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brandon boyer
I hope that Brandon Boyer will recover from his cancer asap.

Sadly enough. This is not going to be a "happy happy joy joy" kind of article. Because i just heard that Ryan Green´s (the maker of "That Dragon, Cancer") cancer sick son "Joel" died just recently. And that made me really sad, because i know the story behind Joel´s suffering.

And the hell that Ryan and his family been put through. I had a really hard time holding back my tears when i read the background story of "That Dragon, Cancer". And if that wasn't bad enough as it already is.

Then i found out about the case with Brandon Boyer (the maker of the Kickstarter hit "Venus Patrol"). To make a long story short. Brandon´s insurance company Humana, screwed Brandon for $100,000 worth of cancer bills.

So i think it´s rather safe to say that it´s about time that we destroy this godforsaken monster named cancer for good. I hate cancer. People i know suffers from cancer, my grandfather died because of cancer. And as you may notice. People around us suffers from cancer. 

Something needs to be done, and fast! In the case of Brandon Boyer. Please support Brandon by buying the indie bundle "A Bundle of Love for Brandon" for $25 (you will get a ton of awesome indie games and soundtracks for your money).

And to Ryan Green and his family. All i can say is this. I'm sorry for your loss, and may littel Joel R.I.P. At least Joel won´t have to suffer anymore...

"It wasn't until a few weeks ago when the formal denial letter came through that the gravity of the situation really hit home: because I hadn't lied when I saw my first doctor -- because I'd told them that I'd had stomachaches at any point in the past five years, whether or not I'd gone to a doctor for it -- I'd fallen under a fine-print pre-existing condition clause that said that any signs of illness that could possibly have led a doctor to a diagnosis since 2008 were cause for denying any compensation for any ailment of pretty much my entire alimentary canal.

Patient Advocate took a look at the letter and were super candid: the chances for a successful appeal were basically zero.

When I tell people this, their first reaction is always: I don't get it, didn't this just get fixed with the new Health Insurance Marketplace? And it did, and it's maybe the single most important part of the initiative, but it only covers anything from January 2014 on, and I had the misfortune of being self-employed & sick in America in 2013." Brandon Boyer 

/Robin E
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