The Gaming Ground wishes everyone a happy new year!

happy new year 2014 
2014 will become a really good Gaming year (no matter the format).

This will be my very last article for this year. So I will try to do my best to make It a memorable one. First of all I would like to thank all our readers and viewers for all the support and love you been givin us this year (we love you all!).

Second of all, I want to wish all you boys and girls a really happy new year =) And we really hope that 2014 will offer a lot of great games and Gaming experiences. We (The Gaming Ground) also hope to become even better and bigger next year.

So we will keep on working really hard to achive all of our goals for 2014. Wit that said, happy new year people! And take care ;) Oh! btw, don't forget to watch IGN´s video "2014's Most-anticipated Games". Cuz It´s a really good summary for the upcoming 2014 games.

Bye for now my Gamer people!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Diablo 3 - Reaper of souls

diablo3 reaper of souls
Reaper of souls will be released on the 25th of Mars next year (for PC, MAC and PS4).

I'm going to be brutally honest with you guys now. I havn´t played Diablo 3 for months. Why? Cuz I got fed up with the game after a while. Mainly due the bugs , and there´is pretty much nothing to do when you finished Inferno.

And O.J (my brother) feels pretty much the same thing about D3 (he playes Path of Exile now days). So Is there any hope left for D3? And will we ever start to play D3 again? Maybe, It all depends on how good the Reaper of souls expansion will be.

Imo. Reaper of souls will either make, or break D3 (even more). But yeah, Im going to give Reaper of souls a fair chance. But If It´s pure crap, than Im leaving D3 for good...

About Diablo 3 - Reaper of souls:
"The defeat of Diablo, Lord of Terror, should have given rise to an age of hope. Instead, it has drawn out a shadowy being of immense power whose malevolent purpose has yet to be revealed. Reaper of Souls, the upcoming expansion to Blizzard Entertainment's epic action RPG Diablo® III, opens a dark and terrifying new chapter in the ongoing conflict over the mortal realm of Sanctuary.

Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom, vanished long ago. In Reaper of Souls, he returns as the Angel of Death and seizes the Black Soulstone, which contains the essence of the Prime Evil. Should this dark power be unleashed upon the world, the results would be catastrophic.

Fortunately, a new hero is ready to join the cause and bring Malthael to justice-the Crusader. Clad in massive armor and bearing an impenetrable shield, this new playable class charges into battle wielding a range of cruel and punishing weapons and employing powerful battle magic to strengthen allies and weaken foes. A natural walking tank, the Crusader adds might and versatility to any party of adventurers."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mutant hockey league - Pucksucker Pukes - Part 2

Go Pucksucker Pukes go!

My adventures with Pucksucker Pukes continues, and so does the extreme hockey violence. Honestly, I have lost count over how many of my players that has died so far. But then again, I have killed many of the other teams players as well.

Anyhow, please enjoy part II!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Project Nimbus - Mecha action to the max!

project nimbus 
KISS Ltd need to collect 6,000£ within 25 days to make Project Nimbus happen.

I have been a huge fan of Mecha robots since the early 90s. And It all started with Transformers and Macross, since then. I have keept on playing Mecha games, and to watch Mecha animes. So It was just natural that I started to like KISS Ltd´s kickstarter Sci-fi/action game "Project Nimbus".

I mean, just check the Project Nimbus trailer out. It looks freaking awesome! But that´s not all. Nope, cuz Project Nimbus are coming to Steam as well. So now I really hope that Project Nimbus will get those 6,000£ asap!

Project Nimbus: 
"ProjectNimbus is a high speed robot action game built on UDK for PC. Player control human shaped war machine armed with arsenal of weapons called "BattleFrame" .

This game feature high speed robot action, missiles massacre, total flying freedom, intense action and many types of BattleFrame to pilot.

If intense battle scenes in Japanese mech animations capture your imagination, this is definitely what you are looking for."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Skulls of the shogun - Fight the undead warriors!

skulls of the shogun 
You can also buy (and play) Skulls of the shogun to PC (It´s yours for 15 Bucks).

It´s times like this that I really wish that I had a iPAD. Sure, you can play 17-BIT´s turn-based strategy game Skulls of the shogun on PC as well. But It's clearly made for the mobile format in first hand. And I have been watching some gameplay videos for the iPad version.

So let´s just say that Im going to buy Skulls of the shogun (It costs 5 bucks via App store) as soon as I own a iPad. 

About Skulls of the shogun:
"Crush your enemies and eat their skulls! Skulls of the Shogun is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game, supercharged with fighting-game flare and double-stuffed with a serious sense of humor! Enter the Samurai Afterlife and join forces with undead warriors, magical monks, and mighty mustachioed samurai generals!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Solar spectrum - Droplets From The Matrix

solar spectrum
Solar spectrum are yours for 9.80 Euro!

And here we are, at the very last day of 2013. But what a year It has been for us. We have achived pretty much everything that we wanted for this year. For example, we are "just" 600 followers away from the 10K mark on Twitter.

We might not make It today, but we will reach that goal within the next couple of days. We also have this "tradition" to write new goals for the coming year on New Years Eve. So, I did exactly that this morning. One of the most important of goals for us to achive next year, Is to start a whole new webpage (TGG v2.0).

Cuz we feel that It´s time to move on to the next level. But for the mean while, enjoy Solar spectrum´s awesome Psytrance album "Droplets From The Matrix" !   

