Jet Car Stunts - It´s stunt time baby!comment_here

jet car stunts
There are 36 courses (stages) to finish in Jet Car Stunts.

Way back in time there was a racing/stunt game named "Stunts" (made by Distinctive Software, released in October 1990). And i really loved that game. Cuz not only could you do crazy stunts with a wide range of different cars.

One could also build his/her very own racing stages (in the Stunts built in track editor). And i sure built some really crazy stuff back then. That´s also why i smiled today when i found out about Grip Digital´s new stunt game "Jet Car Stunts". 

Because Jet Car Stunts really reminded me of Stunts. And guess what? Jet Car Stunts are set for a release via Steam in May. And the PSN, PSV and XBLA release will take place sometime during Q2 2014.

So, are you ready for some stunt racing people?

Feel the rush of adrenaline on 36 tracks with lots of challenges, huge jumps and moving platforms and spirals. Jet Car Stunts has three different game modes where the aim is to finish the race using boost, sheer skill and ability.

Key Features:
- Compete with the Jet Cars in three different game modes and show them all how you measure up.
- Reach the unreachable in the new Puzzle Mode, while staying on the track!
- Experience the game now with beautiful, improved HD graphics and an integrated damage system that makes your stunts look even more spectacular!
- Set the fastest times! Pit yourself against the best of the best, beat the times of your opponents and set yourself apart from all the rest!
- Test your skills in multiple, challenging levels of difficulty!
- 36 extraordinary courses that are more foe than friend!

About bitComposer Entertainment:
bitComposer Entertainment AG is an independent PC and video games publishing company
based in Eschborn, Germany. The company focuses on the national and international
marketing of entertainment products for the classic PC, console and handheld platforms,
while its subsidiary, bitComposer Online GmbH, specializes in the fast-growing online
games market. bitComposer draws on experienced development teams and providers from
across the globe to realize its in-house projects, licensed products and commissioned
productions. Further information about bitComposer can be found at www.bitComposer.com.

About Grip Digital:
Founded in 2009, GRIP Digital s.r.o. is a privately owned developer and publisher of
games for game consoles, PC and mobile phones, based in Prague, Czech Republic. We are
using the trademark "Grip Games". Formed by professionals and enthusiasts with experience
from AAA to casual mobile games, we develop creative and fun games. Among our most
successful titles are Foosball 2012 for PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita and One Epic
Game for PlayStation®Portable and mobile platforms. We also work with other studios and
bring their games to the console platforms. Our ports of “The Impossible Game” and
“MiniSquadron” are among the most popular and successful games on the PlayStation®Store.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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