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VGL goes Kickstarter, där ser man.

Jag glömde helt och hållet bort att uppmärksamma er på pressrelease mailet som jag fick i fredags från Video Games Live, jag får be om ursäkt för det. Så jag tar upp det hela nu istället. Det ligger alltså till på följande vis. VGL kommer att dra ut på en världsturné igen (VGL kommer att besöka över 30 olika städer).

Men det är inte allt. Man kommer även att dra igång ett Kickstarter projekt nu i Juli (Den första veckan i Juli. Med andra ord veckan som kommer). Så gillar man VGL, då har man väldigt mycket att se fram emot inom kort =)

För mer information, läs pressreleasen här nedanför.

VGL pressrelease:
"LOS ANGELES, CA – June 27, 2013 – Continuing its spearheading 11 year history of spreading the art and culture of video games and their music around the world, Video Games Live is proud to announce 30+ more tour dates kicking off this week in Omaha, Nebraska.

Some of the highlights of the ongoing groundbreaking 11 year tour include…

The 7th returning performance (and ALL NEW SHOW) at Jones Hall with the amazing Houston Symphony celebrating its 100th year!

The 4th returning performance (and ALL NEW SHOW) with the United States’ National Symphony Orchestra at the 7,500 seat outdoor Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park in Vienna, VA.

The first ever video game concert in Orange County, CA including 2 World Premieres with Blizzard Entertainment and the Pacific Symphony (orchestra used to record Diablo III) taking place at the 18,000 seat Verizon Irvine Amphitheatre.

A FREE SHOW in San Diego sponsored by Amazon.com and UbiSoft during the San Diego Comic Con. 7 World Premieres and 15 very special game composer guests from around the world to perform.

2 shows with the San Francisco Symphony at Davies Hall. The San Francisco Symphony is one of the most highly respected and talented orchestras in the world having won worldwide awards including 11 Grammy’s (and they performed and recorded with Metallica!)

2 incredible Blizzard Entertainment shows in Shanghai and Beijing taking place in the biggest indoor stadiums in China (over 20,000+ per arena). Sponsored by the biggest computer and technology company in Asia (Lenovo), these special shows will include 7 Blizzard World Premieres.

Massive Latin America tour including return dates in Mexico, Chile and (for the 8th year in-a-row) multiple cities in Brazil. First ever video game concert in Peru and first time Video Games Live show in Argentina.

An ALL NEW SHOW for the return to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with the UAE National Symphony at the Dubai World Trade Center.

All information and ticket links for each show can be viewed on the TOUR DATES page at www.videogameslive.com. Ultimate Gamer V.I.P. Backstage Experience Packages available HERE (www.videogameslive.com/index.php?s=vip). Additional 2013 FALL/WINTER and SPRING 2014 Dates will be added monthly.

Video Games Live will be launching an extensive Kickstarter campaign in the first week in July for its next BIG PROJECT to include game music, game composers, game developers and video game fans from around the world. An extremely unique campaign has been created by the video game music community starting at $5 and includes a wide assortment of tiers that will offer such variety as exclusive game music, signed composer sheet music, hang out sessions with game composers from around the world, personalized tours inside the world’s most popular game studios and developers, helping to create new segments for Video Games Live and even goes up to levels as high as bringing Video Games Live to your own backyard or community! More details to be released soon."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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