Hyrule Warriors - Zelda goes hack n slash?comment_here

hyrule warriors
This wasn't exactly the Zelda game that the fans been asking (Waiting) for...

Nintendo are desperately trying to keep the Wii-U alive. But game lineup for the Wii-U haven't been that much impressive so far. That´s probably why the Wii-U have sold so bad. Cuz the nr 1 thing that people (Gamers, fans and the consumers) have complained about.

Are the lack of games for the Wii-U. And don´t think that Nintendo and Tecmo Koei´s "Hyrule Warriors" (a action/hack-and-slash game) will change that fact that much. It´s quite obvious that Nintendo are struggling to renew themselves and their old franchises.

Cuz, basically it´s just "same, same but different" again...And honestly, i think people are kind of fed up with being fed with the same games over and over again. However, IF Hyrule Warriors actually turns out to be a good game (it´s set for a release this year).

Then it's at least one step in the right direction for Nintendo. But we all know how important E3 will be for Nintendo this year. Cuz Xbox One and the PS4 will show no mercy...

/Robin E
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