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Just in case you wonder. Mudlarks takes place in London.

If you're not familiar with the Gamer expression "SSDS" (sierra sudden death syndrome).Then you're most likely not born in the 70s or 80s. Because way back in time. Sierra On-Line made a handfull of adventure games where the player could die at any given moment.

The early Space Quest and Kings Quest games are a perfect example of this. But "hopefully", Shaun Aitcheson´s  Sierra-inspired adventure game "Mudlarks"(it´s a free-to-play game). Won´t have a lot of those SSDS moments. 

At least Mudlarks doesn't seem to be that kind of game where you die often. Anyhow, Mudlarks will be released very soon. So, keep an eye open for it! 

About Mudlarks:
"A bit of the story... Your name is Winston. You are very much a regular, normal chap - living in London with your girlfriend and holding down a 9 to 5 office job. Among your various hobbies, you are a mudlarker. That is, the practice of combing the shore of the River Thames for historically interesting objects that may have gone underwater hundreds of years ago.

One day, you and your co-mudlarker Vincent stumble upon what appears to be a valuable golden locket - and your destiny is changed forever. Two days after the find, Vincent disappears on the shore, leaving only the locket behind... What follows is an atmospheric dialog and puzzle driven adventure game, bringing together elements of science fiction with a strong supernatural theme as you undertake your quest to find your friend and unravel many secrets along the way.

Winston finds himself as an ordinary man in a very extraordinary situation... It is an ambitious project with 40+ embellished real world locations and a host of animated characters. We are all very much amateur game makers and this is our first major project, so expect things to be slightly 'agricultural', but we will do our best! We are aiming to finish the game by early 2014. We have been inspired by games such as the Gabriel Knight series by Jane Jensen, and other Sierra and Revolution classics. If you enjoyed those games, you will know what to expect with Mudlarks and hopefully enjoy the game!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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