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quake remake part 3
The fanboy hate is here to stay.

Ah, yes. Fanboys, they have been around since the dawn of time pretty much. And i can´t say that their much better than haters or internet trolls. Because they can actually be both trolls and haters and the sametime.

But here´s the thing, fanboys are more hateful now than ever before. 
And it´s not "just" a Gaming related thing anymore either. Samething goes for smartphones, hardware and software.

For ex, the whole thing with iOS Vs Android, or Windows Vs, Linux and Mac OS. 
But i have to say that the most hateful fanboys are to be found in the PC and console camp.  It´s rather sad really, i mean. Why can´t we just game and be happy instead?

I remember the days when me and my friends switched consoles over the weekends. I for ex didn´t own a Snes back in the early 90s. But my friend did, so i borrowed his Snes.

And he got my Mega Drive II in return. I honestly think people spend way to much time hating on this and that. 
Enjoy life instead, and try different kinds of consoles and formats.

Who knows, you might even like it? 

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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