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So, who are "The Gaming Ground"? We are a Gamer gang from Sweden of mixed ages (we are just guys at the moment, but "hopefully". We will have women In our TGG staff In the future). We write about everything from video games, Anime, IT, technology to movies.

In other words. We write about the stuff that we love the most. And we started to blog way back In 2009 (2009-01-18). And we have grown quite a lot since then. Now days we have over 300 unique visitors per day, and a much more advanced (and good looking) homepage. 

And at the very start of 2012 (In January) we went from "just" being a blog, to become "The Gaming Ground" (with our own domain). Since then we have just grown more and more. And that´s thanks to the feedback from you guys (our readers and watchers).

Of course we will keep on evolving and pay attention to our readers feedback. Our goal has always been the same though. And that would be our dream to become one of the very best Gamer blogs In the world.

So, let's make that dream come true together!

See you there! With friendly regards Robin Ek, founder and CEO of  The Gaming Ground.

If you would like to get in touch with us at TGG. Then just mail us at info (at) thegamingground.com

Name: Robin E
Sex: Man
Age: 29 Gaming years
Lives: Sweden, Strängnäs
Employment: Bloging, video maker, company owner
Spare time: Gaming, working out, anime, horror movies
Favorite game: System Shock 2, Fallout 2 and Deux Ex 1
Favorite video game consoles: I have to say MD and SNES
Favorite genre: FPS and RTS
Currently playing: Brutal Doom v19 and Shadowrun Returns
Longing for: Summer, and a cat!
Likes: Women, martial arts, Metal, video games and smart people
Dislikes: Liars, traitors, morons, fanboys, fat food, gold diggers
Currently listening to: Chipzel, DJ Yuzoboy and Black Sabbath
Currently watching: Gintama, The walking dead and Welcome to the N.H.K

Name: Jonas E
Lives: Sweden, Strängnäs
Spare time:
Gaming, workout
Favorite game:
 Skyrim, Baldurs Gate 2
Favorite video game consolesPS3
Favorite genre: FPS
Currently playing: Dead Island, Guild Wars 2 and HoN
Longing for:  TES Online and WildStar
Likes:  Girls and cats
Dislikes: Internet trolls and screamers
Currently listening to:
Korn,disturbed, Outasight, queen of stone age
Currently watching: South park, Gintama, family guy

Name: Andreas E
Sex: Man
Age: 23
Lives: Sweden
Employment Army service
Spare time: Workout at the gym, fishing, socializing, Gaming
Favorite game:  Dungeon keeper, Fallout, Half Life 1
Favorite video game consolesPlaystation 3
Favorite genre: FPS & RTS
Currently playing: BF4, X-COM Enemy Unknown, Dead Island
Longing for: Summer
Likes: Nature, summer, technology, my gf
Dislikes: Cold winters, the Swedish flu, stupid people, when technical equipment doesn't work
Currently listening to:  Disturebed,  Rage against the machine, Slipknot, Ramstien mfl    
Currently watching:  Family guy, Simpsons, South park, 2 and a ½ men

kenay peterson
Name: Kenay Peterson
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Lives: San Diego, Ca USA
Employment: Time Warner Cable
Spare time: Martial arts, and Cooking.
Favorite video game consoles Ps3, Ps2, Sega Genesis,
Favorite game: Prince of Persia series, Uncharted series, Assassins Creed series
Currently playing: Assassins Creed 4, Elder Scrolls V
Longing for: A Turkey Burger
Likes: Anime: Cosplay, Renaissance Faire
Dislikes: Servbot from MVC2, Superman, UFC
Currently listening to: Hard Rock, Rap, Jazz J-pop, K-pop
Currently watching: Grimm, Law & Order SVU, Sherlock ( BBC ), Once Upon a time, Bates Motel, Arrow, Revolution, basically anything i can dvr lol

chen freakofnatur yiji
Name: Chen "FreakofNatur" Yiji
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Lives: Singapore
Employment: University Student
Spare time: RPG/ Open World PC Games, Casting the occasional Dota 2 game
Favorite game: Guild Wars
Favorite video game consoles: PS2
Favorite genre: RPG
Currently playing: Dota 2, League of Legends and Watch Dogs
Longing for: Dream Job in Esports
Likes: Great food - give me that any time, Sharing about games I enjoy, Talking in general
Dislikes: Contradictions, Dishonest behaviour and Selfishness
Currently listening to: Video Games OST - Invincible by MGM(Watch Dogs)
Currently Watching: Beyond The Summit and other Twitch.tv streams   

kristin neal
Name: Krissy Victory
Sex: Female
Age: XX
Lives: Michigan
Employment: Student
Spare time: Cosplaying, Acting
Favorite game: Eternal Darkness
Favorite Game Console: Xbox 360
PS3 GameCube 
Favorite genre: rpg 
Currently playing: Skyrim, Mass Effect 
Longing for: Kingdom Hearts 3
Likes: anime video games acting dancing Korean culture cosplaying, Korean and Japanese fashion 
Dislikes: stupidity, cockiness, Japanese horror movies 
Currently listening to: Bassnector
Currently watching: American horror story 
no image
Doug Detwiler
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Lives: LI, New York
Employment: Student
Spare time: Video games, sports, blogging, podcasting
Favorite game: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Favorite video game consoles: Xbox 360
Favorite genre: FPS/Team-Based Shooters
Currently playing: CoD: Ghosts, NHL 14, NBA 2k14
Longing for: Summer
Likes: New York Islanders, New York Yankees, hanging out with friends, competitive gaming
Dislikes: School, teachers, New York Rangers, people who are arrogant
Currently listening to: Logic, Hoodie Allen, D&C Podcast, Pump-Up Music
Currently Watching: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Premier League Football. New York Yankees

christian c
Name: Christian C
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Lives: England, Essex
Employment: Student
Spare time: Play video games,Watch movies, hang out with mates and being a typical teen!
Favorite game: So hard to decide but at the moment its Marvel Heroes but all time is Skyrim!
Favorite video game consoles: PC
Favorite genre: Fantasy! Or Horror!
Currently playing: Marvel Heroes
Longing for: A better PC
Likes: Girls,Games,Movies,Books, Buying things :D!
Dislikes: Bullies and running out of money ;)
Currently listening to: Metal ftw!
Currently Watching: The Walking Dead, Marvel and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,Game Of Thrones.

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