's not about what they are, it's about who they are, and they come to life through brand new creative tools that are powerful, tactile, and easy to use. Also, brand new to The Sims 4, players can share their creations with other players directly in the game with the all-new Gallery. The result is a stimulating new gameplay experience that powers a new era for The Sims.

For more than a decade, The Sims has entertained millions of people across the globe and has left an indelible footprint on the interactive world. A world-renowned interactive entertainment phenomenon, The Sims continues to enhance its rich multi-platform portfolio with offerings that inspire creativity and reach one of the most passionate audiences in interactive entertainment."

- New Sims with big personalities: The heart of the franchise, the Sims themselves, are smarter, more relatable, and emotionally aware beings whose every action is affected by what they're thinking and how they're feeling. 
- These smarter Sims have traits, skills, and aspirations that have a direct effect on their behavior. Their brand new personalities let you tell touching, funny, and weird stories.
- Powerful creative tools: Create a Sim and Build Mode are more powerful, intuitive, and fun than ever before. You have the control to sculpt Sims with tactile precision. Effortlessly construct the home of your dreams with the all new room-based Build Mode.
- Vibrant neighbourhoods: Experience new gameplay opportunities brought to life by the settings within vibrant neighbourhoods. Choose among beautiful and diverse lots for your Sims to build their homes and explore activities. Expand your social circle and interact with other Sims in the neighbourhood and hang out in community parks and venues.
- Share your creations: In the all-new integrated Gallery it's easier than ever to share creations with the world. With just a few clicks, The Sims 4's wealth of community-generated content can be brought directly into the game.
- Rich rewards: Earn new objects, outfits, and traits by completing events, discovering collectables and unlocking achievements.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Spinrush - A mix of Flappy Bird and endless shoot-em-up

Spinrush are available for Android and soon PC (hopefully).

It´s been a while since i heard anything about Flappy Bird. The clones, the buzz on the street and so on. But today i found out about Lubiterum´s endless shooter "Spinrush". Which just happens to remind "a bit" about Flappy Bird.

Well, i can´t say that Flappy Bird offers any spinning discs (or shooting for that matter). But i can sure relate to the addictiveness (and the anger for that matter). Anyhow, you can download and play Spinrush (for free!) to Android.

And oh! Before i forget. If you like Spinrush, then don´t forget to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.
About Spinrush:
"SPINRUSH, a direct, frenetic and endless shooter that will hypnotise you with its coloured discs.

Spinning discs shooting has never been so challenging! Test your hand-eye coordination, your patience and, above all, your concentration skills. In SPINRUSH, the six indie folks at Spanish studio Lubiterum took a modern-time classic as Super Hexagon as main inspiration and added their very own "viking twist" to it. A game that combines simplicity and rhythm in its shooter mechanics as few other games of its genre do (it is worth to mention some gamers have already thrown Flappy Bird comparisons).

Be very careful, since you must shoot only the discs with the same color as your ship, but wait, the shot has to be fired at the right time, matching the gap in that concrete disc! That simple rule, along with its clear, colorful graphics and vibrant music, turns SPINRUSH into a thrilling ride you need to try at least once in your life."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Tengami - A really beautiful adventure game

A video game can´t get much more beautiful than this.

Okami sure made me drop my jaw to the floor when i saw it for the very first time. And i had the same exact feeling when i played Nyamyam Limited´s adventure/puzzle game "Tengami" (PC, MAC, Wii-U and iOS). And just like Okami.

Tengami are based on both Japanese art, legends, folk tales and magic. So basically it feels like your inside of a interactive Japanese painting. So if you liked Okami. Then you´re going to love Tengami! And btw, don't forget to checkout David Wise´s Tengami soundtrack while your at it.

Because the David´s music are just as beautiful as the game itself.
"Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game set inside a Japanese pop-up book. Fold and slide the beautifully crafted paper world to solve puzzles and discover secrets. Award Nominations: SXSW, IndieCade, SOWN, Develop ShowcaseTengami is a complete game with no In-App Purchases and no in-game advertisements."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes the Nordic edition

disney infinity 2 nordic
Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be available at Nordic retailers on the 19th of September.

Soon, very soon. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be found in every retail store (worth the name) throughout the Nordic region. And the pre-order program launched today! So if you live in Scandinavia and just happens to like Disney Infinity 2.0 (and Marvel).

