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the secret cove
The Secret Cove are set for a release sometime next year (for PC, MAC, iOS and Android).

There´s no doubt (whatsoever) that the adventure games are here to stay. Because it´s been years and years since i saw this many adventure games being in the making. And it makes me really happy. So please allow me to present Cheeky Sprite Studios upcoming game "The Secret Cove".

Which would be a interactive 3D point and click adventure game (think Myst). Which focus heavily on the story of a smuggler´s lost treasure. A treasure that you (the player) are out to find. And that will of course be easier said than done.

But that's the way a adventure game should be. Puzzles, problem solving and intense brain workout programs. Anyhow, The Secret Cove will hit the market sometime next year. So keep your eyes open for it!

About The Secret Cove:
The Secret Cove is a unique smugglers / hidden treasure themed point & click adventure game with game scenes inspired by / based upon the stunning scenery of Cornwall in the UK. Your quest is to find pages from the journal of a deceased notorious smuggler from years gone by, leading you to his lost treasure where you will find your fortune.

You must find The Secret Cove, hidden deep within the lost smugglers tunnels beneath the beautiful scenery and locations of Cornwall (uk). You will immerse yourself into a unique world of stunning scenery and hidden locations. To progress your journey you will need to solve puzzles, find artifacts and create tools to help you on your way.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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