Ultimate weird Japanese commercials compilation - Part 2

weird japanese commercials
Japanese women, i just love em :3

Ah, Japan. So we meet again. My dear old beloved friend. Christ, when i think about it. I have loved Japan and the Japanese culture since the late 1980s (video games, animes and movies). There´s of course a lot of things to love Japan for.

But there´s actually one thing that i have always liked about Japan. And that´s the Japanese commercials. I mean, it doesen´t matter if it´s a commercial for a car, a drink or a video game. Cuz pretty much ALL the Japanese commercials are freaking insane.

But most of them are really funny, so im okay with that. My brother (O.J) and i actually joked about the while thing yesterday. Because we watched the "Ultimate weird Japanese commercials compilation" video, and it´s fully of funny Japanese commercials.

We pretty much came to the conclusion that we would never EVER be bored if we lived in Japan. At least not if you're a foreigner. But im just glad if i and O.J get the chance to visit Japan for a week or two. Anyhow, i really hope that you boys and girls will enjoy the video =)

And oh! Don´t forget to watch part 1 as well! Cuz it's just as funny as part 2 imo =)

/Robin E
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Ray Lewis 2K14 - Madden 25 parody

ray lewis 2k14
If you don´t know whom Ray Lewis is. Then your most obviously not a NFL fan.

I don´t know why. But for some reason NFL seems to have quite a lot of criminal players (That´s been arrested, are in jail, or has been in jail). I´m not sure if NFL has more criminals than any other sport or league. But one things for sure. There´s been a whole lot of NFL scandals and police arrests over the years.

So i wasn't that much surprised when i found out about the Madden 25 parody video (Ray Lewis 2K14). Strangly enough, the video has been out since last summer. But still, very few know about it. Oh well, enjoy!

/Robin E
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How To Beat Flappy Bird - Best Method

flappy bird game over
Say hello to THE most hated bird in the entire world.

Dong Nguyen may have pulled the plug on his own creation (Flappy Bird). But still, people keep on playing and talking about Flappy Bird. Me, i totally lost it when i played the 3D version of the game. So let´s just say that i understand why some people break shit irl.

Cuz i was "very" close to break my own table at one point. But today i learned how to beat Flappy Bird thanks to "Dumb Stupid Videos". So now i don´t have to worry about Flappy Bird anymore ;)

/Robin E
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When Solid Snake pays Twitter a little visit

solid snake joke
Yep, that's what i would have done in a situation like that.

It´s not every day that i get the great pleasure of telling a Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) joke via Twitter. But today was that day. Cuz when i saw a picture on Twitter (tweeted by @Taydoesbibble), i just couldn´t resist to make a joke about Solid Snake (see the picture above!).

So hopefully you will like it as well =)

/Robin E
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Pewdiepie - Are you a true fan?

Pewdiepie HATES peanutbutter, but his pugs sure don´t xD

It´s been quite a while since i watched any of Pewdiepie´s videos. Mainly It's because I haven't had much time to watch anything really (i work a lot). Anyhow, i stumbled upon his new video "Are you a true fan?" just now. And It´s by far THE craziest (and funniest) "Pewds Does Everything" video to date xD

A fair warning though. You might just laugh so much that you end up peeing your own pants!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Greetings from Chuck - The epic christmas split

greetings from chuck 
This Is how Chuck Norris warms up before christmas. And he does that EVERY year.

Most of you have probably seen Volvos epic commercial with Jean claude van damme. You know, the one when Van Damme does a epic split between two Volvo trucks? Anyhow. Since that video was released not so long ago, a millions (well not that many. But you get the idead) of parody videos has been uploaded to Youtube.

But my favorite video so far, are the one with Chuck Norris (It´s not the real Chuck Norris though). The one when he does a epic split high up In the sky, between two airplanes (while a whole squad of people har standing on his head).

So, what´s the name of the video then? "The epic christmas split" of course! I mean, It´s christmas on thursday after all ;)

/Robin E
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