Then you might wanna place your pre-order asap ;)

Press release:
"Nordic July, 24th - Disney Nordic confirmed today that the highly anticipated Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be available at Nordic retailers on Friday, September 19th, 2014. The sequel to the successful new family IP of 2013 expands the platform with the introduction of all new super-powered Marvel Play Sets and characters that players can experience exclusively inside of the new version of the game. The popular Toy Box mode also returns with enhanced features where users can create their own adventures and share them online with friends.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes has a PEGI rating of 7+. All characters and power discs from last year’s release of Disney Infinity will be compatible with the Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game Software. The game will be available for pre-order from this week at top retailers.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will be fully localised in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish."

About Disney Infinity:
"Disney Infinity is an interactive gaming platform where players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunities to create stories and play experiences starring the beloved characters from across the worlds of Disney. Building on the success of last year’s initial launch, Disney Interactive announced that Disney Infinity’s next chapter, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, will hit stores this fall.

In the all new game, players use real-world interactive figures to activate original storylines (Play Sets) in the virtual game worlds of popular Marvel franchises and create new adventures with other Disney Infinity characters in the Toy Box mode. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is rated E-10+ by the ESRB. For more information, visit Disney.com/Infinity."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Panchito Chepas - The story of a bastard (Demo)

panchito chepas
I bet that O.D.B would love Panchito Chepas. I mean, the game is all about being a bastard after all.

It toke a while for me to record Pinodrom Studios adventure game "Panchito Chepas". Mainly because of two reasons.

1. I had to figure everything out in game (the puzzles and so on).
2. There was some recording difficulties at the very start

But everything worked out alright in the end. And i have to say that i had a blast while recording. Because i can´t say that i have played that many adventure games, where you actually get the chance to be the biggest bastard ever!

So, please enjoy people ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

InSomnia - The big success story on Kickstarter

I just knew from the very start that InSomnia would be fully funded.

I know that many Kickstarter projects crash and burn every month. But thankfully enough, InSomnia wasn't one of those projects. Because Studio Mono collected over $90,000 via Kickstarter for their InSomnia campaign. So yes, that means that InSomnia are homesafe.

The game will actually happen for real! But there´s more good news. Because you (and others) can also donate money to the InSomnia project via Paypal. And that means that Studio Mono will be able to put even more awesome stuff into InSomnia.

Anyhow, a big congrats to thee InSomnia team =)

Press release:
"Samara, Russia - July 24, 2014 - Studio MONO are today would like to thank all the press for their support and of course their backers who really came through to help them exceed their initial funding goal for InSomnia, which has finished its Kickstarter at $92,268, which represents $20,000 over the funding target.

'Words cannot express how grateful we are to each and every backer, journalist, streamer and all of the websites all over the world, who helped us fund by sharing their love for InSomnia. A huge thank you from everyone at Studio MONO!' said Anatoliy Guyduk, Studio MONO's lead developer.

'We've now opened the webstore and accepting payments via PayPal to carry on helping InSomnia fund and to achieve further stretch goals. Thanks to all of the support, we're able to now go into full development of InSomnia; but the journey to the evacuation point hast just begun."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Guardians of the Galaxy comes to Disney Infinity 2.0

guardians of the galaxy disney infinity 20 
Guardians of the Galaxy are now a part of Disney Infinity 2.0.

This came as no surprise to me really. But still, it´s good news for those how like Disney Infinity and Marvel. Because the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set are coming to Disney Infinity 2.0 (the "Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition" to be exaxt).

And you can read all about it in the official press release down below =)
Press release:
"Copenhagen, Denmark – July 24, 2014 - Marvel’s next summer blockbuster film is coming to Disney Infinity. Disney Interactive officially announced the latest Play Set for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) –Guardians of the Galaxy, inspired by the upcoming film Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, in theaters August 1.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set follows Star-Lord and his fellow Guardians as they arrive at Knowhere, having just stolen a powerful cosmic object from the villainous Ronan the Accuser. Players will guide the team as they race to protect Knowhere from Ronan and his attacking Sakaaran fleet while keeping their newly liberated item safe from the villain’s evil grasp.

Playable characters for the Play Set include Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora and Groot, as well as crossover characters Iron Man (from The Avengers Play Set) and Nova (from The Spider-Man Play Set). Mission givers will include Cosmo, The Collector and Yondu.

Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora and Groot will be also playable in the all-new Toy Box 2.0, along with all characters previously released for Disney Infinity. Players will be able to use these characters, plus hundreds of Marvel and Disney-themed items, locations, props and vehicles to create new adventures in customized worlds.

