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Bedlam uses Stoic ´s "The Banner Saga" engine.

I just knew that there was something familiar with Skyshine Games RPG game "Bedlam" (which are ( inspired by games such as FTL, X-Com and The Banner Saga) . Well, i was right. Because Bedlam runs on the same engine that Stoic ´s "The Banner Saga" used. But besides using the same engine as The Banner Saga, there ain´t that many Similarities between the two.

The most obvious thing would of course be the fact that Bedlam has a post-apocalyptic theme (think Fallout or Mad Max). But there´s a cartoon feeling to it (and a large dose of dark humor). That´s a nice mix, no doubt about that.

But will it be enough to reach the $130,000 goal line on Kickstarter? That´s what i wonder right now. Bedlam has had a really good start on Kickstarter though. Because the game has already collected $39,000. And there´s still 28 days left on the Kickstarter watch.

So if Bedlam keeps this up. Then the game should be funded rather quickly. And if that´s the case, then Bedlam will be released sometime next year.

Press release:
Austin, USA -- September 25th, 2014 -- Stoic announced today that Skyshine Games has licensed itsproprietary game engine built for PC smash-hit and Geekie Award Winner, The Banner Saga to create BEDLAM, a role playing turn-based strategy game with rogue-like elements and an epic storyline, which launched its Kickstarter campaign today.

“Stoic is excited to support BEDLAM with our engine and eager to see what Skyshine Games can do with it. We love the concept of the game and are happy that some of the ground that we broke with The Banner Saga is now going to contribute to another great project”, said John Watson from Stoic.

“The Banner Saga Engine and Tools have allowed us to hit the ground running, giving us a lot of flexibility in realizing the unique vision for our own game. Stoic has been an enormous support for us with BEDLAM and as a fellow independent developer, they have provided us with invaluable knowledge gained from their own successful experience. Skyshine Games could not have asked for a better partnership and we hope it continues for a very long time”, said John Mueller from Skyshine Games.

The Banner Saga, which recently had a price move to $19.99 is currently in the final stages of development for release on mobile later this month. Bedlam which kicked off it’s Kickstarter campaign today is scheduled for release in 2015. 

Centuries in the future, mankind’s quantum advancements have been inevitably overcome by consumerism, greed and war. The resulting catastrophic clash of beliefs and scientific fusions have ravaged the planet, leaving most of the planet a toxic snarl of scorched earth called Bedlam. The colossal megatropolis of Byzantine is one of the few remaining bastions of civilization and it is here where the game BEDLAM begins. 

As the last remaining Mechanic and pilot of Boneshaker, the colossal Dozer with its ten-thousand ton engines,
players are responsible for transporting passengers through the vast expanse of desolation that surrounds Byzantine, to Aztec City, the supposed utopia beyond the barren divide.

By gathering a motley crew of humans, mutants, robots, cyborgs and other creatures, players can send their soldiers into battle or other areas to explore, gathering valuable items, information and other recruits to help them overcome the various perils encountered during their journey. Powerful weapons and technologies will be discovered and when equipped, give the player access to devastating attacks during battle or even the ability to cheat death, resurrecting their favorite lost soldiers. Grab the wheel Mechanic! Assemble your crew and off to hell you go! Protect your passengers at all cost, you only get paid if you’re alive!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground 
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