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conquer x2
Den stängda betan för Conquer X2 startar nu i Juli.

Jag gillar verkligen strategispel i stil med Alpha Centauri. Därför så fick jag också upp ögonen för OnNet Europe och Daums "Conquer X2". Vilket är ett browser baserat rymd RTS spel (F2P). Behändigt nog för min del, så startar den stängda betan nu i Juli.

Därför har jag "kanske" turen att få testa på Conquer X2? Vi får väl se ;)

"In Conquer X2 each player rules as an emperor, managing the construction of their planets, building a massive fleet of powerful flagships and specialized space vessels with the aim of destroying their enemies and ultimately conquering the universe. Players must command one of 12 unique vessels, each with different strengths and weaknesses to give players a host of options, in strategic battles across the galaxies of space.

Additionally, gamers can build over 35 different types of structures and complete missions to receive extra bonuses. For those emperors who want to rule in peace, the trade system provides countless opportunities to grow and settle disputes, and the intricate espionage system allows emperors to acquire secret information from their competitors."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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