Chariot - Part 1 - The ungrateful ghost king

chariot part 1
The ghost king ain´t quite happy with the circumstances.
Today was the first time that i ever tried Firma Studio´s platform/puzzle game "Chariot". And i have to say that i really enjoy the game so far (and i haven't even tried the co-op mode yet!).

Because not only is Chariot a really beautiful game. It´s also full of interesting characters and environments. And most importantly of all, Chariot is fun to play!

So, welcome to part 1 of Chariot folks =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Shadowrun Dragonfall: Director's Cut - Part 3

shadowrun dragonfall directors cut
Beauty and the beast (me) xD

I know, i know. It´s been forever since i recorded a new video for Dragonfall: Director's Cut. But have no worries people! I´m back in biz again =) 
And trust me, i have missed the game just as much as you have.

So it feels really good to record some new gameplay videos for Dragonfall: Director's Cut. 
So, are you ready for part III folks?  You better be! Because it´s now alive and kicking ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Teslagrad - Part 2 - Shadow creatures

teslagrad part 2
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark!

Way back in August i uploaded part one for Teslagrad. And, well, that´s quite a long time ago. So i decided to record part II last night. 
The video recording went great, but my commentary got corrupt (sorry, my bad).

So this video will be voiceless (i hope that´s okay for this time). 
Besides that, i had to edit the video pretty hard. Because some parts of the game are so fu**ing hard, so i died quite a lot.

Anyhow, i hope that you will enjoy the video anyhow =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Exile Saga - Part 2 - The lost diary

exile saga ep 2
Could Robert Gustavsson be the secret lover?

Once i stepped outside the castle walls, i was blown away over the fact how beautiful Exile Saga is. The outside environment (surroundings) actually made me think about Secret of Mana to be honest.

And that´s something really good, at least in my book. There´s quite a few surprises in Exile Saga as well (wtf moments and dark humor). So, yeah. I had a blast recording part II of Exile Saga.

So i hope that you guys will enjoy it as well =)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Brutal Doom v19 - Doom 2 - Part 32

brutal doom v19 doom 2
The truth? You can´t handle the truth!

I seriously can´t be away from internet for one single day without the world going down in flames.I honestly just finished recording this video, when i heard that Anita Sarkeesian has been threatened to death again.

And Brianna Wu seems to be out on some kind of crusade against #GamerGate? Just when i thought that the whole thing with #GamerGate couldn´t possibly get anymore crazy. Someone pushed the "Let´s go fu**ing crazy button!"...

Anyhow, this is my take on #GamerGate. And to my knowledge there´s no 100% solid evidence that Brianna Wu faked her own death threats. However, if you checkout Sargon of Akkad´s video, then you can make up your mind about the whole thing yourselves.

Anyhow, sadly enough this is our very last Brutal Doom video for now (I´m 100% done with Doom 1 and 2). But don´t worry, i´ll be back!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Exile Saga - Part 1 - The devil worshiper

exile saga 
Runnin' with the Devil!

Just as promised, i recorded our very first video for Meraki Games new old-style indie RPG "Exile Saga". And now that i´ve played it for about 30 minutes. I have to say that the game made me think about a really old Snes game called "Lagoon".

I don´t know if you guys heard about that game before? But it´s a really good old-school action/rpg imo. And so far i have to say that there´s quite a lot of potential in Exile Saga. So who knows how awesome the game will be when it´s 100% done?

Anyhow, please enjoy part 1 of Exile Saga!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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