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underworld drug lords 
Time to become a gangsta!

Way back in time there was a game called "Gangsters" (a strategy game) and "Kingpin" (a FPS game). Well, i played both games quite a lot at the time. Because i have always liked the gangster theme pretty much. But to be honest, i can´t say that i have played that many mobile gangster games.

But perhaps studio A-Steroids "Underworld: Drug Lords" (it´s a gangster management game for Android) will change that? Guess i have to give it a try and find out!, Drug Lords are a F2P title btw.

Press release:
(Vilnius, Lithuania / Saint Petersburg, Russia) -- 24th September, 2014 -- Internationally operating indie game studio A-Steroids announced that their newest online free-to-play mobile drug dealing simulator Underworld: Drug Lords, a full scale sequel to the original title created back in 2008, is now available on Google Play.

Players start off as a corner street hustler, buying cheap merchandise from local drug labs, and selling for profit to junkies and other live dealers, simultaneously building respect on the street level. Rank up from a small time street peddler to a global drug kingpin, using money, power and influence to build your multi-billion criminal empire. To download Underworld: Drug Lords visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asteroids.uw

“We are thrilled that after having so many obstacles on our way we finally managed to bring Underworld: Drug Lords to life”, said Andrey Podoprigora, founder and CEO of A-Steroids. “Having been on the Google Play for only a month we are excited to have attracted over 100k active users which makes competition at location-enriched leaderboards that much more fierce.”

Optimised for Android devices and designed with location-based mechanics, Underworld: Drug Lords is a resource-management game that allows players to trade with real live people as they chat online with local dealers to negotiate the best prices. As players move up the dealing hierarchy, they hire runners and bookkeepers to increase volume and launder dirty cash. Bribe the police with hard cash or use gadgets and accessories to wiretap police radio to avoid unwanted busts. Likewise, buy warehouses and business fronts to increase storage and divert attention.

Make your way to the top of the drug food chain, as you compete to be the most prominent pusher of the hood in location-enriched leaderboards. Compete mercilessly with friends or in a team to build your underworld empire from a local peddler to country drug baron and ultimately move to the overseas market and dominate the world.

From Underworld: Drug Lords to Underworld: SweetDeal - The History of the Franchise

The original Underworld: Drug Lords was released in 2008 during the smartphone explosion. After the English press debates its controversial drug-focused content in both the gaming and mainstream media, the original Underworld: Drug Lords was rejected by the App Store. Finally A-Steroids swapped drugs for candy with LSD turning into donuts, ecstasy transforming into lollipops and cocaine changing into chocolate waffles and Underworld: SweetDeal was launched on the App Store in April 2009.

Consequently, the sequel Underworld: Drug Lords is currently available only on Google Play with an adapted theme for the iOS version named Underworld: Sugar Wars, launching in the following weeks.

For more information about Underworld: Drug Lords visit: http://underworld.zone

Check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uw2game

About A-Steroids
Having core offices in Russia and Lithuania, A-Steroids game development studio is a strong international team of talented industry professionals with focus on online mobile games with wide consumer appeal for midcore niche gamers.

Being a virtual studio from day one, many of the team members work remotely from all over Europe and the world. Following the international success of Clash of the Damned, A-Steroids now launches a new title, Underworld: Drug Lords - a full scale sequel to the original title created back in 2008. For more information about A-Steroids, visit the official page: http://a-steroids.com

/Robin E
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