Nintendo World Championship cart on eBay - $100,000comment_here

nintendo world championship
If you got over 100,000 dollars just lying around. Then you could buy the Nintendo World Championship cart!

I have seen quite a few really expensive and rare video game items on Ebay in the past. But this pretty much beats everything i ever seen (and heard) of before. Some of you may know of the all so famous and wanted Nintendo World Championship Nes cartridge (it´s super rare and expensive as hell).

Well, guess three times which game that have popped up on Ebay just now? You got it, Nintendo World Championship! There´s just one "small" problem. If you wanna bid (and win) the auction. You have to be ready to pay over 100,000 dollars for it.

So i have to pass this time im afraid. Cuz it´s a "little" bit to much for me ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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