Memorial Michael Jackson animation-MJJCN

MJ, the animated 3D version.

Talk about a lucky coincidence. Because i love both easter and Michael Jackson you see. And i was searching for some nice movies to watch during this years easter. And then i found my way to the "Memorial Michael Jackson animation-MJJCN" video.

Talk about nice timing there. I mean, the video contains both chickens and MJ himself. I find it kind of strange that i havn´t heard (or seen) this video before though? Oh well, please enjoy!

/Robin E
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Video games live Level 3 - Out now!

video games live level 3
The album is yours for 9 bucks.

Well, this day sure started off really good. Why is that? You may ask yourself. Because i just found out that Video games live Level 3 are now avaible to buy! =) And better yet, we have asked for a review copy. So i hope to review Video games live Level 3 asap.

But in the mean while, please enjoy the preview video of Video games live level 3.

You can buy Video games live Level 3 via the following sites:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/level-3/id816471334
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/o29229s
CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/videogameslive3

Press release:
"Dear members of the press!,

Last year Video Games Live successfully funded it's 3rd album on Kickstarter.  In fact... it was the 3rd highest grossing album of all time on Kickstarter raising over $285,000!

27 game composers and over 175 musicians from around the world got together to record the album!  We recorded in a total of 16 cities and 11 different countries including...

Tokyo, Japan
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Dubia, UAE
Santiago, Chile
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Lima, Peru
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO
Atlanta, GA
Philadelphia, PA
New York City, NY
Toronto, Canada
The Netherlands

The bulk of the symphonic and choir work was done by the very famous City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale.  The orchestra is one of the most recorded and award winning orchestras in the world and have been around since the 1940's.  They have done HUNDREDS of movies, TV shows, commercials, live shows, albums and of course video games.  You might recognize some of their video game work in games like Banjo Kazooie, Call of Duty, Viva Pinata, Heavenly Sword, Company of Heroes, Kameo, Killzone and many more.  We utilized a 72 piece orchestra and 80 person choir.

Some of our Game Composer Musical Special Guests included...

Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill series (guitar)
Norihiko Hibino from the Metal Gear Solid series (saxophone)
Michael Land from LucasArts (keyboards)
Peter McConnell from LucasArts (acoustic guitar)
Clint Bajakian from LucasArts/Sony (bass guitar)
Laura "Flute Link" Intravia (vocals, flute)
Jillian Aversa from God of War, Halo, Soul Calibur series (vocals)
Chris "Vertex Guy" Kline from YouTube fame (guitar & bass)

...and myself... Tommy Tallarico on guitar.

The entire project was mixed at Skywalker Sound on George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch property. 

Mastering of the album was done at the world famous Bernie Grundman's in Hollywood, CA. with symphonic genius (and multiple platinum and gold album recipient) Patricia Sullivan.  Patricia has worked with everyone from U2 to Paul McCartney to of course big film composers such as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer & James Horner (just to name a few).  Patricia is the person to go to IN THE WORLD for big Hollywood Symphonic music.  Some of her past movie soundtrack mastering projects include franchise films such as ET, Star Wars, Star Trek, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean and hundreds more!

Here is the final tracklist for the album.  For our 3rd album, our goal was not only to record some of the greatest video game music of all time... but to include some amazing music that people typically may not expect to hear on a video game compilation album.  Games like Beyond Good & Evil, Shadow of the Colossus, Monkey Island, Journey, etc.

Final Fantasy® VIII - “Liberi Fatali”
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

Chrono Cross™ - "Scars of Time"
Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

Skyrim™ - “Dragonborn Theme”
Composed by Jeremy Soule

Tetris® Opera
Based on the poem “Korobeiniki” by Nikolay Nekrasov
Arranged by Greg Cox, Original Arrangement provided by the Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland

Zelda™ 25th Anniversary Overture
Composed by Koji Kondo, Arranged by Laura Intravia

World of Warcraft® - "Invincible"
Composed by Russell Brower & Jason Hayes, Lyrics: Neal Acree & Derek Duke

The Secret of Monkey Island®
Composed by Michael Land

Beyond Good & Evil™
Composed by Christophe Héral, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

