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Sadly enough there´s no more cartridges left for sale.

Way back in time there was a game called "Tenchi Muyo RPG". And when i heard about it as a teenager, i was super thrilled and excited about it (i saw a article in a Swedish video game magazine). But there was a "little" problem.

The game was just released in Japan. So not only was the game in 100% Japanese. I would also need a Super Famicom to be able to play Tenchi Muyo RPG. That fact was of course very heartbreaking for me at the time. But as we all know. Once the EMU (and rom) scene started to grow by the end of the 90s.

One could download roms (and fan translated roms. Like "Secret of Mana 2" for ex) with no sweat. I have to admit though, i really wish that Tenchi Muyo had been released as a PAL game for the SNES. 

Funny enough, today i found out about "Tenchi Muyo: The Game". Which would be the very first Tenchi Muyo SNES cartridge game that´s in 100% English. Nice indeed. Sadly enough i found out about it way to late. Because Tenchi Muyo: The Game are no longer for sale (there was very few cartridges made).

So, easy come, easy go. But who knows. I might be able to get my hands on the game anyhow. Like on ebay for example. Anyhow, tons of respect and love to the Tenchi Muyo: The Game team.

About Tenchi Muyo: The Game:
For the First time ever, “Tenchi Muyo!: The Game!” is being released physically
- 100% in English 100% compatibility with original SNES hardware (compatibility with famiclones like Retro Duo and the Retron is currently unknown)
- Comes with Box, Manual, and Cart, all in English
- Limited to 10 copies (We do not intend to EVER produce these again so act fast!)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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