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shelter 2 
In Shelter 2 you take on the role as a mother lynx. And if you thought your life was hard. Then just try to survive one day in the wild as a lynx!
It´s been over a year since Might and Delight released their survival/exploration/adventure game "Shelter". And i bet that their hungry for a revanche. Because Shelter didn't exactly receive that good grades (69.79% via GameRankings, and 69/100 via Metacritic).

Shelter 2 might just change that negative trend though. At least by the looks of it, it seems like Might and Delight have done their homework, and paid attention to the feedback that they have received from the first game. We will all know for sure in February next year though.

Because that´s when Shelter 2 get´s to see the day of light! (players will soon be able to pre-order Shelter 2 via Steam).

About Shelter 2:
Shelter 2 is our upcoming title. The game follows the life cycle of a mother lynx, starting as a pregnant animal preparing her den for the coming litter, giving birth, and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her cubs is paramount for survival.

Shelter 2 includes more elaborate gameplay features than its predecessor, such as stamina, different types of movements, jumps and a variety of prey to kill. Besides hunting there are several maternal features such as calling the cubs closer, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying your cubs from harm’s way.

/Robin E
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