Blizzard överväger att inkludera Lan spel i SC2 trots alltcomment_here

Det vart ganska livat runt om i världen när Blizzard gick ut med att dom INTE tänker ha med en LAN funktion för Starcraft 2 (ja, jag antar att ni redan sett hitler parodin på det hela på tuben). Nu har dom uppenbarligen sakta men säkert börja krypa till korset och inse att det inte var nån vidare bra ide. Inget är spikat dock, vilket man kan urskillja ur texten nedan.

Lead designer Dustin Browder Blizzard:

"That's certainly something we're discussing,"

"Maintaining a connection with Battle.net," Battle.net lead Greg Canessa explained. "I don't know if it's once or periodically, but then also having a peer-to-peer connection between players to facilitate a very low-ping, high-bandwidth connection... those are the things that we're working on."

"We really wanted to have a very integrated experience for our players," Blizzard lead designer Browder said in a separate interview. "A lot of games these days require an internet connection to play."

"We really wanted to bring all these players together and keep them in the same pool, and make everything work, so your achievements work, your friends list works, everything just works correctly, as opposed to having two separated ways to play."

Blizzard confirmed that players will be able to play StarCraft 2's single player campaign offline, but they'll have to us a "guest account".

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