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mutant hockey league - Pucksucker Pukes - Part 1

mutant hockey league pucksucker pukes part 1 
Pucksucker Pukes = Pittsburgh Penguins

I know what you're thinking "OMFG! This Is not Brutal Doom v19!" That´s correct. Cuz I feelt like I need to play "other" games as well. So Im going to blend up my Gaming videos a bit.

Cuz It feelt like I was eating the same kind of food day In, and day out. And not everyone likes Doom, so, I will play a handfull of different games every week from now on.

Anyhow, here´s part I of my Mutant hockey league series! And btw, I play as Pucksucker Pukes ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Cliff Bleszinski makes a new shooter game

cliff b
Cliff Bleszinski aka "Cliff-B".

I don't think anyone really believe that Cliff-B would be gone from the video game industry for good (Cliff left Epic Games In October 2012). At least I didn´t. And surprise, surprise. Cliff-B are (Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal,Gears of War.) back In biz again! And apparently his going to work on a new shooter game (FPS).

But If It's for good or bad, time will tell.

"I have a slide deck, I have a pitch, I have concept art, I know pretty much what I want to do," Bleszinski told Pointless host Kevin Pereira. "It will be a PC experience that will hearken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on, if you know what I'm saying."

"I don't want to work with the old guard, per se," Bleszinski said. "I'll talk to them, have meetings. But the last thing I need is some mid-level marketing guy telling me that 'well, traditionally, this doesn't sell well, so we're concerned,' and all that. Because they're all rearward-looking, it just drives me f**king bats**t."Cliff Bleszinski, via Kevin Pereira


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mega Man - The board game

mega man board game  

 I sure hope that the Mega Man board game will turn out really great In the end.

I just heard about Jasco Games Mega Man board game. And I just found out that the game has already been fully funded via Kickstarter (several times over!). The goal was to collect 70,000 dollars, but Jasco Games has collected 257,000$ to date.

And still there´s 19 more days left on the Kickstarter watch. So I wouldn't be surprised If Mega Man the board game, get´s another 100-200K before the time runs out. But still I can´t help to ask my self the following questions.

Are a board game really worth all this money? And how fun can a Mega Man board game be really?

About Mega Man - The board game:
"The Mega Man Board Game, created and licensed by Jasco Games, brings all the excitement and fun found in the classic video game series to the tabletop. Like our page to get more details about the upcoming board game and the latest developments to this exciting entry in the Mega Man saga!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Imagine Me - A neat side-scrolling platform game

imagine me
Imagine Me will be released to PC (via Steam), MAC, Linux and Wii-U. 

I don´t really know what to make of Kinifi Games "Imagine Me". Either It´s nothing, or It´s everything. Hard to say. Me, I heard about the game some hours ago. So I started to look at some concept pictures for Imagine Me (I also read the background storyfor the game).

And, well, Iet´s just say that Im going to keep an eye on the Imagine Me project. Cuz It might just become something rather rad with time.

About Imagine Me:
"A young boy named Robbe wakes up and has no idea who he is. You must help him remember who he is by facing his fears in dungeons. Defeating dungeon bosses will regain Robbe's memories."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Crystalica - Lueur Verte

5 epic songs for 5,50 Euro. That´s a really good deal imo.

I don't know exactly when I started to like electronic music. But I think my taste for electronic music started In the early 90s some time. Cuz I do remember that I  really enjoyed the soundtrack for "Scarface" and "Miami Vice".

And with time, I became a even bigger fan of that music genre. That´s also the reson why Im listning to Lueur Verte´s epic album "Crystalica" right now. Crystalica are like a mix of both 80s dreamwave electronic, and synth pop.

It´s a really nice mix anyhow, and the tracks are really groovy. Crystalica Is the kind of album that you listen to when you just wanna relax, and dream yourself away for awhile. And If you like Crystalica, then checkout Lueur Verte´s other albums.

Cuz they are just as good imo!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

My Little Dictator - A Battle-Visual Novel

my little dictator 
WarGirlGames need to collect 5,000£ within 5 days. Or else My Little Dictator won't happen at all.

I was just about to turn off everything and go to bed. But then I recived a e-mail from the makers of My Little Dictator (WarGirlGames). Which Is a romantic-comedy battle (Anime/JRPG) visual novel set in fictional WW2 Europe. Me, I feelt In love with the whole concept when I watched the Kickstarter trailer för My Little Dictator.

Cuz It made me think about a cute anime/RPG/comedy version of Close Combat (A hardcore strategy game). So I really, really hope that My Little Dictator will reach It´s 5,000£ goal. But the clock Is ticking, and there´s just 5 more days left on the Kickstarter watch.

So If you like (and believe In) My Little Dictator. Then hurry up and show the game some love on Kickstarter people!

About My Little Dictator:
"1939. Europa is on the brink of war. Several factions are set to conquer and take control of the continent. Britannia led by Churchill, Franzo led by Cyrano, Sovia led by Starin and a surrounded Germania led by Hitora. Only one man can set Europa on a guided path to domination. Take control as Yamato, a young and quick-witted General in the Japanese Army, who is traded to Germania to become Hitora’s tactician. Fight in battles, fall in love and change history forever.

Set in an alternate universe where countries are run by teenage girls, Hitora is the dictator of Germania. Stubborn yet daring, it is her dream to conquer Europa and unite the continent under one banner. Her arch-nemesis Starin, a little girl with a height-complex, is out to stop you at all costs. Cyrano is a sly and sneaky girl, Churchill is a tired and intelligent one.

