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Could the Xbox One become THE console of this years Christmas holidays?

It seems like Microsoft wants to go head on with Sony and their Playstation 4. Because MS will have yet another price drop ($50) for their Xbox One console (by the end of the year). I can´t say that i´m surprised to hear this though.

Because Xbox One has done pretty bad in most parts of EU and Asia (minus China). The US sales has been pretty good though, but one good game don´t put you in the hall of fame. And right now, the PS4 is dominating the global market.

So i honestly don´t know if a price drop will change the outcome that much for the Xbox One. One thing is for sure though. The Christmas season will be very, very important for Xbox One. And IF MS manage to sell a lot of Xbox One units during the holidays.

That alone could become the big turning point that the Xbox One so much needs. A real game changer so to speak. But just like always, it´s ALL about the games. It´s the games that sells the console, not the other way around.

So if MS want´s to sell more Xbox One´s. They better get a solid lineup of epic games asap!


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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