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mega man
I would love to own both =)

I don´t know about you guys (and girls). But i have always liked pixel art. And that's probably because i grew up playing a lot of NES games back in the days. But who can blame me for that really? Some of the very best games ever created, was released to the NES.

So when i found out about the Gothelf Bros pixel art earlier today. It made me smile inside and out. Let´s just say that my Gamer heart enjoyed their creations. So if you like pixel art as well. Then don´t miss out on Gothelf Bros awesome pixelated creations!
About Gothelf Bros Studios:
"We're two brothers in the pursuit of pixels, from original designs to nostalgic favorites. We put that extra special something into pop-culture via pixels and other types of methods. From digital art to painted canvas to 3D pixel sculptures. There is no limit to our work. We take on every single request and go beyond."
/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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