Harley Quinn - Kitty Young

harley quinn kitty young 
Kitty Young as Harley Quinn.

I have seen many, many Harley Quinn cosplayers throughout the years. But I think I have found my nr 1 Harley Quinn cosplayer. And her name Is "Kitty Young". I found her by pure luck today, cuz I was reading about Batman arkham origins (what people think about it).

And after a while, I saw someone mentioning "The queen of Harley Quinn cosplaying". Of course I became curious of whom It could be. So I started dig deeper into the subject. That´s also how i found Kitty Young.

Imo, she´s like both this cute, twisted, dark and bad ass version of Harley Quinn. And that makes her version of Harley Quinn very uniq and cool. So if you like Kitty Young´s Harley Quinn cosplay. Then you can find even more pictures on her Facebook page!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Tasha - The cosplay queen from South Korea

tasha queen of blades
Miss Tasha as Queen of blades (Sarah Kerrigan).

About 1 year ago. I made a video about cosplay babes ("Top 100 Cosplay Babes"), and, well. A lot of things have changed since then. Let´s just say that I have gotten to know quite a few women that works as professional cosplayers.

And I have to say that my nr 1 favorite cosplayer to date, are miss Tasha (Team Spiral Cats) from South Korea. Cuz not only are she talented as hell and beautiful (and super fit!). Tasha also just happens to cosplay a lot of my video game characters as well.

Just take her Starcraft Queen of blades (Sarah Kerrigan) cosplay for example. That´s one of the most high detailed and cool cosplays, that I have ever seen. So If you like cosplay, and wanna se more pictures of Tasha.

Then just visit worldcosplay, or Spiral Cats homepage!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Manzinat0r - The sexy female version of Sonic

manzinat0r sonic
I could so become gay for this version of Sonic. 

Even though it´s been many years since Sonic the hedgehog was a superstar (his golden years in the 80s and early 90s). People still love him to this day. And more and more young Gamers seems to enjoy the early Sonic games (Sonic 1-3).

But what i didn't know was that people also like to cosplay as Sonic. Sure, i have seen mascots and such on various Gaming events. But this is something "else". Cuz im talking about females that does a female cosplay version of Sonic (aka "gender bender").

Just take Manzinat0r for example. When i saw her Sonic gender bender cosplay pictures today. I just had to write about it. So if you like Manzinat0r Sonic cosplaying. Then visit her FB page for more pictures =)   

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Maridah - The master of cosplay costumes

maridah lina inverse 
Maridah as Lina Inverse (The Slayers).

There is one particular person that i really like for her cosplay skills when it comes to cosplay. And that person would be Maridah. I think she´s most famous for her Lina Inverse cosplay costume. Cuz that´s the one cosplay that people really remember the most (so it seems).

Anyhow, due the fact that im a fan of the anime "Slayers". I heard about Maridah some years ago. And funny enough, that´s also how i found my way to her homepage (again). Because i have just started to watch Slayers again.

So guess who popped up when i searched for some "Slayers" cosplay? That´s right, Maridah! I have always liked her uber great skills when it comes to making costumes. I mean, just look at all the costumes that she has made throughout the years, she´s very talanted indeed.

Maridah are probably one of the most talented cosplayer (and costume makers) in the whole world. So if you wanna se more of her pictures and cosplay creations. Then just visit either her homepage, or Facebook page!


About Maridah:
"I’m an anime fan of 13 years. I have a large collection of anime figures, Dollfie Dreams, and BJDs too. I occasionally play video games, both console and PC. I’m also a lifelong Star Wars fan thanks to my dad who introduced me to my first conventions for Star Wars and Scifi. 

I love to blog about my hobbies, so follow me on twitter and facebook for daily updates about my blogs and cosplay progress. In addition to cosplaying on my own time for fun, I’m also a Crunchyroll Ambassador and a Cosplay Correspondant for AX Live!

Catch me at events for Crunchyroll or watch me on episodes of AX Live <3 I started cosplaying around 2001 while in high school after several years of being an anime fan. Over the years I’ve made a number of costumes, some for myself and many for friends as well. This blog features some of those costumes I’ve constructed and worn from 2009 to current.

I like to sew & have a background in the preforming arts, which is where I got my start making costumes. I love making things in general. Cosplay is great because it gives me an outlet for a number of different skills I enjoy. My favorite food is Indian, Greek, or Middle Eastern. My heart is in my stomach, but I’m not a good cook and hate to do it! My pantry is full of teas instead :)

I love teas of every variety, but my favorite is still just classic Earl Grey. Botanical gardens and national parks are some of my favorite places to visit. Natural history and art museums are pretty high on my list as well. I also love to read, usually non-fiction. I work full time in Social Media and Marketing.