Additionally, the Guardians of the Galaxy characters will partake in one of the new structured Toy Box Games now offered in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. The Toy Box Game, called Attack on Asgard has Loki opening a series of portals that allow an army of Frost Giants to invade Odin’s Palace at Loki’s command. The Giants threaten to lay waste to Asgard, rob Odin’s Palace and ultimately grant control of the throne to Loki.

In addition, there will be Guardians of the Galaxy themed Power Discs that will enable players to customize their Play Set and Toy Box experiences.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set will be available in retail stores this fall. Additional characters will be announced in the coming months. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is being developed by Avalanche Software. Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes will be fully localised in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish."

The Power Discs include:
- Space Armor - Unlock Gamora's out of this world Space Armor costume for added protection against enemies. Who says fashion can't be functional too?
- Marvel Team-Up: Yondu - Fight alongside this powerful, arrow shooting ally and send enemies running for their lives
- Groot’s Roots - Theme out your Toy Box world with Groot’s Roots. It’s sure to grow on you!
- Groot's View - Embrace your inner green thumb and theme Toy Box skies out Groot-style
- Star-Lord’s Galaxy - Turn your Toy Box into Knowhere - Star-Lord’s home base in the Galaxy
- The Rip - Turn Toy Box skies into the skies of Knowhere with this Power Disc and transport yourself to the outer edge of all space and time

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Interloper - A very colorful and alien like RTS game

The lighting effects are very impressive in Interloper. 

Just the other day we received a mail from a small indie studio from Netherlands (Monogon Games). And, well. They wanted us to check out their upcoming RTS game "Interloper" (for PC, MAC and Linux). Which we also did. And i have to say that Interloper looks quite impressing.

So i might just give it a go =) Sadly enough though. There´s no price or release date for Interloper yet. But "hopefully" there will be one in the near future.

About Interloper:
"Interloper is an intense real-time strategy game about alien tribes vying for control over a lush, newly discovered world. A peaceful densely vegetated land turns into a volatile battlefield of territorial tug-of-war. Claiming domain provides strategic advantages for the power hungry tribes. Challenge other players in competitive online multiplayer matches to spread your tribe’s influence."

- Gameplay focussed on spatial tactics.
- Competitive online multiplayer matches.
- Extensive single-player campaign.
- AI with various difficulty and behaviour settings.
- Unique visual style and dynamic soundtrack based on your tribe.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Pokémon red and blue - Honest trailers

pokemon smosh games
Yep, Pokémon are a part of the Matrix. I thought everyone knew that by now.

I can´t really say that i watch (or play) that much Pokémon now days. One could say that i have outgrown the whole thing with Pokémon. I'm not closing the door entirely on Pokémon though. Because i might get the chance to borrow a 3DS over the summer.

So i´m having thoughts on playing some Pokemon X and Y. Anyhow, last night O.J told me about a little Pokémon video called "Pokémon red and blue" (by Honest Trailers and Smosh Games). Well, if you feel like laughing some (at the expense of your Pokémon pride).

Then just check out the video down below ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

War Thunder is coming to the NVIDIA SHIELD

project shield  
Yep, You will soon be able to play War Thunder on NVIDIA´s SHIELD.     

Well, this makes perfect sense really. I mean, Gaijin Entertainment has already conquered both PC and console. So the next step would of course be the mobile market. In this case, NVIDIA´s "SHIELD". Yes, that´s the next format that War Thunder will conquer.

And you can read all about it in the press release down below.

Press release:
"(MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION) – July 22, 2014 – Award-winning developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment announced today that they will support the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet – the ultimate tablet for gamers – with their mega-hit War Thunder.

“The days of being pious to one platform are dead. We are platform agnostic because we believe that our community demands that they have access to War Thunder on as many platforms as possible. Gamers have many tastes and it is a bad business model to restrict your game to a single platform when your community has ever evolving tastes and preferences and are always on the lookout for the next great gaming adventure,” said Gaijin Entertainment’s Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev.

“War Thunder on the SHIELD tablet will be that next great adventure. It provides our growing community of almost eight million players another amazing option to battle with or against friends and foes in cross platform play across the widest variety of home platforms, mobile devices and VR headsets – more than any other game in the industry.”

The SHIELD tablet is the first Android-based device that can run War Thunder natively in parity with PC and video game consoles. The SHIELD tablet includes the world’s most advanced mobile processor, the 192-core NVIDIA Tegra K1. It’s the only device capable of running today’s AAA video games such as War Thunder without hiccup or stutter.

