Gambling and Second Life - A game within a game

Believe it or not, but I’m actually one of those who used to play Linden Lab’s online virtual world game “Second Life” a whole lot when I was younger (“Second Life” launched back in 2003 for PC). As a matter of fact, I spent about three years playing the game, and during that time I experienced tons of cool things and meet plenty of awesome people.

However, sadly enough I started to get let and less time over for “Second Life”, because I had both studies and a job to tend to. Nevertheless, I have always kept the memories of “Second Life” with me (I still chat with people who used to play with SL me back then), and if we fast forward to the current year. Well, I got quite surprised when I checked out “Second Life” for the first time in years.

Because there is an HUGE difference between the “Second Life” that I played, and the 2018 version of “Second Life”. For starter, the graphics are much, MUCH better than they were when I played SL. Furthermore, you can do even more stuff in SL now. Hell, there’s even support for virtual reality now. Well, at least there was a beta of that kind some time ago. Anyways, you get the idea.

So when I thought about all of this, I also started to recall another thing that I used to do a whole lot in “Second Life”, and that would be gambling. You see, pretty much everything in SL cost money (at least the really good things), and money doesn’t come cheap (unless you’re ready to spend some real-life hard-earned cash to get you some money in SL). 

Well, I mostly solved that problem by playing at some of SL’s many casinos. I was actually able to win myself a rather big sum of money that way. So much so that I could do pretty much whatever I wanted for a very long time without having to worry about money (I spent tons of cash on clothes, strippers, skins, items and whatnot).

This is also why I would recommend people to check out Live Casino and top online casino sites, because if you had a lot of luck with casinos in “Second Life”, then you should try out the real thing for sure. So if you decide to do that, then I wish you the best of luck ;)

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/Robin E
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Batman: Arkham Knight - The return of the dark knight

Are you ready to take on the dangers and criminals of Arkham city?

Even though it´s the final day of E3 2015 today, we will still think and talk about E3 2015 for weeks and months to come. Just take Rocksteady Studios upcoming action/adventure game Batman: Arkham Knight (the game is set for a release on the 23rd of June for Windows, MAC, Linux PS4 and Xbox One) for example. Arkham Knight was already a much wanted game by the Batman fans, but once the E3 gameplay demo started to roll. People just lost it, since the game is everything, we hoped for (and more).

Just take the fact that Arkham Knight looks better than any previous Batman game in the Arkham series (it´s thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 3, which gives Arkham Knight ); you may also explore the world of Arkham as you please, a world that's full of super villains, thugs and criminals for you to take care of.

Personally, i was most impressed by the fighting aspects of Arkham Knight. As it made me think about a Batman version of Streets of Rage (but with a whole set of awesome Batman gadgets at your disposal).

Harley Quinn is just as sexy as she´s deadly.

I also have to admit that I shed a manly tear when I saw some in-game Batmobile action (yes, it´s now a driveable vehicle in Arkham Knight) in the E3 gameplay demo. Let´s just say that I can´t wait to drive like a crazy bastard through the streets of Arkham with the Batmobile (when Batman goes Carmageddon?). So are you guys just as excited for Batman: Arkham Knight as I am? And did you enjoy the E3 presentation for the game?

/Robin E
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GamerGate dot me - A neutral page about #GamerGate

#GamerGate is trending all over the world at the moment (big time!).
If you are a reader of ours, then you know that we have written quite a few articles about #GamerGate over the past months. For ex:

The Women Of #GamerGate - The female side of the story:

The truth about #GamerGate and Brianna Wu:

Intel and Gamergate - The Gamergate to hell are still open!:

Gamergate is over - Game over man, game over!:
And quite a lot has happened since we wrote our very first #GamerGate article. Like the fact that there´s a open media war going down against #GamerGate, (aka "The Brianna Wu crusade"). And people are getting doxxed to the left and right, death threats is a every day thing now (on all sides) and people have even lost their jobs for speaking up about #GamerGate.

And still, very few people know what #GamerGate is all about. I can´t blame them though. Because i was confused as well at the very start of the birth of #GamerGate. And that´s where GamerGate.me steps into the picture.

Because GamerGate dot me is a neutral page that´s 100% dedicated to #GamerGate. So you will find all the information that you need to know on that page (plus updated news articles on the subject). So "hopefully" this will enlight (and inform) people about #GamerGate.

That´s at least the whole idea behind GamerGate.me (and my post for that matter).

