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duke nukem forever fan art kopfstoff
Impressive skills or what?

It may be a "little" to late to bring up Duke Nukem Forever now (cuz the game has been out for years now). But i found a really neat and awesome DNF picture. It´s actually a in-game fanmade art piece (see the picture above!). A damn impressive one too.

I´m talking about Kopfstoff´s DNF picture. And it´s 100% made in the actual game. So, hands down to Kopfstoff!

"i never dreamed that one day, i would be able to draw duke nukem inside a duke nukem game. now i finally can, hail to the king! duke comes, one of the greatest heroes of game history (for) ever...finally done. thanks to gearbox software, tryptich games, 2k games and of course 3d realms - the game "duke nukem forever" is almost out there.

this is some duke nukem forever fan art "in-game-doodle" i did yesterday, photographed straight from the "first access demo". took me 2 1/2 hours - there's no option to save in-game and i don't have any recording tools installed to upload real videos... so here is the final result, hope you like! :) "

You can see a "dirtY GIF ANIMATION" and the first reaction of that EDF-dude after realising what just happend on my blog: (www.kopfstoff.blogspot.com)" kopfstoff, via deviantart

/Robin E
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