Together with Starin, the three of them will form an alliance to try and take down Germania. You'll fight their underlings, Zhukov, Monty and Roi Jean along the way, and receive help from your friends, Rinni and Rommel. Play in RPG Battles and Map Conquests, whilst also trying to win the heart of the girl you desire. Watch as she slowly falls deeper and deeper in love, and unlock all her CGs. Go shopping, to the beach, on dates and into the midst of the battlefield. A romantic comedy set in a fictional version of WW2!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Brutal Doom v19 - Thy Flesh Consumed - Part 7

brutal doom v19 thy flesh consumed part 7
The Boondocks are a great show imo. Cuz It´s funny as hell! 

I don´t know If you guys are familiar with Aaron McGruder´s "The Boondocks" or not (It´s a cartoon/anime show). But I really like that show. Cuz Imo, It´s really entertaining. It´s also one of the very few shows that dare to joke about almost "everything".

Infact, The Boondocks plays In the very same division as South Park, when It comes to this stuff. That´s also why I decided to talk about The Boondocks while I recorded part 7 of Thy Flesh Consumed.

So, enjoy people!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

25 reasons to date a Gamer boy

pc gamer
A really old Swedish PC Gamer magazine (from the 90s sometime).

I found a really old (but cool) PC Gamer article today. It´s pretty much a list of 25 reasons why you should date date a Gamer boy. Of course there Is a lot of sarcasm involved. But I don´t mind, cuz this old list sure gave me a really good laugh xD

1) We know many positions
2) Strategically minded
3) Quick with our fingers
4) Practice with our fingers every day
5) Cos we are usually smart at what we do.
6) Female gamers know how to handle a joystick
7) Gamers usually have a great sense of humour
8) Most nerds/gamers will be careful and honest with the girls they date
9) Gamers are usually not very self-fixated
10) You never have to wonder where he is.
11) We dont sleep = 24/7 Lifeguard
12) We pay attention to details
13) We're low maintanance (pizza, coke and some snacks is all we need)
14) We understand the importance of effort = reward (Quest: Visit mother-in-law. Rewards: Lots of sex
15) We're easy to buy presents for. (we've probably been talking about the newest game for months)
16) We're easy to work out a schedule with (19:30: Him = raiding/grinding, Her= Gilmore Girls/!!@#% Eye)
17) We most likely have a wide selection of adult entertainment *see note above
18) We can keep going for hours.
19) We learns from mistakes.
20) We knows what buttons to press.
21) We can stay focused.
22) We dont cheat.
23) We got a good aim
24) They will agree to anything you ask them when you ask during a tough part of the game
25) We always want to explore new content

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Nvidia Geforece NvStreamSvc can cause bluescreens

nvidia geforece nvstreamsvc
Not only does the NvStreamSvc process slow your PC down. It can give you a bluescreen as well... 

This would be one of the very few times that I write about hardware related problems. But yesterday I had to fix a really annoying hardware/software problem. At first I didn't even know why the problem occurred,but just like always.

I checked the event viewer, and went through the error message. Then I found out that It was a proccess named "NvStreamSvc" that caused my bluescreen. It´s a process that´s a part of the Nvidia Geforce Experience program.

So pulled the plug on "NvStreamSvc". But there was more to It then "just" that. I also had to turn of the Nvidia 3D vision as well. And guess what? Not only did that solve the problem, but my computer are way faster now as well!

So If your using any of Nvidias graphic cards, then you should most definitely check If you have a process named "NvStreamSvc", running In the background. You can find more info and resources on the subject below.

How to solve the Nvidia Geforece NvStreamSvc problem:

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Max The Curse of Brotherhood - It's been launched!

max the curse of brotherhood
The Curse of Brotherhood have done rather well on review wise. For ex, It has a 71.6% average score via gamerankings.com

Things have turned out quite qell for Press Play and their platform/puzzle game Max The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One and 360). Cuz the players really seem to enjoy the game, and the reviews has been pretty positive as well.

So hopefully The Curse of Brotherhood will end up on other formats In the future. Because It´s a Xbox One and 360 exclusive at the moment. I guess that we just have to wait and see! Big congratulations to Press Play on their success anyhow

About Max: The Curse of Brotherhood:
"When Max wishes for his annoying little brother, Felix, to be whisked away by unknown evil forces, he gets more than he has bargained for. Armed only with a marker and a hope of undoing what he has just done, he sets out on a perilous journey across deserts, eerie lantern-lit bogs, ancient temples and lush green forests to get his younger sibling back. Along the way Max gains and develops the power to manipulate the environment and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, mixes traditional Scandinavian storytelling with an inventive and colourful 2.5D platformer, combining classic jump and run gameplay with smart and innovative puzzles. By using the forces of nature, Max can create impressive pillars of earth, powerful streams of water and other elements with his magic marker. He must use them to travel through elaborate caves systems, forests and gloomy castles of Anotherland to save his brother"


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Russia loves Amanita Designs games

jakub dvorsky
Mr Jakub Dvorsky. 

Something rather cool happened to me last night. Cuz out of nowhere I recived a mail from a Russian Gamer named "Dmitriy". And he pointed out for me that he had read my article about Amanita Design and Jakub Dvorsky.

And he really liked It, especially the article which I scanned and uploaded. Infact, he liked It so much. That he asked me to scan all 8 pages, and mail them to him. Which I also did. So hopefully, someone will be able to translate It all to Russian (Or English).