Composed by Jun’ichi Masuda, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

Silent Hill™ 2 - “Theme of Laura”
Composed by Akira Yamaoka

Composed by Austin Wintory, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

Dota™ 2
Composed by Tim Larkin & Jason Hayes, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

Shadow of the Colossus®
Composed by Kō Ōtani, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

Street Fighter II™
Composed by Yōko Shimomura & Isao Abe, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

Still Alive (Live!)
Composed by Jonathan Coulton, Performed by Laura Intravia & Tommy Tallarico

The project was due on February 18th and unlike most Kickstarter projects... WE WERE ON TIME!  That could be a headline in itself!  :)  The album was released last week to fantastic perfect 5 star user rating/review on both iTunes and Amazon."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Strife! - Homestuck

strife homestuck 
It´s a great album. I just wish that there would have been more songs to it.

Music are just as important as sleep, food, water and air to me. Cuz i can´t live without music. Honestly, i listen to music for at least 4-8 hours per day. And today i found yet another great band. This time it´s "Homestuck", and the album "Strife!".

Strife! are like a mix of Metal, anime and chiptune music. It´s hard to explain, so just listen to the music yourselves instead ;) 

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Mighty Hiryu - A Heavy Metal tribute to Strider

megadriver strider
Mega Driver ftw! \m/

For the first time in ages. I have finally seen the sun in Sweden. I just hope that the winter will die out asap. Cuz i´m kind of fed up with this "eternal darkness" crap. At least i received some really good news in our mailbox this morning.

As it turns out, Megadriver has uploaded a epic Metal cover of the Strider song "Mighty Hiryu" . Cuz, like most of you already know. Capcom released Strider HD this week. That´s why Megadriver made a tribute cover song for Strider.

So i really hope that you boys and girls will like it =) Cuz i sure as hell did ;)

Press release:
"You guys have probably heard that Capcom released a new Strider game this week. Awesome! The game is so great! A very special gift to the hardcore fans of the series, like us from MegaDriver.

So, we decided to do a little tribute to the new Strider, with a remastered version of our remix "Mighty Hiryu", and some gameplay footage kindly provided by the nice guys from the Capcom-Unity Brasil community."

/Robin E
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No dead seas - No red seas vol I and II

no dead seas no red seas vol 2
No red seas vol I and II are a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife.

While a lot of people waste their time watching garbage shows such as "Big Brother" and "Paradise Hotel". There are actually people in the world whom tries to make a positive change in the world which we live in. That´s also why i´m supporting the "No red seas vol I "and "No red seas vol II" album.

Cuz every single cent goes to "The Black Fish" foundation. And you can read more about what The Black Fish does (and why they exist). So if you like the No red seas vol I and II album. Then please support its cause by buying the albums.

Thank you in advance!

"All payments go direct to The Black Fish to support their great work against destructive and illegal over-fishing. Our oceans are of prime importance, so please don't hesitate to purchase No Dead Seas, and spread the word!" - Steve Lamothe  

About The Black Fish:
"Our oceans are dying. We have lost 90% of all large fish in the world's oceans over the last 50 years due to the introduction of industrial fishing techniques. Scientists have estimated that we could be faced with a dead ocean within just 4 decades - unless we ensure destructive fishing ends.

The Black Fish is pioneering a new approach to marine conservation and working across Europe to expose and challenge illegal and destructive fishing practices. Join the growing movement and help take action. Subscribe to our mailinglist, make a donation or sign up for membership. Alternatively, see how you can get more actively involved."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Antilogy - Panda Dub

antilogy panda dub
This awesome album is yours for 4 Euro.

I have heard a lot of different varieties of dnb and dub electro throughout the years. But i have never heard a mix of dub and reggae before. But that´s exactly what Panda Dub´s "Antilogy" album are all about. Imo, it´s groovy as hell.

And it´s that kind of music that makes you happy. Let´s just say that i pretend to be somewhere in the caribbean, on a beach with a drink in my hand. Cuz once again, the Swedish winter strikes back with full force.

So yeah, the Antilogy album sure made my day day a "whole" lot better =)  

/Robin E
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