About GamerGate.me:
In no way are we an official GamerGate website. We are an aggregate website on GamerGate. We aim to be a high quality information source to people following GamerGate or people just learning about it.
What is #GamerGate?
GamerGate is a power struggle over the fate of an $80+ billion industry between two loosely defined groups of people. On one side is the leaderless ragtag consumer revolt of #GamerGate, comprised of those who identify themselves as gamers and those who are sympathetic to the concerns of gamers. On the other side is a tight-knit network of journalists, PR reps, and media socialites who have explicitly disclosed their hatred of the gamer identity and their complete lack of respect for gamers. #GamerGate supporters sometimes refer to this clique as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ or as ‘SocJus’ (a reference to IngSoc from Orwell’s 1984).

Helpful links:

/Robin E
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Second Life - The virtual life lives on

second life
The very first version of SL was released back in 2003 (2003-06-23 to be exact).

Believe it or not. But i once actually played Second Life almost daily for hours. And that was back in 2007-2008 sometime, under the name of "Milo Kung Fu". But as times changed, so did i. So i stopped to play SL due lack of time and motivation.

So it´s been like, 5 or 6 years since the last time i played SL. And quite a lot has changed since then (hopefully viruses don´t exist in SL anymore). Actually i checked out some new gameplay videos for SL this morning. So i know for a fact that a lot of things has happened since 2008.

But do i want to come back to SL? I honestly don't know. But i shall think about it at least. I would love to hear what you boys and girls think about SL though =) So, feel free to speak up your mind about it ;)
About Secondlife:
"Second Life is an online 3D virtual world imagined and designed by you. From the moment you enter Second Life, you'll discover a universe brimming with people and possibilities.

Create and customize your own digital 3D persona, also known as your avatar. Be a fashion diva, a business-savvy entrepreneur, or a robot or all three. Changing identities is quick and easy, so if you tire of your avatars outfit or body, shop for a new one in Second Life or from your web browser. Then switch it in seconds.

Every minute, Residents assemble buildings, design new fashion lines and launch clubs and businesses. Theres always more to see and do."

/Robin E
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Battlefield: Hardline - The war starts on the 17th of March!

battlefield hardline battle
Battlefield: Hardline will soon be here. But are you ready for it?

In about two weeks (March the 17th) from now it´s show time for EA and Visceral Games urban War FPS game "Battlefield: Hardline" (Windows, PS3, PS3, 360 and Xbox One), so the pressure is on for sure now.

And as the release draws nearer, the Battlefield fans is starting to ask themselves the following question. Si BF: Hardline really worthy of my time and money?

So, yeah. BF: Hardline got a whole lot to prove. But i have to admit that i like the thought of a crime/heist themed BF game. Kind of like a mix of GTA 5, BF4 and Payday 2.

It may not be everyone´s cup of tea though. But i´m at least going to give BF: Hardline a fair chance.

So who knows, we might actually meet some of you guys (and girls) on the battlefield in the near future? ;)

/Robin E
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The Crew - Ubisoft´s own open world online racing game

the crew
Will "The Crew" have a chance against the elite games of the racing genre?

There´s a lot of competition on the racing scene, and everyone want´s a piece of the pie. And it seems like Ubisoft will try to reach out a grab a piece of that pie with their online open world racing game "The Crew" (for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360). But will Ubisoft succeed?

Or will The Crew end up being just "another" racing game among the crowd? Left far behind in the dust of other superior racing games? Well, back in July (this year) Ubisoft released the closed beta version of "The Crew" for PC.

And from what i´ve heard, the beta players enjoyed the game (which would be the story-driven missions which takes place in the Midwest and East Coast of America).

The console players seems to have liked the open beta (which started November 25th) version of "The Crew" as well. And due to the fact that Ubisoft will release "The Crew" on December 2nd. We will soon find out whether or not the game rocks or just sucks.

But if you already believe in "The Crew", then you might consider checking out the nice pre-order deal for the game (which you can find down below).

The Crew pre-order deal:
- You get an exclusive access to a Mini Copper S 2010

Exclusive street edition including:
- A set of custom parts (front bumper, rear bumper, motor hood, rear wing)
- A full set of performance parts (motor core, tires, suspension, weight reduction, chassis, brakes, anti-roll bars, differential, engine, exhaust, ECU, carb, charger, gear box)
- An exclusive sticker created by the community

About The Crew:
This is The Crew, the ultimate MMO car-PG experience where starting your engine ignites an ever-changing, action-packed journey of infinite possibilities. This vast open world is for the countless drivers who come together to play, and for every driver within you. NEVER DRIVE ALONE.


/Robin E
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