Halva priset på Capcom titlar via PSNcomment_here

Ännu en prissänkning, fast denna gången från Capcoms sida. Dom kommer att sänka priset på bland annat Super Street Fighter Turbo HD och Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

"Starting today (February 18) and running until March 3, European PSN subscribers can get Super SFII Turbo HD & Marvel vs Capcom 2 for just €6.99 each," read the note, which added, "But that's only the beginning of some great deals on Cacpom's digita titles."

"Between March 4 and March 17 Super Puzzle Fighter & Age of Booty can be picked up for €4.99, with 1942 available for the same price from March 18 until April 1.

Man kan med andra ord inom kort göra riktigt bra spel köp till ett billigt pris. Pass på!

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