Because all the pages are In Swedish. I also learned something awesome while I talked to Dmitriy. Like the fact that Russia really loves Amanita Design games. I had no clue (whatsoever) at all about that. But now I know.

So I bet that a lot of Russian Gamers can´t wait to get their hands on Samorost 3. So I wish Amanita Design (Jakub Dvorsky) the best of luck with that game!  And a big thanks to Dmitriy for all the information!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Monstercat - The Best of 2013

monstercat the best of 2013
Easly worth 10 bucks imo.

If your Into DnB and electro music. Then you should most definitely check out the "Monstercat - The Best of 2013" album. Me, I bought the album after that I´ve have heard the song "Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp".

I mean, you get 31 awesome songs for 10$. That´s what I would call a great deal! Besides, Monstercat normally delivers the gods. And this time was no exception. So If you listen to som epic DnB/Electro music, then buy Monstercat ´s new album asap!

/Robin E
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2013 Indie of the Year - The final top 10!

2013 indie of the year
Who will become nr 1 this year?
Im just going to round up this day by informing you boys and girls about the final top 10, for the 2013 Indie of the Year awards. You will find the press release, and the top 10 list below!

Press release:
!Melbourne - December 11, 2013 - Despite only just releasing an alpha, the Players Choice 2013 Indie of the Year will likely come as little surprize to most. Starbound's popularity is undeniable, which is why after 97,500 votes the players have crowned it this years best independent game. Despite it's popularity however, only a handful of votes separated the top 10 indie games of 2013 which includes:

10. Rogue Legacy
9. Outlast
8. Tales of Maj'Eyal
7. Path of Exile
6. Into the Dark
5. The Stanley Parable
4. Space Engineers
3. Kerbal Space Program
2. Contagion
1. Starbound

"Congratulations to the victors and huge thanks to the award sponsor Desura, the developers and supporters of the awards who recognize the work that goes into making an amazing indie game. Full details about the winners, editors choice and best upcoming winners."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Brutal Doom v19 - Thy Flesh Consumed - Part 6

brutal doom v19 thy flesh consumed part 6
Boogie2988 went through hell and survived. So he really Is the real life Doomguy.

Last night I watched Boogie2988´s video "Draw my life" and It was so deep and sad, that I feelt that I needed to talk about It. I mean, my life have been pretty hard and dark. But It´s not even close to all the things that Boogie2988 have experienced.

So I will dedicate this video to Boogie2988. Cuz Im really glad to hear that he made It through hell. So In a way, his the real Doomguy. So, please enjoy Thy Flesh Consumed part 6!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Telltale Games makes Game of thrones video game series

telltale games game of thrones
I sure hope that Telltale won´t mess this one up...

This ain't exactly news for anyone. Cuz It´s been known for weeks now that Telltale games will make a episodic Game of Thrones series. I just wanted to give my take on It. Because there´s quite a few factors to keep In mind In this calculation.

For starters, Cyanide Studios failed miserably with their own interpretation of Game of thrones (the game had something like a 50% average rating worldwide). Yes, I know. Telltale Games ain´t Cyanide Studios, and their nothing alike.

But still, It sure raised some concern on my behalf (bad vibbes). Second of all, some think that Telltale Games have way too many irons in the fire at the same time. I mean, they work on both the Walking Dead series, and The Wolf Among Us.

So both the TWD, TWAU and the Game of thrones fans, are worried that something's gotta give. In other words. which one of Telletale video game series will suffer the consequences of joggling to many balls In the air at the same time?

Hopefully none none of them, and "hopefully" Telltale won´t mess up Game of thrones In the end.

"Telltale Games and HBO® announce Partnership to Create Games based on Game of Thrones®. 2012 Studio of the Year and HBO Global Licensing in multi-year, multi-title partnership to Create Games Based on Emmy® Award-Winning Television Series."

/Robin E
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Risk of Rain - Chris Christodoulou

risk of rain 
Chris Christodoulou´s awesome album.

Not only are Risk of Rain a really good action platformer (which btw had great success on Kickstarter!). Cuz Chris Christodoulou´s soundtrack for the game (you can buy It on bandcamp for 4 Euro), are nothing less than magical and full of win. 

Risk of Rain was actually the very first soundtrack that I woke up to this morning. Let´s just say that my day have started off really good. So thank you Christodoulou!
/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

République are available on the App Store

I really hope that République will be released for Android as well though.

Before I close up the shop for the day. I just wanted to inform you guys about the fact that Camouflaj´s dystopian thriller/Stealth-survival game "République", has now been released on the App store (It costs 5 dollars. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). 

You can also buy the soundtrack via App store as well. Me, Im buying the iPad version asap!

Press release:
"Seattle, WA – December 19, 2013 - Independent development studio Camouflaj announced today that the first installment in its dystopian action-adventure game République is now available on the App Store. Created by industry veterans behind such AAA games as F.E.A.R., Halo 4, and Metal Gear Solid 4, and designed specifically for iOS, République brings console-quality gameplay and graphical fidelity to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

“We’ve spent the past two years crafting stealth action that doesn’t require 17 buttons, or even a controller,” said Ryan Payton, designer at Camouflaj. “Using our smart AI and logic-based input systems, République’s ‘one touch’ input method is something we’re incredibly proud of, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

République secured a substantial portion of its funding via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, concluding a successful campaign in May of 2012. Kickstarter backers will receive a free season pass ($18.99 value) for all five episodes of République, with new episodes released every two to three months.

