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the last of apes
They have seen better days. That´s for sure.

To my big surprise "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", actually turned out to be a really good movie. It´s not entirely my fault though, that i had thoughts like that i mean. Because the last two Planets of the Apes sucked so fu**ing bad.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes actually scored a 8.6/10 average score at imdb.com. And Gary Oldman (which just happens to be one of my all time favourite actors) did a great job in that movie (like always). But what would happen if you blend  Planet of the Apes with "The Last of Us"?

Well, you would get Mashed´s "The Last Of Apes" of course! ;)

/Robin E
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Arrow Season 3 - The plot details has been revealed

count vertigo
Count Vertigo, not your average bad guy per say.

***Warning Spoilers for Arrow Season 3 contained below***

Arrow finally has a synopsis for the season 3 premiere and is opening with the first episode titled, “The Calm”. According to Zap 2it, the synopsis for the Arrow Season 3 premiere reads as:

“In the aftermath of this victory, Season 3 opens with Arrow now a hero to the citizens of Starling. Crime is down, people feel safer, and Captain Lance even calls off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Basking in his success, Oliver believes he can finally have a private life and asks Felicity out on a date. But the second Oliver takes his eye off the ball, a deadly villain reappears in Starling, forcing Oliver to realize that he can never be Oliver Queen — not as long as the city needs The Arrow.”

The “deadly villain” is: the Peter Stormare version of Count Vertigo. The biggest mystery is that they mention this character as reappearance, instead of “a new deadly villan,” title. Could this possibly mean that the count vertigo that we had in Arrow Season 1, was just an extention of the true Count Vertigo, or that he merely borrowed the name from his mentor to become his own legend after his master “retired?”

In the original casting report, Stormare’s character was detailed as being a spin on Werner Zytle, who is the modern version of Count Vertigo featured in DC’s New 52 continuity. In the comics, Zytle is a fallen aristocrat from Eastern Europe who regains power through organized crime and it sounds like Arrow will be trying for a similar storyline, or at least as close as possible.

Love at first sight?

Now im new to the Olicity scene, and quite frankly hope that it does end up becoming a major part of Arrow Season 3. Obviously Oliver’s love interests haven’t been the most stable, especially if he wanted to go to the glades just to grab a burger. However having Felicity as his girlfriend would give him the best balance he could possibly ask for, especially with Emily Bett Rickards portraying our young Tech girl.

The greatest thing about the revelation of their possible budding romance is that if it were to happen in real life, Stephen Amell, and Emily Bett Rickards would look really good together on the red carpet. It’s very rare nowadays to find actors who bring “it,” in their roles.

Blending their real emotions, and experiences into their characters make us understand their messages. The entire cast from the Directors, to the Actors, and the Film crew have made one thing abundantly clear with each episode: We can’t get comfortable, and expect a happy ending, since each time we tune in anything can happen.

One thing is for certain, with rumors of Nightwing circulating as a potential character, and Stephen Amells cousin Robbie Amell joining ‘The Flash’ as one half of the Firestorm team. It would appear the CW is lining up its block with DC characters, and this could possibly lead up to a Justice League show premiere pending Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

We could even see a Young Justice show, or Teen Titans live action. With Gotham finally receiving a release date, and more DC announcements happening at Comic-con from Stephen Amell on July 26th for the new DC TV Universe, it’ll be a wild ride.

Arrow season 3 Premieres on Wednesday, October 8th @ 8/7c on The CW.

Are you ready for the premiere of Arrow Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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/Kenay Peterson
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Annabelle from The Conjuring gets her own movie

This is a doll that you don´t wanna play (mess) with. But guess what? She will star in her very own movie this October.

Are you afraid of dolls? If your sister’s is anything like this doll you should be. Annabelle, The scary haunted doll from The Conjuring is set to star in her own movie. Annabelle will be a spin-off featuring the doll that ended up in the home museum of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring.

Annabelle is a pasty faced, candy made-up little girl, but the original Annabelle investigated by the Ed and Lorraine Warren was a pretty normal-looking Raggedy Ann doll, scarily enough. Gifted to Donna, a college student, the doll resided in the home she shared with a roommate.

They soon experienced strange happenings with the doll: it seemed to move on its own, and even left notes (if you saw the movie it was extremely disturbing). Annabelle eventually attacked a friend of the girls, whom she believed was interfering with their relationship. 

This led to a priest being called, who in turn called the Warrens to assess the situation for themselves. An exorcism was performed to rid the doll of the demon which wanted to possess Donna, and the Warrens ended up taking the doll home.

Even then, it continued to exert a malevolent influence, moving through the Warren home, and levitating from Ed’s desk. After another failed exorcism, they finally locked the doll in a cabinet, where it still sits.

