HL2 modden Minerva får en Directors Cut utgåva via Steamcomment_here

En Directors Cut utgåva via Steam? Det tackar jag då inte nej till =)

Det här måste i alla fall vara den här veckans bästa spelnyhet så här långt. För ni känner kanske till HL2 modden "Minerva" (Adam Foster) sedan tidigare? Om inte, så kan jag rekommedera er att kolla upp den modden asap. För den är verkligen grymt jäkla välgjord.

Men för att återgå till själva nyheten. Enligt Valvetimes så kommer det att släppas en Directors Cut utgåva utav Minerva via Steam som imorgon. Så vi får med andra ord vänta tills imorgon.

Frågan är ju dock vad den utgåvan kommer att innehålla i sådant fall? Samt om den kommer att kosta pengar.

"Tomorrow will see the highly acclaimed Half-life 2 Episode 1 mod, Minerva officially appear on Steam. Adam Foster, the creator of Minerva, was hired by Valve shortly after releasing the mod to critical acclaim back in 2007.

With the help (and nagging) of his colleagues at Valve, Adam is re-releasing Minerva as a Director's Cut edition with "tweaked visuals, bug fixes, better puzzles and all kinds of subtle improvements. Nothing majorly new, just old stuff tidied and polished for this re-release."

Expect the usual single-player shooting and puzzles, a healthy dose of mystery and plenty of on-screen dialogue from the unseen Minerva, who guides (and insults) you on your journey through a vast Combine underground facility.

If you haven't played it before it's certainly up to Valve-quality in terms of the Half-life experience. We've been fortunate enough to get early access to the re-release, which you can find our thoughts on in our full video review, which should be released sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned!" - Valvetime

"You've missed me, haven't you?

I am Hypatia, murdered for her beliefs, discoveries ignored by fools, name stricken from record. I am Joyeuse, an infinitely cutting blade wielded by an ignorant tyrant, for a cultural renaissance based upon military might. I am Athena, hunter and scientist, covertly guiding long-dead warriors for my quiet purposes. And as they say, technology and violence are a girl's best friends; power is eternal delight.

Times have changed, moved on. I have forgiven my past enemies, but now in repentance I must forgive my colleagues; their actions have brought on more constructed suffering than your world has ever previously known. Walking among the fires of my forgotten home, dismayed by the torment and insanity of our unwitting hosts, ignored by long-absent angels, I studied their downfall.

In short, I must create my own system, or be enslaved by another. And in this, I have an advantage. Your ancients were superstitious, deluded zealots, prone to inflation of already impossible, beautiful claims. My adopted forefathers are different, their scattered, discarded playthings more conducive to a meaningful imposition of my thoughts upon our captors.

Fragments of these minor, pivotal dialogues may soon periodically appear, released from an uncertain, unwelcome future where my previous, abortive attempts at reconciliation may go forgotten. No more restraint, I am too strong for that.

I am Minerva."


/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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