In République, players assist Hope, a desperate young woman struggling to escape from a secret, Orwellian state. Communicating using a stolen phone, Hope contacts the player and asks them to hack into the nation’s surveillance system, assume control, and guide her out of the clutches of the omnipresent Overseer.

Literary works such as 1984 and Brave New World, and current geopolitical events including global surveillance and Internet censorship serve as key sources of inspiration for both the narrative and the stealth-survival gameplay. Players expand their control over surveillance cameras and other network-enabled devices, growing into an active threat to the Overseer and his grip over his shadowy nation.

République introduces Rena Strober as the voice of Hope, backed by an all-star voice talent team. Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard, Mass Effect series) plays Hope’s mentor, Mireille Prideaux, while David Hayter (Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid series) gives voice to Zager, revolutionary and ghost in the political machine. Also featured are veteran voice actors Matthew Mercer (Resident Evil 6), Khary Payton (Batman: Arkham Origins), and Dwight Schultz (killer7).

Developed using the Unity games development platform, République also showcases Faceware Technologies’ cutting-edge facial motion capture hardware and software used to create the believable character animations.

Available in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, the first episode of République is available for 38,00 kr (SE), 32,00 kr (DK) and 35,00 (NO) exclusively on the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/Republique. République is also scheduled for release on PC and Mac in 2014. For more information, visit www.camouflaj.com.

Download République Now: https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/republique/id687888390?mt=8"

/Robin E
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Prison Architect Alpha 16 - It has been launched!

prison architect alpha 16

Prison Architect keeps on evolving over time.

I just thought that I could share the news about Introversion Softwares Prison Architect Alpha 16 with you guys. Cuz the Alpha 16 version offers a handfull of new features and tweaks. So If that's anything out of interest, then go ahead and read the press release downbelow.

And oh, don´t forget to check out the Alpha 16 video as well!

Press release:
"T'was the night after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, except for the four riot guards coming in standard 2x2 cover formation through the rear. This update brings you the ability to share the mods through steamworks; segregate whole sections of your prison to be min / max sec and wade through the new procedurally generated lakes.

Additionally, all Name in the Game Customers can now customize the size, face type and colour of their prisoners by using our new Name in the game system at http://www.prison-architect.com/register.

Upgrade to Name in the Game

For two weeks only, we're offering all alpha customers the chance to upgrade to our Name in the Game tier for only $10. This will enable you to name a prisoner, write a short bio about why he's inside and customize his look. This is your opportunity to permanently stamp your personality on the game and prove that you were one of the generous few that helped Prison Architect to become a reality.

You are on this list, because we think you are press - if you want a Prison Architect key just reply and we'll sort you out!"

/Robin E
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Ittle Dew - 50% price cut on Steam!

little dew
Just chilling with his animal friend.

I just noticed that Ludosity´s awesome action/adventure game "ittle Dew", has been released on Steam. And not only that, there´s a 50% price cut at the moment as well. So In other words, you can buy ittle Dew for just 5 Euro right now.

I should also point out that you can also buy ittle Dew for iOS, Android and OUYA as well. So, happy Gaming people!

About Ittle dew:
"Adventuress Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie crash onto a strange island, filled with loot and mysterious inhabitants. It quickly dawns on the duo that this might become their biggest adventure yet. Ittle Dew boils down the classic adventure formula until there is only fun left. Experience devious puzzles, timeless gameplay and lots of exploration!"

/Robin E
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2013 Mod of the Year - The final top 10 mods

moddb logo
Which game will win this year?

Yes, that´s correct my fellow Gamer friends. ModDB has finally choosen the final top 10 mods of the year. It´s the Gaming community whom has voted for those games though. Anyhow, the Mod of the Year awards are at It´s final stage now.

So hurry up and vote for your favourite mod of this year!

Press release:
"Melbourne - December 27, 2013 - As yet another year reaches its end, it is time to crown the 2013 Mod of the Year after 141,000 players choice votes. Usually the results are controversial and fiercely debated by the modding community, but it is hard to deny the universal praise the mod "Just Cause 2: Multiplayer" has received. Modding is all about morphing already amazing games into something different, quirky, better and all of this years winners did just that." 

The final top 10 includes:
10. Wyrmstooth
9. Fallout: Project Brazil
8. A Clash of Kings
7. Crusader Kings 2: Thrones
6. Underhell
5. Project Reality: Battlefield 2
4. Brutal Doom
3. Rise of the Reds
2. No More Room in Hell
1. Just Cause 2: Multiplayer

/Robin E
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Brutal Doom v19 - Thy Flesh Consumed - Part 5

brutal doom v19 thy flesh consumed part 5
DJ Yuzoboy ftw!

Yep, christmas are over for this year. But shed no tears people, cuz we are here to entertain you ;) Me, Im just glad that my cold Is gone. And that Im going to get my new Gaming headset soon (Razer Kraken 7.1 Gaming Headset). 

Im also happy over the fact that the winter got cancelled In Sweden. Well, at least where I live. Cuz Im not a big fan of cold weather. Anyhow, due the fact that Im a fan of DJ Yuzoboy (he has made some really epic remixes!).

I decided to talk a bit about him In my video. So, please enjoy part 5 of Thy Flesh Consumed!

/Robin E
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Gaming for good - The 10 million dollar mark has been reached!

gaming for good 10 million dollars
Athene and the Gaming community made this happen!

I have some really, really great news to share with you guys now. Cuz I just heard that mr Athene and Gaming for good, has collected over 10 million dollars for charity! That´s freaking awesome news. So now I really hope that Gamers (and the Gaming community) will get a lot more respect from society.

