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infantry warfighter
Can Infantry Warfighter live up to the hypè?

I bet that there´s quite a few out there that wants to take a big bite out of the Warfighter FPS market (which are totaly dominated by Battlefield, COD and Arma). And Ballistic Studio´s are one of those that want´s to take on both BF, COD and ArmA.

At least that´s the plan. Cuz their game "Infantry Warfighter" are meant to be THE "definitive warfighter FPS game". That sure are some really big words. But will Infantry Warfighter be able to live up to all that? Time will tell i guess.

The very first Infantry Warfighter trailer looked/looks promising though.

About Infantry Warfighter:
"Ballistic Studios would like to welcome you to the official website of our inaugural product, Infantry Warfighter. Our mission is to transcend the “stagnant” state of game development and design for the Modern Warfare First Person Shooter genre. Our key focus as a studio is to bring an experience to the public that has not been experienced before. 

How say you? Well all we can tell you is we have worked feverishly to develop a game that will accomplish this. So feverishly that anyone who was ever a past member of this studio truly has no clue to what we are working on, in order to bring this product to its finality.

We at Ballistic Studios are sincere when we say “we believe that the Modern Combat First Person Shooter isn’t grinding down, but is actually just beginning.” It is our studios’ mission to show you through the product we create called Infantry Warfighter which will be “The Definitive Warfighter” for the MWFPS community."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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