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transformers universe eurogamer expo 2014
Yep, Transformers Universe will be at EGX London.

There´s so many awesome games that will be shown at EGX London. And one of them are Jagex Games Transformers Universe. But that´s just the half of it.Because apparently both Pandemic and Outsider got shown at EGX London as well.

And they will also be showcased on the Twitch stage tomorrow (5pm BST). And from what we been told, Pandemic and Outsider should now be available in the live beta of Transformers Universe. So if you got access to the live beta. Then you should be able to play as either Outsider or Pandemic.

Press release:
25th September 2014: To celebrate Transformers Universe’s presence at EGX 2014, Jagex are delighted to introduce Pandemic and Outsider to the ever growing barracks of warriors. Both are now available in the game’s live beta and will also be showcased on the Twitch stage at the event from 5pm BST on Sunday the 28th September.

Pandemic is the first warrior to bring ‘controller’ status to the Decepticons - an inventive new sub-class that can weaken, trap and manipulate enemies against their will. Utilizing his versatile armory, Pandemic is able to inflict insidious viral infections, grapple enemies, drag them to his position and then temporarily disable their currently equipped weapon. While being all about locking his adversaries down, he can also hold his own in an offensive capacity and still escape retaliation in his stylish sports car vehicle form.

In every arms race there needs to be a counter-deterrent, and this comes in the form of Outsider for the Autobots. Equipped with a fearsome array of assault weaponry, his true talents for control come from his equipment load-out.

The Localized GroundBridge acts as a short-range teleportation device that allows him to drop into combat, attack enemies and then blink back to the location where his Unstable Receiver was previously placed. Not only that, but Outsider can also employ the same teleportation technology to generate a Matter Anchor – a deployable gravity well that binds enemies and drags them towards its center.

Both Pandemic and Outsider expand the ever increasing strategic diversity of the game, and re-emphasizes Jagex’s commitment to bring new and exciting content to all combatants within Transformers Universe. PC and Mac players can choose to install the Transformers Universe client, or play the game directly in their browsers at www.transformersuniverse.com.

TRANSFORMERS and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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