The Gaming Ground Cribs - Part 1 - My studiocomment_here

the gaming ground cribs part 1
The first part of our The Gaming Ground cribs series.

I woke up this morning and came up with the brilliant idea that we should do our own version of "MTV Cribs". Becouse, you guys don´t know that much about how we live, work and what´s going on behind the scenes. So i recorded the first "The Gaming Ground Cribs" video today.

Which would be my studio (where i also sleep), where i record and edit all of our audio recordings (Well, at least my parts). It´s not much of a studio at this time. But it´s a start. So i basically work in two different houses at this time.

You could say that we can´t be much more indie than this. Because we are really working from the bottom to the top. I should point out though, it was even worse when we started some years ago. Crappy computers, no recording equipment and so on.

But we have slowly starting to get some where. Anyhow, please enjoy the video ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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