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All you need is love, The Beatles.

"War, war never changes." The all so famous lines from the Fallout series. Read and spoken by Ron Perlman (Beauty and the Beast, Devil boy). Even though it´s a very short line, it´s a really powerful and meaningful line (for those whom understands the meaning of it).

Cuz it´s the truth. War never changes. But we (the people) have the ability to change. We can exchange hate with love instead. All this actually made me think about Charlie Chaplin´s famous "The Great Dictator" speach.

And The Beatles song "All you need is love". Speaking of love, i really like the new Axe commercial "Make love. Not war". So if you haven't seen the video yet. Check it out! Cuz it´s really good and funny imo =)

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/Robin E
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