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dungeons and golf world
Did someone say "fore!"?

I'm going to be totally honest with you guys. I´m not a big fan of golf. I just never liked the sport. Cuz i found it to be boring as hell. I mean, why should i play that when sports such as American football, icehockey, soccer, baseball and basket exists?

Well, you get my point. But i actually liked Gala Lab Corp´s iOS and Android game Dungeons and Golf World (it´s a free-to-play game). But then again, Dungeons and Golf World ain´t exactly your everyday kind of golf game either.

And if you watch the Dungeons and Golf World trailer. Then you will understand what i mean by that ;)

About Dungeons and Golf World:
"Time to tee-off! The number one Japanese golf game is finally available in GLOBAL mode! Take on players from around the world and help put your country where it belongs - at the top of the leader boards!

“I expected to play this for about ten minutes and delete it but instead the game play is superb and the setting is so laughably different that I could not help but fall in love. Dungeons & Golf World goes beyond just innovating arcade golf games, it pushes expectations as far as social gaming goes as a (w)hole…in one.”
(App Store Arcade)

Forget all the other golf games you’ve ever played. Forget the players in stuffy golf coats and the safe, green courses. This is a whole different ball game - a raging fantasy world of full-on golf combat, where your adversaries are not just your friends, but the whole golfing world!

Play golf? Hah! Play fantasy!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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