The SHIELD tablet will allow War Thunder fans to take the WWII blastacular experience with them on the go, using a specially created control scheme for the touch screen. When in need of a TV screen experience, players can connect via HDMI and enjoy War Thunder using the high performance, precise SHIELD wireless controller with ultra-low latency Wi-Fi direct.

“Gaijin Entertainment has done an amazing job with War Thunder, creating a cross-platform experience with unbelievable graphics on SHIELD tablet,” said Keita Iida, Senior Director, Global Content Management at NVIDIA. “Tegra K1 really brings the game to life and we’re excited to deliver a game GeForce gamers can play at home – and continue playing anywhere, anytime they want.”

No launch date has been announced for War Thunder on the SHIELD tablet, but Gaijin Entertainment can confirm that War Thunder will remain a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece, that allows players to fight their way across air and ground with access to over 400 historically accurate planes and armored vehicles. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Chariot - A neat side-scrolling co-op platformer

Will Chariot become a awesome co-op platformer?

Chariot are set for a release sometime this fall (for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U).
If you´re into side-scrolling platform games. Then you might wanna take a closer look at Frima Studio´s "Chariot". Because not only does the game look really interesting. Chariot are also set for a release sometime this fall (for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U).

In other words, it´s almost Game on time! And it seems like we will get the great pleasure to review Chariot as well =)

About Chariot:
"Chariot is a humoristic physics-based couch co-op platformer in which a brave princess and her suitor carry a funeral wagon through ancient caverns."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Retro Demo Scene - The Black Lotus

retro demo scene the black lotus
Believe it or not. But all the graphics in the "Black Lotus" video. Are 100% done on a Amiga.

I think i just found THE most beautiful and advanced Amiga demo ever made. It´s a pure masterpiece really. I´m talking about Retro Demo Scene´s "Starstruck" video (made by "The Black Lotus"). And the music are pretty darn awesome as well.

Let´s just say that the video made my day. And if you liked it as well. Then check out the rest of Retro Demo Scene´s videos. Because he (she?) got tons of awesome videos to be found on his//her Youtube page.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Table Top Racing are coming to the PS Vita

table top racing
Table Top Racing are set for a PSN release on the 5th of August (6th of August in EU).

Not so long ago one could only enjoy Playrise Digital´s AAA micro combat racing game "Table Top Racing" (made by the WipEout Co-creator´s) for iOS and Android. Well, that´s about to change. Because Table Top Racing will soon land on the PS Vita.

To be exact, on the 5th of August (US). And Table Top Racing are all yours for $7,99 via PSN. So are you guys ready for some combat racing? ;)

Press release:
22nd July 2014: Award winning developer Playrise Digital and Publisher Ripstone announced today that Table Top Racing will be skidding onto the PlayStation® Store on 5th August in US and 6th August in Europe, where it will be available to download on PlayStation® Vita for £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99. PS Plus subscribers can also look forward to discounts at launch!

Table Top Racing is a AAA micro combat racer that pits all manner of custom-made, miniaturised cars against one another. Welcome to a world of table top race tracks, over-sized obstacles and glorious power-ups. Table Top Racing may be miniature but don’t be fooled by its size! It comes complete with a full championship mode in single player along with quick play and drift modes and over 30 special events. Players can also look forward to full live online multiplayer and play with up to 4 friends online or locally.

The PlayStation Vita game has been improved from grid to chequered flag, making this the definitive version of Table Top Racing. Boasting a silky-smooth 60 FPS, enhanced environments, double the polygon count in the track geometry, double the texture resolution and superior handling; it’s not only the best looking version, it’s also best played on PlayStation® Vita. The Playrise Digital team have also taken full advantage of the Vita’s controls and rear touch features, allowing players much improved handling, proper racing controls and a rear touch view… this is powered up micro racing at its best!

The game has been developed by a crack team of some of the industries finest racer veterans. The team is headed up of ex-Sony Studio Liverpool game designer and co-creator of WipEout, Nick Burcombe as well as ex-Bizarre Creations folk, so it’s no wonder the game has already proven hugely successful on mobile – with over 5.3 million downloads to date.

"We believe that Table Top Racing for PlayStation Vita is the ultimate version of our award winning micro combat racer,” commented Nick Burcombe, CEO Playrise Digital. “The Vita has enhanced our game in somany ways with our favourite addition being the hugely improved multi-player mode. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Ripstone to bring this improved Table Top Racing to Vita gamers and we hope they enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it."

/Robin E
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