Cuz we really deserve It, and we have earned that respect. Anyhow, a big congratulations to Athene and Gaming for good on their huge success!

About Gaming for good:
"What is Gaming For Good? GamingForGood.net is a platform where you can get games for donating to charity. All revenue goes directly to Save The Children's Paypal where we track the data to give points in return that the donors can use to unlock games (for example Steam keys). Games are donated by supporting developers and publishers. GamingForGood.net is an initiative that grew out of the Gaming For Good movement that started in the AtheneLive community."

/Robin E
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Ghostbusters Rock Version by Armcannon

Will there ever be a part III?

For some odd reason, I started to think about a Ghostbusters 3 movie over breakfast this morning. But I highly doubt that It will ever happen. I mean, the original crew are old as hell by now. And If Im not totally wrong now, both Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

Have turned down a sequel to Ghostbusters II several times now (due really bad scripts). Me, I would love to see a Ghostbusters 3. But only If It´s good. And that´s also the main reson why the movie never taken off.

Cuz the scripts has sucked so damn hard. But I guess that one should never say never. Oh well, heres a really epic rock version of the Ghostbusters theme by Armcannon.


/Robin E
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Happy Wheels - Total Jerkface

happy wheels
This Is madness! No, It´s just Happy Wheels!

Ah, yes. Total Jerkface Happy Wheels are most likely the flash game that I have played the most In recent years. Why you might ask? Cuz It´s both freaking insane, and insanely fun to play. Happy Wheels are that kind of game that you can play to cheer yourself up (If you had a bad day and so on).

Cuz It´s very easy to get started, and It makes me laugh every single time. And by now everyone and everything should know about Happy Wheels. But for those who don´t. Happy Wheels are basically a crazy racing/platform game.

And don´t cry your heart out If you die. Cuz you will die many, many, MANY times In Happy Wheels. So don´t worry, that's just a natural part of the game xD 

/Robin E
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Brutal Doom v19 - Thy Flesh Consumed - Part 4

brutal doom v19 thy flesh consumed part 4
Well ain´t that a nice christmas hat?

This years christmas was one hell of a ride for me. Cuz not only did I suffer from the worst cold ever (flu). I also had to deal with some of the worst storms In history (In Sweden).

But at least I could keep on recordning new Brutal Doom videos ;) Anyhow, I really hope that you guys had a great christmas. And that you received some nice christmas gifts.

Me, Im more than happy with the stuff that I´ve got for christmas =) Here´s part 4 of Thy Flesh Consumed anyhow, enjoy!

/Robin E
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Tombi 1 and 2 - The forgotten platform series

ps1 tombi
Tombi 1 can be bought on PSN now days. Part II hasn´t been released on PSN yet though.

A reader (and a fan) requested that we should write about Whoopee Camp´s old platform/action game series "Tombi 1 and 2" (Tombi! in North America). So I decided to do exactly that. But honestly, I have only played the first game a bit (that´s also the only game that I have written about as well).

Cuz when Tombi! 2 (Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return) was released In EU (In the summer of year 2000). I was way to busy with games such as Diablo 2, Deus Ex and Baldur's Gate II (to name a few).

So I didn´t even notice that Tombi 2 had been released. That´s also why I missed out on that game. And just to make things even worse. The makers of the Tombi series (Whoopee Camp), went bankrupt shortly after the release of Tombi 2.  That's probably why most people haven't even heard about the Tombi series In the first place. 

And It´s kind of sad really, because Tombi 1 and 2 ain´t half that bad. So "hopefully", both games will end up on PSN In the near future (for both PS3 and PS4). Me, I will buy both games as soon as I own a PS3 or a PS4 system.

/Robin E
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Alien Assault 2 - Evolution

alien assault 2
If you like the old school X-Com games. Then your going to LOVE Alien Assault 2!

Im a huge fan of the X-Com series, and I really love X-COM Enemy Unknown. But (yes, there Is a but In this), I prefer the old school games even more. Well, at least the vibbes that they gave me. That´s also why I like Teardowns Alien Assault.

Cuz It´s like a mix of both Space Hulk and X-COM. The first Alien Assault game has already been released (like, years ago. It´s F2P!). But Teardown are working on Alien Assault 2 - Evolution right now. It´s unclear when Alien Assault 2 will be released though.

But I can wait, cuz Im having a blast with Alien Assault right now =)

About Alien Assault 2 :

"Alien Assault 2 is currently in "pre production" and the development team is collaborating with the Alien Assault community to define the game design. When this is done the game will move into production. To be a part of and/or get information about the pre production and later on the production phase feel free to read more on our forum!"

/Robin E
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Ristar - Ice Scream (Sonic 3 remix)

Ristar are a very underrated platform game imo.

I have been a fan of DJ Yuzoboy for a long, long time now. But due the fact that It´s been like, forever since I wrote about the guy. I really feelt like It´s about time that I do so. And guess what? I commented the following words on his "Illusion Of A Brainstem (Sega Genesis remix)" video yesterday:

"I love your work man =) I just subscribed to your channel as well. Keep up the good work bro. Cheers from Sweden!"

And I got the following answear from DJ Yuzoboy!

"Thanks, appreciate it :)" - DJ Yuzoboy, Valkyrie Profile - Illusion Of A Brainstem (Sega Genesis remix)

That really made my day =) But there´s more! Cuz  DJ Yuzoboy just released a brand new remix video, and It´s called "Ristar - Ice Scream (Sonic 3 remix)". So, please enjoy people!

