Warner Bros makes Minecraft moviecomment_here

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Yep, it´s really happning!

I actually had to pinch myself twice just now. Because as we all know. It´s almost time for the "April fools" day again. And people tend to start of the whole "April fools" thing several days in advance. But this news story are actually 100% true.

Because there will be a Minecraft movie (yay!), and it´s going to be made by Warner Bros. It feels kind of logic though, i mean. Warner Bros did a great job with the "The Lego Movie". But i still wonder what the Minecraft movie will be all about?

Cuz as we all know. The Minecraft universe are humongous big. So the question would be how Warner Bros will be able to transform something so big, into a 1 1/2 hour long movie?

What´s your thoughts on this people? Will Warner Bros fail or succeed?

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/Robin E
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