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shuttle scuttle
NES vibes anyone?
It seems like people (the players) simply can´t get enough of old school shoot-em-up games. And it doesen´t really matter if the game really are from the past, or new made-either. So i guess that you could say that the shoot-em-up genre are timeless and ageless.

Just take Embraceware´s "Shuttle Scuttle" (It costs $2 to iOS, MAC and Android) for example. Even though the game looks like something from the NES era, people still love it! I can´t really blame them for it though. Cuz i tried out Shuttle Scuttle to my iPhone this morning.

And it's bloody great!
About Shuttle Scuttle:
"Shuttle Scuttle is a fast-paced, retro-style shooter game with a mission. It's the year 2285 and all is peaceful since the forming of the USSA (United Sol System Alliance).

That is until Neptune station reports of unidentified spacecraft approaching. A hostile force is making its way through the Sol system towards Earth. Armed shuttles for asteroid destruction are the only defense crafts available. Seek out and intercept this hostile force before Earth becomes a target!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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