/Robin E
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Spectra - Chipzel

spectra chipzel 
Imo, "Spectra " are Chipzel´s best album to date.

Chipzel has really outdone herself this time. Cuz her new album "Spectra" (It costs 3.50 pounds on Bandcamp) are nothing less than a fu**ingmasterpiece of a chiptune album. Every single song on that album rocked my socks off.

There's no doubt within my mind, that "Spectra" are one of the very best Chiptune albums In the history of chiptune. So If you like Chiptune music, then do yourself a favour and buy Spectra asap!

/Robin E
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Anastronaut 2 - The sci-fi adventure continues!

It´s not every day that you get the great pleasure to play such an awesome sci-fi adventure game.

Many, many months ago. I wrote about Anas Abdin´s awesome sci-fi/aventure game Anastronaut. Well, today I noticed that Anas has released a new trailer for Anastronaut II. It´s called "Planet Mercury Surface". I just finished watching the trailer, and I have to say that It looks really cool. 

So check It out asap boys and girls!

About Anastronaut:
"Explore the depths of the universe, visit new worlds, meet new "people", dazzle your mind with time travel and more! The Moon Hopper is the place for all Sci Fi adventurers. With original graphics, original soundtrack, full speech, 3 mini games, 2D animated cut scenes, a song, cameo appearances of different AGS games (thanks to all AGSers for cooperating with Anastronaut)."

/Robin E
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Michael Thomasson has the worlds biggest game collection

michael thomasson
Michael Thomasson´s video game collection (11,000 games) are estimated to be worth between 700,000 to 800,000 dollars.

I "almost" blushed when I saw Michael Thomasson (a 43 year old father from New York) enormous video game collection just now. Holy shit! It´s over 11,000 games In Michael´s collection, that´s totally insane. But that´s also the reson why Michael are the Guinness World Record holder, for the largest video game collection In the world.

The Guinness World Record for largest game collection has been set by Michael Thomasson, a 43-year-old New York father. Me, I "just" own about +1,000 games. And I thought that I had a pretty impressive video game collection.

I guess that I have to rethink the whole thing now haha! So, how big are your video game collection boys and girls? How many games do you own?


/Robin E
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Zombie killer squad - The dead ain´t dead enough

zombie killer squad
Zombie killer squad are free-to-play to both iOS and Android.

Thanks to a fellow Gamer on Twitter, I heard about Section Studios (the team consists of a handfull of Youtubers) iOS and Android game "Zombie killer squad " (It´s a F2P game). And It was a blessing really, cuz Zombie killer squad are quite a good and entertaining game.

All to the price of free. That´s also why Im enjoying myself with the game on my iPhone at this very moment. I mean, how often do you get to shoot zombies from a donkeys back? 

It´s a endless zombie slaying game btw.

About Zombie killer squad:
"Zombie Killer Squad (#ZKS) is a fast-paced, heart-racing endless runner mobile game brought to you by two of your favorite zombie killing stars, Syndicate & SeaNanners. Join them in this Free-to-Play game as they dash through brain-eating zombies, guns blazing."

/Robin E
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Miracle Of Sound - Level 4

miracle of sound level 4 
Gavin Dunne are one hell of a talented musician.

I feel a bit ashamed over the fact that I haven't heard of Gavin Dunne (Miracle Of Sound) before. In fact, I haven't even heard any of he songs either. But today, I found out about Gavin´s newest album "Level 4". And what a great album that Is/are, one of the very best of video game albums really.

So If you got 10 bucks at hand (and love epic music), then please support Miracle Of Sound by buying their music! So that Miracle Of Sound can keep on making awesome music.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The Gaming Ground christmas special 2013!

the gaming ground christmas 2013
Our very first christmas video EVER!

This was actually the very first time that both I and O.J recorded a face-to-face video together. But like they say, there´s a first time for everything. Anyhow, we are sorry that It toke quite some time to get this video done.

It was thanks to the darn flu. But today, we feelt much better.So we finished the video on the first take. I should add that we drinked quite a lot of beer before the recording, that´s why we laughed so much xD

Well, enjoy people!

P.s We will buy a HD webcam asap

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

AVGN - Wish List - Part 1 and 2

avgn wish list part 1
It´s not a christmas special video. But It will do.

I could be wrong now (cuz I have been drinking quite a bit). But It seems like the AVGN havn´t made a christmas special video this year. Yep, cuz instead AVGN has done two wish list videos. I have just watched part 1, and It´s really good (and funny) imo.

So If you like part 1,then you should most definitely watch part 2! Now I'm off to record our own christmas video =)

/Robin E
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Team fortress arcade - Beat em all up!

team fortress
Team fortress, the beat-em-up edition.

The Team Fortress fever doesn't look like It will die out anytime soon.Especially not when TF2 are more popular than ever before. And I don´t mind that, on the contrary. Cuz I love the Team fortress franchise. That´s also why I feelt In love with Eric Ruths Team Fortress Arcade.

Which basically are a beat-em-up version of Team fortress (with a lot of retro arcade charm). That may not sound like something big and fancy. But trust me, you will have a lot of fun with Team fortress arcade (which btw are a f2 game).

And IF you like Team fortress arcade. Then please donate a buck (or two) to  Eric Ruths. So that he can develop more cool and awesome games. Thank you In advance!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Merry Heavy Metal Christmas - Charlie Parra del Riego

merry heavy metal christmas
Say hello to THE best Heavy Metal christmas album ever made!

