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Interversion Software (skaparna av Defcon, Darwinia och Uplink) har haft ganska fullt upp med Darwinia+ till 360. Titeln ska släppas till XBLA och den innehåller både Multiwinia och Darwinia i ett och samma paket. För dom som inte spelat vare sig Darwinia eller Multiwinia. Så skulle man bäst kunna beskriva det som ett RTS spel som har en gnutta utav både action, pussel och hacker element.

Samt att det har en retro touch i och med den lite ustickande grafiken (Tänk Tron, typ).

Darwinia + XBLA info.

Over thousands of generations the peaceful Darwinians have been evolving in a beautiful digital world, but now their whole way of life is under threat from a devastating computer virus that has infected their world and decimated their numbers. Without your protection they don't stand a chance and it’s up to you to lead them into battle to recapture their lost world! Once you've proven your command ability, take your Darwinian army online and challenge your friends to strategic combat, as tribes of Darwinians slaughter one another in a desperate struggle for supremacy.

New Features:

- Graphical re-work throughout the game with a higher frame rate.

- All new introductory experience, tutorials and on-screen help.

- Brand new control and interface design–Introversion's smoothest ever.

- Darwinia and Multiwinia in one perfect package, which consists of a blend of a story driven campaign game mode and the chaotic multiplayer madness.


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