Annabelle being only a supporting character in The Conjuring drew audiences into the terrifying and true paranormal events of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s lives. Considering the fact that The Conjuring ended with Annabelle still contained in the Warrens’ vault of horrors, the spinoff film will presumably function as a prequel, putting the spotlight on a prior target of Annabelle’s demonic influence.

If you enjoyed the Warrens, don’t get used to their presence, as they will allegedly be sitting this one out. Conjuring stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are not expected to appear in Annabelle, although they are indeed set to return for The Conjuring 2. Annabelle’s cast will include: Alfre Woodard (True Blood), Annabelle Wallis (The Tudors), Ward Horton (The Wolf of Wall Street), and Brian Howe (Justified).

Annabelle’s plot details remain unknown, but considering that Warner Bros. did green light the spinoff a few months after The Conjuring was released, it’s doubtful that the studio is worried about getting a return on this investment. Warner Bros. is hoping to ride the gravy train with buttermilk biscuits on this one, especially because of the huge success of the first installment.

Sporting a small budget of merely 20 million dollars, and then raking in over 300 million worldwide, The Conjuring was one of 2013’s highest grossing films. Warner Bros. care free attitude toward the success of their film could end up being a double edged sword; remember how many short comings The Dark Knight Rises had? If Annabelle will see success on this grand scale, the same theme and context must be put in the film.

Are you excited for Annabelle to be released this October? Let us know below!

tgg author avatar kenay peterson
/Kenay Peterson
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Terminator: Genesis - The return of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Guess who´s back again?

Okay, i'm going to be brutally honest with you guys now. Because i have been a fan of the Terminator series since the early 90s. For starter, the only good movies so far (imo) are Terminator 1 and 2. Terminator 3 was watchable at best, but in overall.

It was (are) a pretty shitty movie. There was no soul, spirit or heart in that movie. It just felt like a rushed production (that just happen to use a very famous movie name), and the script was a bloody mess. And Terminator Salvation was even worse (Not even Christian Bale could save that movie...).

Terminator Salvation just felt really cheesy imo. The "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" tv-series was/are pretty good though. Still, one might wonder if it will be third time the charm with "Terminator: Genesis"? I sure hope so. Because it´s about damn time that we get a great (and well done) Terminator movie.

But so far, not that much are known about Terminator: Genesis. But i took the liberty to gather all the information (and details) that i could find. And you will find the complete list down below!

The Terminator: Genesis cast:
Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator
Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
Jason Clarke as John Connor
Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese
Dayo Okeniyi as Danny Dyson
Matt Smith
Lee Byung-hun as T-1000
J. K. Simmons
Sandrine Holt
Michael Gladis

- Terminator: Genesis are set for a release sometime next year (2015-07-01)
- The movie are directed by Alan Taylor (The Sopranos, Thor: The Dark World)
James Cameron (Aliens/Alien 2, Terminator 2, Avatar) writes for Terminator: Genesis
- Arnold Schwarzenegger are back as The Terminator
- Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures will handle the production and distribution of Terminator: Genesis 

So, are you guys all excited and hyped upabout Terminator: Genesis?

/Robin E
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The Hit Squad - A 8-bit movie full of comedy and madness!

the hit squad
If you feel like laughing. Then you should watch The Hit Squad!

If there's one movie that i absolutely MUST watch asap. Then it´s uper Pixel Brothers upcoming 8-bit comedy movie "The Hit Squad". Because i really like the whole concept behind the movie. I mean, it´s a 8-bit movie that´s set in the 1980s.

That offers both sex, synthesisers and skullduggery. What more could you want really? ;)

About The Hit Squad:
A movie about sex, synthesisers and skullduggery. In the 1980s, pop music hit its creative peak. The only limit was the imagination. Luckily there was someone to do all of the imagining for you, The Hit Squad. Present day The Hit Squad are enjoying a well deserved rest. However, little do they know that a new evil arises and threatens to change their lives forever. Can they defeat the evil Scourge Studios and win back their fame, fortune and the keys to the infamous ‘Fun Cupboard’?

/Robin E
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VID Agents - Kickstarter promo 1

vid agents
So, you like to play video games huh? Well, we can´t allow what!

It´s time for a brand new video of VID Agents. Well, okay. It´s a "Kickstarter promo" video. But at least it´s a good start. And you get a pretty good picture what VID Agents are all about. And what Philip Bache tries to achieve with the series as well..

So if you enjoy the promo video. Then show VID Agents some love on Kickstarter ;) Because it won´t happen without your help and support. And at this very moment VID Agents needs another $26,000 to be fully funded via Kickstarter.

/Robin E
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