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freud bot
Pay close attention to what the robotic psychoanalyst has to say. It might actualy save your day.
Games can be really hard at times. But the hardest game of them all, would be the game of life. Paying bills, relationship problems,annoying neighbours and going to a job that you really hate. Sounds fun huh? Well, have no worries!

Because Slash Games "Freud Bot" (for Android and Windows 8.1) are here to save the day. So what is Freud Bot all about then? I´m glad you asked. It´s a 2D cartoon card game, where you get help from a robotic psychoanalyst.

Whom literally gives you life advice in the shape of cards (which you can choose from. Play them out wisely though!). And i have to say that i really liked what i saw in CinnamonToastKen´s Freud Bot video. So i´m giving the game a try as well =)

About Freud Bot:
Help Steve, a fearful clerk working in a local super market, to survive his work week! Face the challenges of everyday life in over 40 comic levels: Strange mothers, complicated girlfriends, dangerous youths, aggressive bosses and … your own Fear! The wonderful and unique FreudBot, robotic psychoanalyst, will teach you to beat aggression, doubt and fear. Can you handle over 100 bad vibes and take control again of your puny human existence?

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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