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Otakon 2015 will kick off in July next year (Baltimore, US).

Over 20,000+ and more con goers go to one of the most well-known and established anime conventions in the USA. if you have not heard about Otakon now is the time! Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Otakon is one of the largest and longest running anime convention in the United States.

Otakon takes place August 8-10 and have been around since 1999, taking over majority of Baltimore’s inner harbor area. Recently, it has been announced that Otakon will be taking place in July of 2015 and will be moving to Washington DC in 2017,Otakon is known for being one of the longest running anime conventions.

Uniqueness: Otakon has an event called Matsuri it is held always on the Thursday of the convention. They are very kind about this particular event even letting non badge members participate in this event. Having a staff lead the way and maps making it easier to not get lost.

It is held at the Baltimore shore park, at the 2014 convention a yukata contest is held, open for all ages and 35 contestants can enter. Usually it is judged by:
• Authenticity (How traditional your Yukata is. Last year we had many contestants who had worn Kimono instead of Yukata, there is a difference, so make sure you do your research on the difference and ensure that you are wearing a Yukata);
• Uniqueness (How much your Yukata is different than others, what makes your Yukata stand out among others);
• and Presentation (How well you can show off your Yukata, and how well you can work the crowd while wearing it)

Performers also attend this event such a USA sumo wrestler champs, performers and even food vendors it’s an event you don’t want to miss while attending Otakon it kicks off the convention perfectly.Otakon also has a gigantic dealers room where some con goers honestly get lost in and can’t even find the exits, but beneficial because there is a lot of vendors looking to sell their merchandise.

Another unique factor is, the art show letting artist showcase their work to big crowds of people to see. Being not similar to the artist alley the art show gives artist the chance to auction their work whether it be silent or live auction.

Lastly, they have a room called the photo suite and it is where everyone can go and get their photos taken by well-known photographers in green screens and also the photos will be put in the archive to be a part of Otakon history and it is a great way to show off your cosplay and or civilian clothes.


Three day: 80$
They do NOT sell individual badges.

In 2014 of Otakon many popular guest attended this event, from Katie Griffin to Tony Oliver to Wendee Lee and popular cosplayer YayaHan and many other guest that went to attend this convention. For 2015 it is still TBA until announced.
Otakon has the same events as most cons which is raves, dealer’s room, artist alley, hallway contest and maid cafes, autographs sections and maid cafes, making it a common setup at conventions.

Closing thoughts:
Otakon is a con to watch out for, it is one of most established and big enough for anyone to easily be entertained including a man rapping about ice cold water for the heat, mark your calendars and make Otakon next on your list of conventions!

Check out the videos below of this wonderful convention!




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