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Yet another reason to own a 3DS and a Wii U.

I have to say that the Super Smash Bros. series has become just as an important title as any given Mario title (if not more so). You simply can not have a new Nintendo console without a new Smash Bros. game, it´s unthinkable nowadays.

Because let´s face it. Smash Bros. has become the Tekken of Nintendo consoles. It´s THE fighting game to play if you are a Nintendo Gamer that loves fighting games. And it seems like Super Smash Bros. (for 3DS and Wii U) has taken the whole "Smash Bros." experience to the next level.

The 3DS version is off with a good start at least. Because at this moment the game has an average score of 85.44% (Super Smash Bros. 3DS was released on October 3th in EU). The Wii U version however, won´t get released until the 5th of December.

But i hardly doubt that it will become less epic than the 3DS game. Anyhow, please enjoy the Wii-U Opening cinematic!

About Super Smash Bros.:
In Super Smash Bros. multiplayer games, characters from all Nintendo universes meet up in Nintendo locales to duke it out. Bring together any combination of characters and revel in the ensuing chaos that we have come to associate with the game.

An action-packed fighting game, Super Smash Bros. features a ridiculous number of characters that have appeared on Nintendo platforms, from Mario to Link to Pikachu to the Wii Fit Trainer! As they square off in famous locales drawn from the rich history of Nintendo, literally anything can happen in Super Smash Bros. - and usually does.

With limitless customising options, items and weapons that boggle the mind and a wealth of modes, Super Smash Bros. has truly infinite replayability. Use your chosen character’s unique attacks and special moves to damage your opponent, then hit ‘em with a smash attack to send them flying off the stage!

The higher your opponent’s damage – represented as a percentage – the farther they’ll fly when launched, so pummel away until you see them steaming, then unleash your strongest smash attack and watch your target skyrocket off the stage. Take on nearby challengers in local multiplayer, or bring the battle to faraway friends and foes in online matches.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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