Teens react to Nintendo NES - Teens Vs Super Mario Broscomment_here

teens react to nintendo nes
His reaction to Super Mario Bros = Priceless!

I found the "Teens react to Nintendo NES" video to be pretty darn hilarious. And that becouse of three reasons. 1. Most of the teens had no clue (whatsoever) how to handle a faulty NES cartridge (i can´t blame them though. they warn´t even around when NES ruled the world of Gaming), 2. Super Mario Bros still has what it takes to make teens angry.

And 3. The fact that some of the teens thought that it would be "cool" to own a NES console (in a status/hippster kind of way). But i´m not going to judge. I´m going to say this much though. NES are still a awesome console imo, and there´s quite a few games that´s worthy of your time and attention.

With that said, enjoy the video ;)

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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