My bachelors degree is in Studio Art. I really enjoy watercolor and drawing from time to time, and love the arts. I usually keep myself relatively busy, so taking on a lot of projects and hobbies at once makes me happy. I’m not often idle, and really like to learn new skills- something cosplay has helped me do time and time again!"

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Luna Lanie - The next superstar on the cosplay scene?

Luna as Felicia "Black cat".

Every now and then i stumble upon some really talented cosplayers when i surf the web. Well, this time talent found me. I´m talking about Luna Lanie. A 19 year old cosplayer/Gamer and spokesmodel from USA. And i found out about her last night when i realized that she followed us on Twitter.

So, i checked her out. And i sure don´t regret that move. Because even though Luna are very young. She has done quite some impressive cosplays. Like Rikku from Final Fantasy and Felica the Black cat for example. And something tells me that Luna will keep on shining on the cosplay scene in the future as well.


So one might wonder what Luna will cosplay as next? Anyhow, don´t forget to check out the +30 minutes long interview with Luna down below!

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground

Chaka Cumberbatch - When racism destroys cosplay

chaka cumberbatch sailor venus cosplay
The picture (Chaka Cumberbatch Sailor Venus cosplay) that started the great racism war over Tumblr some time ago.

Sadly enough we live in a very racist world. And the cosplay industry ain´t no exception. I ready a really good (but sad) article at comicsbeat (written by Heidi MacDonald) named "Why aren’t there more black writers in the comics industry?", just now.

And i really liked it. So i decided to give my point of view on the subject, and write about the awesome cosplayer "Chaka Cumberbatch" while im at it. First of all, Chaka Cumberbatch become something of the "Rosa Parks" version of cosplaying.

And it started when she cosplayed as Sailor Venus (a very cute version of Sailor Venus imo). Cuz that´s when all the racist blur started over internet (Tumblr). Chaka got called a lot of mean things. But im not going to foucs on the negative things, cuz you can read all about it further down this article (Chaka Cumberbatch´s own world).

No, im going to write about the fact that Chaka brought light over a big issue. Why ain´t there any black cosplayers? I mean, of course there are. But they are not that many. Chaka also become something of a role model for other black cosplayers.

Some may think that it´s becouse that there ain´t that many black anime/manga and video game characters (I really like Yoruichi and Caska though). Sure, that´s a part of it. But i see no problem with people cosplaying as characters with another skin color then their own,

But that´s the main thing. I don´t have any problems with that. But "some" people became very angry and hatefull towards Chaka Cumberbatch, when she cosplayed as Sailor Venus. Imo, those people need to stay of the internet.

Because their obviously not well mannered, and smart enough to use it. Me, i love Chaka Cumberbatch cosplay creations. So if you like Chaka´s cosplay creations as well. Then just visit her Facebook page for more pictures!

“For a black cosplayer (not to be racist) she did an amazing job!” the original Tumblr post read. It was later was edited to include “I love her skin tone” after all hell broke loose. Personally, I’ve always been stuck on those first few words: “for a black cosplayer.”

As if the bar was set lower for us, as if we weren’t expected to perform on the same level as white cosplayers. [snip] I lost track of how many times the post was liked, reblogged, linked to other websites — even now, nearly three years after the picture was taken, complete strangers will come up and reference it to me at cons, and it’s even come up in job interviews.

My Venus became the unintentional face of the cosplay race debate online, an unwitting example of “Black cosplayers doing it right,” as if 9 times out of 10, black cosplayers were doing it wrong by default. What kills me is that in person, nobody has the balls to say a word about whether or not they think darker-skinned people should cosplay lighter skinned characters — but online is a completely different animal.

Online, I was “Nigger Venus,” and “Sailor Venus Williams” because I am black. My nose was too wide, lips were too big, I had a “face like a gorilla” and wasn’t suited for such a cute character, because I am black. My wig was too blonde, my wig wasn’t blonde enough, or, my wig was ghetto because I was making it ghetto, by being black and having it on my head."

About Chaka Cumberbatch:
"Just a girl who loves comics and cartoons and costumes and wigs! My favorite conventions are Dragon*Con and San Diego Comic Con, and my home base is Project A-Kon ♥ This page is to keep my friends, loved ones and people I meet at cons updated on wtf I'm doing next! Because I am ALWAYS UP TO SOMETHING.Cosplay like you mean it"

/Robin E
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