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a machine for pigs
Are "A Machine for Pigs" a underrated game? Well, it has a average score of 72.53% on Gamerankings.com

Ever since i uploaded the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs soundtrack on our Youtube channel. There´s been this on going fight over the average rating scores for the game world wide. And that have created quite a lot of fuzz and confusion amoing Gamers and consumers.

But are there a logic explanation behind the A Machine for Pigs reviews? (the huge difference in score between Gaming sites and magazines). Well, maybe. Thanks to the Youtube user kjester47, i heard about a really good forum post via steamcommunity.

So if you want to have a really good read. Then you should read that forum post asap!

"Hey, i've found a really good article , which explains why this game is so underrated. Also many complains about the changes are explained. You should read this" - kjester47

/Robin E
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