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divinium challenge of magic 
Well, it sure looks like a mix of Minecraft and Magic Carpet at least.

It seems like i´ve just discovered a rather nice indie found just now. Well, at least if you are a fan of Minecraft, Magic Carpet (Peter Molyneux old game), Sacrifice and Dungeon Keeper. I´m of course talking about Psyanotek´s RTS/RPG hybrid "Divinium: Challenge of Magic".

I was very impressed by the trailer. But sadly enough, there´s no demo (or alike) available at this moment. But i guess that´s better than nothing at all. So, please enjoy the trailer.

About Divinium: Challenge of Magic:
"Divinium: Challenge of Magic is a first person RTS/RPG hybrid influenced by games such as Magic Carpet, Sacrifice, Dungeon Keeper and Minecraft."

Key Features:
- Fast-paced hybrid RTS/RPG gameplay: Command large armies from afar or wade into the chaos yourself.
- Fully deformable voxel-based terrain: Choose your battlefield carefully or mould the terrain itself to your will.
- Hoard your resources: Supply your armies, send your minions to mine resources and collect gold and arcane essence from fallen enemies.
- Build your defences: Upgrade your stronghold as your power increases.
- Choose your minions: Feel like commanding a flight of dragons? A horde of undead? A circle of spellcasters or a standard army of knights and archers? Customize your forces, watch them gain experience then unleash mayhem on your foes.
- Hundreds of spells, abilities, upgrades and enchants: Like to keep your own army alive with protective and healing magic? Do you prefer subversion, control and misdirection? Or would you rather just annihilate the enemy with overwhelming firepower? Match your arcane powers with your gameplay style.
- Develop complex strategies: Some people fight fire with fire, others fight fire with water. Do you smite undead with righteous divine fury or attempt to subvert them for your own ends? There are many paths to victory.
- Compete or cooperate with other wizards: Take on the world alone or with friends. Or take on your friends.
- Moddable: Modifications to as many areas as possible will be supported. These will include the spells/abilities, the bestiary, level/building designs, terrain generation and AI scripting.
- Single-player and multiplayer gameplay: Campaign and Skirmish style gameplay supported. Randomized level generation for free-for-all battles.

/Robin E
The Gaming Ground
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