Gamer cloths are the new blackcomment_here

blue gamer dress
That´s a pretty darn cool dress if you ask me.

It´s nothing new that people have been wearing Gamer and Geek cloths. It´s been around for ages. But it seems like that kind of cloths are starting to become mainstream (read "cool"). Because even the rich and famous (Robin Williams was a well known Gamer for example.

That´s why his daughter was named "Zelda") have started to wear Gamer and Geek cloths in public, on set and on camera. But most of the time the cloths has been aimed towards the male population. Well, the times seems to be changing. And funny enough.

Earlier today a female friend of mine was fast to point out (today) that Black Milk Clothing are selling both Gamer dresses and swimsuits. And i have to say that they looked really fine and cool imo. So if you have a Gamer girlfriend (or if you are a Gamer girl yourself), then you might wanna buy some kick ass Gamer cloths from Black Milk Clothing =)

/Robin E
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