Tetris Ultimate - Soon on a 3DS console near you!

tetris ultimate
Will Tetris Ultimate offer us (the players) THE ultimate Tetris experience?

Not only is there a Tetris movie in the making (Tetris the Movie: the Game). There will also be a brand new Tetris game for Nintendos 3DS console. And it´s called "Tetris Ultimate" (it´s a Ubisoft production). And there seems to be a very good explanation behind that name.

Because Tetris Ultimate aims to offer the ultimate Tetris gameplay experience yet. And that of course means tons of different gameplay modes and new Tetris features. Sounds awesome right? Well, it get´s better! Because Tetris Ultimate are set for a release on the 11th of November in North America (on the 3DS eShop. Price at $19.99)
About Tetris Ultimate:
The world’s most-loved puzzle game arrives on next-gen consoles, and is better than ever in Tetris® Ultimate. With six exciting modes, fun new features, and unique visuals, the evolution of this iconic game is the ultimate must-have on next-gen consoles.


Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out!
Ultra – Race to score as many points possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.
Battle – Go head-to-head to knock out 1-4 challengers.
Battle Ultimate – Be the last person playing after using crazy power-ups! Go on the offensive with Carousel and
make your opponent’s Well shift to the left after each move, or trigger Let it Rain and dump garbage down on top of them. Buzz Saw helps you out by clearing away a number of your lines, especially useful when you’re in a spot of trouble.
Challenge – With four mode variants, be prepared for a variety of challenges that will put any player’s determination to the test:
Master – The Tetriminos drop instantly and appear at the bottom.
Rotation Lock – The orientation of the Tetriminos are random and you cannot rotate them.
Escalation – As the game levels up, you’ll have to clear more lines
Invisible – The Tetriminos become invisible as they drop to the bottom.

/Robin E
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Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley - Haters gonna hate

harvest moon 3d the lost valley
It´s a Harvest Moon title. But it´s still not a "real" Harvest Moon title. Quite confusing huh?

Oh dear...I just checked for some news updates about Natsume´s upcoming simulator/RPG 3DS game "Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley". And i ran into a wall of hate. Comments such as:

"Hey this looks awful and doesn't look anything like a Harvest Moon game."

"What the actual fu**? The graphics look so shitty. I'm gonna buy Story of Seasons not this piece of crap."

Not the best of starts perhaps. But then again. From what i´ve heard, Harvest Moon 3D are not even considerd to be a "real" Harvest Moon title by the fans (kind of like the case with Tony Iommi´s "Seventh Star" album. It´s not considerd to be a "real" Black Sabbath album).

Because the REAL Harvest Moon game would be Xseed Games "Story of Seasons" (which was released for the 3DS in February in Japan). So what about Harvest Moon 3D then? All bad news? Well, i did find some good comments that brought some light over the confusion at least:

"Just a reminder guys this is NOT the mainline Harvest Moon game. The series we have known all these years is going by the title Story of Seasons and is being done by XSEED. I am interested in seeing how this game will work but I am upset at Natsume for trying to pass this game off as the next Harvest Moon game. Thankfully XSEED made a trailer explaining what they are doing is the true Harvest Moon."Gammalad

"A lot of people here are misunderstanding one very important thing. Marvelous is the original developer for the Harvest Moon (or Farm Story in Japan) games. Natsume has never made any of these games (until now,) they have only published them in America. However, since Natsume is the publisher, they own the name. That's why Story of Seasons is the actual Harvest Moon and this is some other game with similar elements under the same name." -Gabriel Cuddy

So when will Harvest Moon 3D be released then? The North American release will take place on the 21th of October. There´s no EU or UK date at this time i´m afraid.

/Robin E
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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson - The DX Pack

kagura 2 dx pack
The ultra virginity edition!

Sometimes i trip over games that are somewhat...ehrm, "different" from what i usually play. And yes, you guessed it. It´s a Japanese game. In this case, Marvelous Inc´s side-scrolling 3D brawler "Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson", for Nintendo 3DS (XSEED Games handles the publishing part).

Me, i didn't even know that there existed two games of Senran Kagura. Anyhow, i just watched the trailer for Senran Kagura 2, and what can i say. Let me give you a little clue. Anita Sarkeesian won't probably be the biggest fan of this game.

Let´s just say that there´s a very thin line between hentai and ecchi. But don´t take my word for it. Just watch the Senran Kagura 2 trailer yourselves (big NSFW warning on this one!). And it seems like XSEED Games will release Senran Kagura 2 in America, EU and the UK.

There´s no release date at this time though. So, would you buy the DX pack edition of Senran Kagura 2? ;)

/Robin E
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New Nintendo 3DS - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in the mix!

new nintendo 3ds
Mario and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Kiriko Takemura) in the very same video. Who would have guess that 1 year ago?

