Primal Rage 2 - The rare arcade game really exists after all

primal rage 2
There only exists 2 Primal Rage 2 arcade games in the whole world. And The Galloping Ghost Arcade owns one of them.

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the Primal Rage 2 arcade machine (cancelled by Atari back in 1996). Because i´ve been hearing rumours about that game for many, many years now. But it does really exist for real. And The Galloping Ghost Arcade sure proved that.

Because they recorded the the Primal Rage 2 arcade machine two days ago. Cool indeed, and you can actually visit The Galloping Ghost Arcade (Illinois, US) and play it yourself. I don´t even wanna think about what they had to pay for Primal Rage 2 though.

I should also point out that The Galloping Ghost Arcade got over 400 playable arcade machines at their store. So if you´re into arcade games. Then you got quite a lot of games to enjoy on site.


/Robin E
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iFixit Video - The Macintosh 128k Take-Apart Review!

ifixit video the macintosh
Macintosh 128k are still the shit.

It´s some what unreal that the Macintosh 128k was released over 30 years ago to this day (1984-01-24, to the price of $2,495). I mean, it feels like yeasterday for quite a few MAC users. Me, i wasn't even born when the Macintosh 128k hited the market.

And truth be told, i have never EVER owned a 128K MAC computer either. I did however play some games on it back in the early 90s (at a friends house). Anyhow, i found a really neat video the other day. It´s made by the neat Youtube channel iFixit Video.

And it´s called "The Macintosh 128k Take-Apart Review!", so, enjoy! =)

/Robin E
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Goodwill gives us The Grid as a retro gaming store

thegrid logo
The Grid are pure retro Gaming eyecandy.

Goodwill has opened a specialty store for retro gaming. Formerly known as, ComputerWorks, The Grid is home to many retro games, and accessories that many big retailers no longer carry. If you’re unfamiliar with Goodwill, it’s a non-profit organization, which employs special needs youth, and allows shoppers to find donated goods for bargain prices.

the grid games
Retro games are here to stay.

Unknown to avid gamers, the store is actually a treasure trove for retro games, consoles, and sometimes even comic books. You can usually find them all in mint- or near mint condition, and complete for collectors. What’s more if you’re feeling kind hearted, you can donate used goods to help keep the store intact for the sake of charity.

Unfortunately for those outside of North Carolina, it looks like this might be the only location for the Goodwill's concept store at the moment, so if you're looking to shop there, a trip might be in order. Who's ready to head over to North Carolina, and visit The Grid? If we’re lucky, we could even visit Lizard Lick Towing.

Do you think Goodwill should incorporate The Grid into its stores? Let us know in the comments!

tgg author avatar kenay peterson
/Kenay Peterson
The Gaming Ground

Retroland gaming systems - The home of retro lovers

retroland gaming systems
These guys will get your retro console up and running In no time!

Sometimes It can be a real pain In the ass to get your old video game console to work. If we take the NES for ex. It´s notorious for having a wide set of irritating errors. Most of them are easly fixed. But the really serious errors, will need some hands on fixing.

In other words, you have to get under the hood of your NES console. For some people, that´s no biggie. But not everyone are that handy when It comes to electronics. So I thought that you guys might appreciate "Retroland gaming systems" homepage and videos.

Cuz they explain how to repair a broken NES console for ex. I really liked their NES video, so really I hope that all this will come In handy for you guys =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Doom Retro - A refined Doom source port

doom retro
Doom can´t get much more retro than this.

Even though i love Brutal Doom the most (at least when it comes to Doom ports/mods). I still want to inform you guys (and girls) about the awesome Doom Retro port (which has reached Version 1.2.1). Basically, the Doom Retro are as close as you can get to the original version of Doom (it´s true to it´s nature).

But, with a lot of improvements on top of that. So if you are a Doom fan. Then you should most definitely give Doom Retro a try!

About Doom Retro:
"On this day exactly 20 years ago, id Software released a little game you might know called DOOM. And now, in celebration of this anniversary date, and after over three years of development in relative secrecy, I’m proud to finally announce the debut release of DOOM RETRO, my very own DOOM source port.

DOOM RETRO represents what I want DOOM to be today, in all its dark, gritty, unapologetically pixelated glory. It’s a meticulously crafted expression in restrained design. I’ve strived to implement a set of features and a certain level of attention to detail that isn’t necessarily present in other source ports, but still upholding a deference for that classic, nostalgic DOOM experience we all hold dear. DOOM RETRO’s extensive release notes list what I’ve accomplished so far in an attempt to achieve this goal.

You may download DOOM RETRO v1.0 for Windows, complete with source code, by clicking here. Please note that, as with all source ports, no maps are actually included with DOOM RETRO. A “WAD” file containing the maps, (either DOOM1.WAD from DOOM Shareware, or from any of the retail versions of DOOM or DOOM II), is required to play it.

This project is based on the outstanding Chocolate DOOM by Simon Howard, but unlike that source port DOOM RETRO isn’t guaranteed as being “Vanilla compatible”. DOOM RETRO is by no means complete, and will probably forever be in a constant state of development. My intent is to release updates on a regular basis, ever seeking that goal of perfection. I have a long way ahead, and I encourage you to please leave a comment on this post with any feedback, bug reports, etc. you may wish to impart, as well as follow the @doomretro account on Twitter.

Lastly I ask of you to please consider sparing a donation to aid this poor, hapless wannabe indie developer in affording to continue his work on DOOM RETRO. All of your generous, karma-inducing donations will go towards such essential items as beer and other incentivized treats, as well as paying all those bills I can’t pay because I spend my time doing all this rather than getting a proper job like a normal person. You may donate securely using PayPal by clicking on the button to the right. Thank you."

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Anno Haruna - A retro gamer from Japan

anno haruna
Anno Haruna owns more retro games then any one I know.

It´s a small world that we live In. Well, at least sometimes. Cuz earlier today I was just looking for some retro games on the web. And after a while, I found my way to Anno Haruna´s Youtube page.Well, let's just say that I struck gold.

Cuz Anno Haruna just happens to be both a Gamer, and a retro lover. Infact, she owns tons of retro games, video game and manga magazines. Sadly enough, most of her videos are In 100% Japanese. So I couldn't understand that much.

But I still enjoy to watch Anno´s videos though. Cuz you can really see that she enjoys both video games, and the history that surrounds around. So If you like retro games, then Im quite sure that your going to like Anno´s videos as well =)

/Robin E
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