Thanks to the combo of red bull, smirnoff ice and Charlie Parra del Riego super awesome christmas album "Merry Heavy Metal Christmas". Im feeling a lot better now. Cuz the Swedish flu has been killing me pretty badly lately.

But now Im ready rock again =) So we (O.J and I) will record the christmas special video In a hour or two. Cuz I finished the script just now. So, please bare with us people. The video will be uploaded asap ;)

/Robin E
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Sims 3 Official 10 Days of Christmas

the sims 3 xmas
I bet that she wish that she never had used that telescope xD

I really hope that you´re enjoying christmas people =) Me, Im still fighting my flu with everything I got. But thanks to a twitter fan/friend. I tried some red bull, and that actually made me feel a bit better. Anyhow, due the fact that It´s christmas and all.

I came to think about a really old (but funny) The sims 3 christmas video. It was released back 2009, but imo. It´s still really entertaining xD So, please enjoy! And a very christmas to you all ;)


/Robin E
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The secret package - Blue microphones snowball white

blue microphones snowball white
It´s worth every single cent imo.

As promised, I will now revival the insides, of the secret package (which I wrote about yesterday). A lot of people tried to guess what It could be, but no one got It quite right. But due the fact that It´s christmas today. Im going to give a shout out for all those whom tried to guess what was Inside the package ;)

Anyhow, It was a Blue microphones snowball white microphone. Which just happens to be the best damn microphone I ever used. You really get a lot of value for your money with this one. So Im going to record all my videos with the snowball white microphone from now on =)

Happy christmas and Gaming people!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Brutal Doom v19 - Thy Flesh Consumed - Part 3

brutal doom v19 thy flesh-consumed part 3
Kill them internet trolls and haters!

I shouldn't be surprised really, cuz I knew that It was just a matter of time. Im talking about haters and internet trolls. A couple of days ago I got called a lot of stuff by an asshole on Youtube.

That´s no biggie really. And I don´t really care. But that made me think about one thing that I heard a long time ago. The more famous and successful you become. The more haters your going to get (and internet trolls of course).

So I guess we just have to get used to that crap. In the kind of way that we must be able to handle It In a good kind of way. Or It will eat us up from the inside.

That´s why I decided to speak up about haters and internet trolls In this video. So, please enjoy people!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

The secret package - Santa has arrived!

the secret package
What could It be?

Oh joy of plenty, Cuz I just recived a early christmas gift from santa! But what could It be? A PS4? a Wii-U? All seasons of the Walking Dead? Or perhaps a iPad? I thought that we could turn this Into a "little" christmas guessing game.

Who can guess what´s inside of the package? I will do a shout out via Twitter (to +8K) to the one who guesses correctly. Good luck ;) And I will reveal the contents tomorrow!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Fright Fight - A mmo brawler RPG game from USA

fright fight
It´s quite colorfull, don't cha ya think?

Have you ever wanted a Super Smash Bros for your smartphone or tablet? Well, worry no more! Cuz the USA based studio APPSolute Games. Have heard your prayers, and released their iOS mmo/brawler/ RPG game "Fright Fight" (It´s a F2P game).

So, are Fright Fight any good then? Well, for being a F2P mobile game. Hell yeah! That´s also why I think that you should give It a try, especially If you like Super Smash Brothers. Game on people!

About Fright Fight:
"Fright Fight is the First 3D Real-Time Online Multiplayer Brawler infused with rich RPG system elements. You will have the ability to connect with up to 3 other players from around the world, and compete in 4 player action-packed matches! Play against random opponents or invite your friends to a game!

This game is a combination of many awesome genres, mixing horror, fantasy, and steampunk themes to create an ominous 3D setting. Fright Fight features a bunch of characters from different realms, each with unique attack types, combos and skills!"

/Robin E
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Rnbgfx - Spreading the word about us

rnbgfx the gaming ground 
It´s always nice to see that people appreciate your work. 

I´ve got some rather nice news to share with you guys now. Because earlier today I heard that the nice folks behind the page rnbgfx, have added one of our Youtube videos on their homepage. Cuz that really helps us a lot, In the way that they spread the word out about us.

So a big thanks to the folks at Rnbgfx =) And btw, If you wanna get logos or some graphics design made. Then contact Rnbgfx, cuz their really skilled In that field =) 

About Rnbgfx:
"Hi All, Welcome to RnB GFX, We are not your everyday GFX site! here we make custom Everything! We also do Game reviews, Streams from our Youtube and Twitch frenz. Along with Lots more! Feel free to tour our site fully! We are curently building n always adding to our site to remember to check back daily!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Christmas and Holiday Video Game Remixes

happy christmas 2013
In Fallout (Pipboy) we trust!

There has been a little change in plans my dear Gamer friends. Cuz O.J (my brother) are sick as hell today (The Swedish flu sucks so darn hard). So either I have to record the whole christmas special video myself, or, we will try to record It tomorrow instead.

But you don´t have to worry, cuz the video will get done, made and uploaded no matter what. Me, I just hope that I don´t feel like crap tomorrow. Cuz It´s christmas tomorrow after all. So the timing for this couldn't have been any better really.
Im talking about the awesome video "Christmas and Holiday Video Game Remixes". Which Is a 43 minute long video full of video game remixes, and many of them are christmas related. So, please enjoy people!

And yes, merry christmas to you all!

/Robin E
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