My Japanese ain't exactly top notch. But thanks to a Japanese reader of ours, we was informed about Nintendos new commercial ad for New Nintendo 3DS. A ad that just happens to star the famous Japanese pop star "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu" (she´s probablymost well-known for her song "Ponponpon").

And there´s both a price and release date for the new Nintendo 3DS as well. Both for the XL and normal edition. In Japan the consoles will be released on the 11th of October. Australia will get the new 3DS consoles on November the 21th.

There´s no release date for EU or the US at this time though (at least not to my knowledge). But i guess that a early 2015 release doesn't sound too far fetched? And btw, i have added the launch prices for the consoles down below.

So, will you guys buy the new Nintendo 3DS on the release day?

New Nintendo 3DS:
¥16.000 (about $150 + taxes)

New Nintendo 3DS XL:
¥18.900 (about $172 + taxes)

/Robin E
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Nintendo releases Pokémon themed 3DS consoles in Japan

pokemon themed 3ds
The Pokémon themed 3DS will be released in Japan on the 20th of September (priced at 19,000 yen + tax).

Pokémon sure never dies. The franchise and brand i mean. In fact, Pokémon has been around since Satoshi Tajiri created the Pokémon universe back in 1996. But who would have thought that we would still see Pokémon games, movies, mangas (and god knows what more) in 2014?

But that´s how it is. And speaking of which, a anonymous Japanese reader informed us about something really cool today. Which would be Nintendos Pokémon themed 3DS console. And it seems like Nintendo will release the console on the 20th of September in Japan (19,000 yen + tax, via Amazon.co.jp and the pokemon store).

Neat indeed, but it´s still unclear if the Pokémon 3DS console (which are said to have suede material on the back and front) will be released outside of Japan or not. Time will tell i guess.


Pokémon Japan

/Robin E
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Nintendo unveils a new 3DS and 3DS LL system

new 3ds
The new 3DS system has a pretty slick design.

Nintendo has revealed the “New Nintendo 3DS.” This new system is introducing a plethora of exclusive features, updated graphics, and images to bolster its system.

Nintendo skipped revealing a system at last year’s E3, and now we know why. It’s bigger, faster, and stronger than its predecessor, and makes retro look like the new black. Lets take a detailed look at the new features that the new system has shall we?

new 3ds buttons 
So, you thought that Nintendo wouldn´t add a second analog stick to the 3DS? WRONG!

Second analog stick

A lot of people said that Nintendo would never add a second analog stick to its 3DS system, but now we can see that we were all wrong. It has added the proverbial C-stick, from the Nintendo Gamecube. This makes sense since games like Super Smash Bros., Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest X online, and the recently announced reboot to Xenogears will use it well.

new 3ds snes
You simply can´t go wrong with the epic SNES buttons.

New design

Nintendo redesigned the buttons with the Super Famicom controller closely in mind on purpose, and we couldn’t be happier. The buttons are oddly reminiscent of the Nintendo Gamecube, and it will make playing Super Smash Bros. easier than ever due to the depression sensitivity of the buttons.

new 3ds front
Up close and personal.

The game card slot now resides on the left side of the handheld, and the power button rests to the right, next to the stylus housing. We’ve also received Z-buttons, for more play options on the unit itself. One of the best new features is the automatic brightness setting that will adjust itself depening upon the lighting in the area.

3DS tech

Nintendo has overhauled the 3D technology, that they sought to capitalize on with the 3DS. Once upon a time if you viewed the system at an angle it became blurry and made your eyes hurt. Now it can be viewed from any angle thanks to gyroscopic sensors placed throughout the unit, allowing the 3D technology to shift along with the players face.

new 3ds backside
Yep, that´s a SD card slot.

Internal features

We have a removable cover for the unit, this makes us think of the Nintendo Gameboy. Along with this added benefit is the fact that the SD card housing is beneath this cover, and now is a Micro-SD slot. Yes we can do away with those SD-HC cards and move forward with technology. The New 3DS will also offer increased CPU power, meaning that  you can download games and content much quicker than with the 3DSXL.

new 3ds amiibo

Amiibo technology

The New Nintendo 3DS will feature a NFC reader/ writer directly on the touchpad, allowing you to use the Amiibo technology for Super Smash Bros. from day one! For those unfamiliar the Amiibo was talked about during Nintendo’s press conference at E3. It will allow players to use interactive figurines to add to their gameplay experience.

new 3ds and 3ds ll
Will you buy the new 3DS (3DS LL) system?

With all these features happening so quickly, and the Tokyo Games Show less than a month away, we can certainly expect Nintendo to contend for the top spot with systems once again. Depending upon how well Super Smash Bros. sells during its initial release, we can expect some big numbers. The New Nintendo 3DS (LL) will be priced at $154.00 and the New Nintendo 3DSXL model will be $181.00.

Are you excited for Nintendo’s new perfected handheld? Let us know in the comments!

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