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mary kate and ashley sweet 16
It´s a GOTY title. Im just kidding ;) 

I honestly didn´t even know that there existed a handfull of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen video games. But yep, It´s 100% true. And yes, you guessed It. The games are pure garbage. Just for the fun of It, I gave "Sweet 16" a try, and I swear.

It was pure fu**ing torture of both my body and soul. Seriously, AVGN should play this piece of shit. Luckly enough though, I could drink my pain away (christmas beer ftw!). I bet that stanburdman had to drink quite a lot as well.

Cuz he made a review of "Sweet 16" back In 2009. And I bet that he still has nightmares to this very day. But If you like to torture yourself. Then just go ahead and play Sweet 16 til your eyes root!

/Robin E
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