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Downbelow you will find a couple of TGG banners that you can use when you want to link back to us at www.thegamingground.com (If you wanna do a banner swap. Then we will just change banners without no fuzz). And If you want a banner In a specific size.

Then don't hesitate to contact us! Cuz then we will try to fix the right dimensions for you asap! For it is not always that the banner dimensions will correspond with what you want on your own homepage. But due the fact that we are a nice bunch of people here at TGG.

There´s nothing that we can´t fix. So don´t worry about It! And If you want the banners In a different picture format. Then we can fix that as well. So If you want something specific done, for example a flash banner.

Then just mail us the info, instructions and what you want to have done (please tell where, and what the banner will be used for). So we are open for suggestions=)

Anyhow, you will find 4 different TGG banners downbelow (They are In png, pr jpg format). You can use these banners as you like (within reasonable limits, however). 
tgg banner 155x110px 
155 x 110px

tgg banner 212x150px 
212 x 150px

tgg banner 280x100px 
280 x 100 px

tgg banner 500x100px 
500 x 100px

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