Nexis Games unveils the notorious Minecraft clone "U Craft"comment_here

u craft
One of the very few pictures of "U Craft".

There´s a whole lot of things going down in the world of Gaming at the moment. And many of them just happens to concern Minecraft. First, you got the whole deal with MS buying Minecraft (And Notch leaving Mojang). And now it´s time to say hello to Nexis Games (the makers of BrickBlast U!, Ride, The dance of the Damned and Ball or Nothing) Minecraft clone for the Wii U.

A game that has been given the fancy name "U Craft". But that´s pretty much all there is to it. A name, and some pictures. However, Nexis Games said (via Twitter) that once they hit 1,000 followers on Twitter. Nexis Games will release the very first gameplay video of U Craft.

So i guess we just have to wait for that one to be released. But what do you guys think? Can U Craft even match Minecraft? Or better yet, top it.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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